Volume CXLVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Good News Marketing Sensei-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Witches Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. My microcosm is feeling especially Magical in Deed these days and I Will be very busy over the next little while with all My extra-curricular activities. The Good News Marketing ‘Sensei-Sean’ is the very concept-Ion it Self coming to Life on a new platform. I Will be tall King more about that, too, along with the Magic that was Part of may King it happen.

The Universe was literally ‘May’ King things happen for Me last month with renewed inspire-a-Sean for Creating a new Pod Casting of the Magic of My Word. I was even tall King about how it was difficult for Me to explain how or why I know it is God’s Will for Me, defining the Voice of the Universe is… Tricky. Painting is a perfect example. I don’t know why I feel a continuous pressure to paint more, I just do. It is the Universe’s Wish that I paint and put some serious time into this art exhibit-Sean I have in My Mind – I’m five portraits in already, it’s not like I don’t have a Good start. I sometimes even feel guilty for not painting; where is that coming from?

So that’s the best Way I can be thing King to describe it. But I listen to that Voice as much as I can (which is why I sometimes feel guilty about not painting more because that is always the exception – I compromise by Writing a Blog Post or launching a new Podcast instead). By listening to that Voice last month and continuing on with My Podcast despite My Plan for a co-host falling through, the Universe Presented Me with a new Gift.

I am both Honoured and humbled to announce that I Will be Part of a new website launch as a regular speaker on a new community broadcast with other experts in their field. It even feels strangely Magical to be telling You about it because I generally like to teach by being the example of the continually curious student My Self. I’m still learning and I Imagine I always Will be.

The reason I’m as much humbled as I am Honoured, is that the other individuals who are a Part of this new platform are People I respect and admire, truly experts in their respective discipline of teaching, covering virtually every element of the law from taxes, to constitutions and rights, and everything in betwixt. I was in a Zoom meeting/interview yesterday and was told that I was contacted because I was highly recommended by My peers; My ‘peers’ in this particular case being individuals I perceive to be My teachers in some measure, too. It’s kind of like getting to that age as a child at some ceremonious family gathering when One gets to sit at the grown up table and maybe even taste a few sips of wine.

So I didn’t manage to get a new Tell a Vision Edition Posted yesterday, but I did have a very productive Zoom meeting and Will be receiving My log-in details for the new platform shortly (I expect within the next twenty-four hours). I Will officially announce the new platform and provide a link here once I finish setting up My profile as one of the Trusted ‘Educators’. I know, it sounds strange for Me, too. It Will also Keep Me busy and Give Me plenty of things to be tall King about because I am required to provide premium services. For now, I Will be setting up a course teaching People how to Create their own legal and lawful identification, as well as a service for one on one counsel. I’m also going to put together a course on the Common Law to define what that is. It may even turn into a book Called, ‘The True’ (subheading) ‘Common Law’ (heading, bold title) ‘Redefined’ (subheading).

View from the Office Patio

The photos today are for Pinterest marketing purposes and to Give thanks for the city Zen of My patio; it’s about the only city Zen I Wish to be Part of. I’m still kind of adjusting to the new Good News because it also supports other Ideas I’ve had running around in the back of My Mind. I was not successful in convincing minister Edward that My Blog and website are a legal and lawful Publication as Good as any public paper, but it doesn’t change the Truth of it.

The irony is that Edward was Wishing to partner with Me on a project to publish something in the paper. I was going to humour the Idea because it certainly doesn’t hurt anything and could be of benefit to others. I wasn’t excited about the Idea because for Me it feels redundant; I assert this publication is as legal and lawful as any other public broadcast or publication. Other peers in My microcosm whom I consider to be more knowledgeable than I on such matters (or Edward, for that Matter), have also suggested I am correct. Although I am not going to source the definition at this moment, I have verified for My own sake how Canada defines a legal publication and I assure You this Blog qualifies.

Where is the irony? Well, I am thing King that something I was Wishing to offer for People anyway is a ‘Hosting Service’. For People who just don’t Wish to be bothered with Creating their own publication but Wish to Create a lawful, non-government identification document, I was going to provide an ‘International Registration’ Page to Publish them on the International Public Record. Now it Will be something I Will offer as Part of course completion on this new platform. This Way I’m not offering ‘Certification’ of completion, the individual is certifying their own completion by announcing it on the Public Record.

It’s all based on the philosophy that We are all Living in God’s Kingdom every moment of every day, and that is the True Common Law jurisdiction of Law, the Supreme Law of the Land. What is the land? The land is the body, a body of land, and I am going to be teaching People how to stake their Claim of right upon it. The stake through the heart of a vampire is not a coincidental metaphor for law, by the Way. Staking a Claim of Right upon One’s inherent land effectively kills the soul-less artificial entity that cannot Live without draining Your Life’s energy. See, I told You the metaphor is not a coincidence.

Lots of Magic happening People, lots more still to come!

Love and Blessings,

Also Love and Gratitude to God for all Gifts Given.

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