Volume CLXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Canada’s Crazy Spending Spree

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. Yes, today I Will be tall King about Canada’s crazy spending spree but before any One gets too excited or alarmed, please Keep in Mind that Trudeau has told People not to worry about how much his government is spending because budgets balance themselves. Yep, that Gives You a reasonable indication of how much Trudeau understands economics.

I find it interesting that they are tall King about how much this has cost Canadians without mentioning the toll it has taken on mental health, waning trust in government and the health care profession, the increase in domestic violence, unprecedented suicide rates, never Mind the irrevocable detrimental development of youth who are taught their very presence may place others at risk of harm or death, including their parents and teachers. Imagine growing up, still trying to sort out what the world is all about, and being told You are a biological weapon that needs to be contained? That’s exactly the psychology that is developing in young Minds and the harm done Will be with them for LIFE! (And People wonder why I get so irate with the incompetence of government?)

Instead of as King of Trudeau how he plans to pay this money back, I’d like to be as King of Trudeau where he thinks the wealth is coming from in the first place. Does he really think the wealth of Canada is in the hands of private banking interests? Can You even Imagine Trudeau trying to answer such a question? You can probably guess why I would never be granted a ‘press pass’ by Canada’s media association, I’d be considered a greater threat to Trudeau’s criminal cabal than Rebel News because I would be as King questions he would have no clue how to answer, exposing his incompetence. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks the Trudeau government is a [very bad] joke.

And why do You suppose Trudeau tries to deflect the question and play the racism card when asked about working with Chinese military scientists at Canada’s top microbiology lab. You can read the full article here.

Now, it Will be one thing if I prove to be right about the new SarsCoV2 virus originating in a lab in Wuhan China (a claim Facebook propaganda police (fact checkers) Will no longer remove as misinformation). It Will be even more alarming if We discover the virus was man made and accidentally escaped from the Wuhan lab. But if We discover that Canada had first hand knowledge of the virus and was involved in the gain of function research performed in the Wuhan lab and were war King with Canadian scientists, and that Canada and the U.S. helped to cover this up because they were also involved in the dangerous gain of function research performed by these labs… Well that would be textbook treason, even if the virus was not designed to be used as a biological weapon, the U.S. and Canada have used the outbreak to impose serious infringements upon the rights of their People We would typically only hear about in communist China. Really begins to smell like collusion and conspiracy, doesn’t it?

Trudeau doesn’t exactly come out smelling like a rose when he calls People racist for as King about his involvement with Chinese military scientists. In fact, let’s think about that term for a moment; ‘Chinese military scientists’. Um, are the military not typically involved with weapons training? What exactly is a ‘military’ scientist? A scientist war King on creating biological weapons, perhaps? Things that make You go, ‘Hmmm….’.

I don’t even like it that this is what My intuition tells Me because My intuition is spot on at least ninety percent of the time, maybe more. I smell a conspiracy and I have a very Good nose for these things. I smell criminal, treasonous involvement by the Trudeau government so strongly, it makes Me sick to My stomach. It makes everything else Trudeau did (like refusing to stop international travel from China when the outbreak was announced) make sense. You don’t stop travel from China if the GOAL is to infect Canada’s population with their new biological weapon. Trudeau has talked openly about how much ‘admiration’ he has for the Chinese communist party and recently was one of the only countries in the world who refused to criticize China openly for their ethnic cleansing campaign against the Uyghur people and other ethnic and religious minorities in and around the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It does, however, make perfect sense if Canada is war King with China to usurp the Sovereignty of Canada’s People, and bankrupting Canada’s economy to solidify China’s economic dominance on the world stage. With MP’s like Francois-Philippe Champagne financing mortgage loans with Chinese banks, We begin to wonder just how deep the corruption and collusion goes, and what kind of economic ‘kick backs’ these elected, treasonous officials are receiving. Perhaps Francois-Philippe Champagne Will redeem himself and prove that he can respond to serious letters regarding the Sovereignty of Canada’s People and the public Trust that is allegedly set up for their benefit – but if other elected officials in Canada are any indicator of how these representatives Honour their position of office, I would not hold Your breath.

This is why it is more important than ever that Canada’s People at least begin to comprehend how the economy of a Sovereign nation operates or the entire nation Will become indentured slaves to foreign lenders for generations to come. Trudeau Will not tell Canadians how he plans to balance the budget because it cannot be done – ever! He is Willfully enslaving Canada’s People to a foreign debt that can never be repaid.

Alright, that all sounds pretty heavy, doesn’t it? So where is the Good News? Well, the only Good News I have for You, is that these Acts are treasonous and they Will soon be exposed. I believe that was the actual intent behind everything We see going on in the world today. It was not with the hope that the world would be poisoned by deadly vaccines and a common influenza virus marketed as a novel coronavirus, it was to wake the world up to the obvious obsession with power the governments of every nation of the world are selling their People out to secure. They believed they would get away with bankrupting every country on the planet and Will enjoy a life of luxury on a tropic beach somewhere in Cancun when it’s all over. No. Their crimes Will be exposed and the governments of virtually all the world’s countries Will be toppled and reconstructed from the ground up, putting the inherent rights of the People first.

I’m sharing all of this with You to let You know that all of the crimes of the Trudeau government Will be exposed in time, and he and his cronies Will be held accountable. Don’t be surprised if politicians start committing suicide much like world bankers did in the housing crash of 2008. No One escapes their fate in the eyes of God; God sees all and no crime Will go unpunished – I Give You My Word.

Love and Blessings,

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