Volume CLXVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; A Magical Monday In Deeds

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It is a Magically Motivated Monday in My microcosm in Deeds because I have Officially (office-I-ally) received Word that My Printing Order is ready for pick up. It is also a Motive a Sean all Monday because I am feeling very thank full for all of the wonderful things in My microcosm – especially You.

Gigi chillin’ in her chair.

Yeah, today’s feature photo is Gigi and I chilling on My patio on a gorgeous (dare I say) summer day. I do dare because Victoria Day is said to be the ‘unofficial’ beginning of summer, and it sure felt like summer today. So I spent a great deal of time appreciating the Gifts I have been Given by God. I was a little disappointed that Gigi didn’t do a better job of keeping the squirrels away from My plants last year but perhaps it just took a little time to make her presence known. She is more socially demanding of Me than any cat I’ve ever cared for, but completely anti-social with any One else. Yet she is fearless with respect to anything that tries to come onto Our patio. She chased away an entire family of raccoons one night, all of them at least three times her size! She likes to Keep guard on the fences.

Gigi Sentry

The other Magical part of My Monday is that there was no change to My benefits. That is really one of the determining factors with respect to how I proceed with government offices. It’s difficult to know what is going on when no one in charge Wishes to Write Me back. But that’s also part of the reason I’m sharing a few photos of My cat with You today. She really is an exceptional companion and is either telepathic or understands English perfectly – I’m not really sure which of the two is more likely; probably some measure of each. But Pinterest drives more traffic to My Blog than any of My other social media platforms and People love pictures of cats. Inspirational quotes do well, also. So the pictures today are just one more small element of My continuous marketing efforts.

I also managed to get all of My Notices to Merovitz Potechin, the Canadian National Bank, and the House of von Dehn Family Manor Roll printed and ready for pickup at Staples, despite the whole lockdown scenario. Once again, I’m finding something positive in an otherwise infuriating situation, as I can just as easily print documents right here from My laptop and know they Will be ready to pick up the next day. I think it was a $2.00 service fee but otherwise all the prices were the same as if I’d gone there to do it My Self. Two dollars is well worth the service fee for the convenience of printing directly from My laptop and saved files, rather than transfer to a USB drive only to transfer to the printer again when I get to Staples. They actually offer same day service if the order is placed before eleven a.m., but I usually like to work in the evenings so it’s perfect for Me.

I haven’t picked up the documents yet but they are ready for Me to guarantee a Terrific Tuesday Edition. I also have a project I Will be war King on with a Friend tomorrow, and a Zoom meeting for another marketing opportunity to join a new (and very exciting) social media platform protected from, and independent of government regulation. So I’m very excited about that, too, and I Will provide more details for You as they become known to Me.

My new Pod Casting of Magic on Spotify is also becoming a labour of Love as I feel I am slowly finding My Voice. I like the Idea of having My own radio Show so that’s how I am thing King of it. No Word from Ontario Works, Housing Services, the Registrar General, and an application made under duress that legally requires a response – allegedly before the end of today. That’s a lot of things I can be tall King about, and an awful lot of Writing if I were to do it all here.

What I can tell You, is that I Will still be using this Blog to ex-Press the Magic of My Word for Casting I’m-Press-Ions on the individuals of office in Canada’s government. So long as there is no change or interference to the benefits I currently receive, I Will withhold filing My paperwork against them into the courts. For now, I regard their Actions (or lack of action) as a Truce. And telling You is the same as telling them, because this is where they come to find out how I plan to proceed. I’ve only filed default judgment so far, I haven’t yet sentenced any One…

There are also incredibly many Magical seeming moments on Twitter that I have to mention this Motive a Sean all Monday because it was just yesterday that I was as King of My audience what Canadians Will say when We discover that Canada was involved in the research at the Wuhan Lab and helped to cover it up. What do You think I find on Twitter today?

Oh, but wait! That’s not even the Good one!!!

My Words Magically Manifest

Probably just a coincidence this is Tweeted the day after I mention the possibility and what My intuition tells Me about Trudeau and his treasonous cabal. As I suggested once before, time Will tell, all crimes Will be exposed, the veil of deception Will be lifted.

I haven’t picked up My essentials from the pharmacy yet this month, either, so We still have that to look forward to and I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little bit nervous. Not having heard anything from Shoppers yet, I have no Idea if I should expect to be harassed and assaulted again on My next visit, or if they Will heed My Notices, respect My rights and the Supreme national and international Law of the Land. Busy day for Me tomorrow, so We Will probably have that to look forward to on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Lots more to come in the coming days and weeks, Lords a Ladies!

Love and Blessings,

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