Volume CLXVI: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Unveiling Continues

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King You for being here. It is something of a Super ‘Natural’ Edition today because more and more of the Ideas I’ve been tall King about here are proving to be True in the natural world.

It is now permissible to suggest that Sars-CoV2 was man made and originated in a lab in China without having the Idea flagged as ‘disinformation’ by Facebook fact-checkers. I wonder if this Creates any kind of liability (lie-ability) for Facebook for misleading the users of their platform by fraudulently disregarding other reasonable potentialities (especially when they simultaneously suggest they are an open platform that encourages freedom of expression and open dialogue, so long as it is not presenting ‘misleading’ information). Is Facebook not liable now for removing those Posts without reasonable cause, misleading People themselves with disinformation?

That’s a Matter for some One else to worry about, but the fact that We can openly discuss the origins of the virus without having to concern Our Self with Posts being removed for no Good reason because it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative is a big step forward… Even if mainstream media took two steps backward, Truth is gaining ground.

But there is a LOT more going on than just the lab leak theory. So much more, that it almost seems as though mainstream media Wishes for People to focus on the lab leak theory to divert attention from some of the other minute but critical details that are now emerging as factual – like admitting openly that there is absolutely no isolated sample of the virus anywhere on the planet. Why is that critical information? Because One cannot develop a vaccine without an isolated sample. But even THAT is small potatoes compared to what the vaccine companies themselves have to say about the risks associated with their experimental product.


Would any One who has read the official legal disclosure of the Pfizer vaccine really consider taking it? I think not. And the FACT that government is not warning People of the associated risks and conversely advocating for the safety and efficacy of the vaccine is nothing short of treasonous. It is a direct violation of the Nuremburg code and using People as test subjects for scientific experiments. I told You I know that it can’t possibly have been proven safe and effective because it hasn’t been on the market or tested on wide enough a populace for that to be known yet, that’s just common sense. But to know this is the legal disclaimer that is provided to health care professionals with the vaccine and government are not allowing People to talk about any of the associated risks is a serious breach of public Trust.

Once again, the fact that this information is not difficult to source (just ask for the associated information pamphlets wherever One can get a vaccine, they are required by law to have them on hand but they Will not be volunteered) and that the government of Canada is not only being Willfully deceptive about the risks associated with taking it, but actually encouraging People to get this experimental vaccine and suggesting ‘vaccine passports’, compelling People to participate in this experiment under threat of social exclusion, is proof they are complicit in treasonous acts and not at all acting in the best interest of Canada’s People – they are serving big pharma, China, and the WHO. Just wait until People find out that Canadian scientists were also involved in the gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab that led to this outbreak! Then Trudeau’s cover up and protection of China Will make a lot more sense, won’t it.

But there’s even more Good News. I can’t tell You what was responsible for the change of heart, but the U.S. is no longer satisfied with the WHO’s official investigation of the virus origin and Will be conducting their own investigation! So I’m not the only one who to believe the WHO is not only complicit in covering up this outbreak, but a main conspirator to the fraud. You can hear ‘The Five’ tall King about it on Fox News…

The reason all of this is so important is because of the power of collective conscience. It is unfortunate, but the majority of People do Trust government. Most People are too Good natured to believe that any slight on the part of government that causes harm to Canada’s People would ever be Willful. Most Will agree the government is incompetent in varying measures of degree, but very few People believe that the government is consciously and Willfully deceiving Canada’s People for their own nefarious, selfish interests; that’s the only reason they get away with it.

But here’s a video that showcases just how ‘dirty’ politics really are. Virtually every single member of Canada’s parliament voted to postpone elections until the plandemic is over. The motion was passed by a margin of something like three hundred to one. Why? Because it is believed that if an election was held now, Trudeau would win again and MP’s would prefer to wait until all of his nefarious crimes are exposed before holding another election so that the chances of unseating this out of control man-child are more likely to succeed. I’m paraphrasing on a few points here and injecting My own opinion, but I Will let Viva Frei provide You with his interpretation as it was Viva Frei who brought this event to My attention in the first place. There has been no mention of this (so far as I’m aware of) in mainstream media or on My Twitter feed.

I also Wished to share this video with You as something of a tribute to Viva Frei and the rest of Montreal and Quebecers who are no longer subject to curfew!!! (Only took four months).

My personal feeling on the information Viva is sharing is that most of the MP’s don’t even know why they are voting to delay elections, they were simply told to do so as part of some political strategy which has an entirely different motive than what they were told. Trudeau’s crimes Will be exposed if We just Give it a little more time, and We Will also find out how many of his colleagues and party members are complicit with his treasonous Acts. I’m very curious to see what Will be done with these treasonous traitors once their crimes are exposed, but I can feel that Trudeau and his party of clowns are getting nervous. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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