Volume CXLVII: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Platform Gaming and Leveling Up

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It is a Sensei-Sean all Saturday for Me because it is the anniversary of My name day! It is also the four year anniversary of My Ottawa transform-a-Sean, the day I officially arrived in Ottawa four years ago. My hope is that it Will also be a Sensei-Sean all Saturday for You, as I Will be tall King more about the new platform I Will be Gaming on to level up My Character in this game of Life We all Play. UnGuru preview.

Today’s feature photo is a tribute to an Idea I had last year to Give a Gift of a succulent [plant] to sick children in hospitals as something of a demonstration of nature’s Magical ability to heal. I had over three hundred by the end of fall last year. Not one could survive the heat of My apartment in the winter. I’m too grateful to not be cold that I couldn’t complain about it, but I did lose almost every single one with the exception of those kept in the kitchen window.. The plant I’m showing here is one Good example of a Creative that worked. Each of the plants in this recycled plastic incense bag were started with a leaf stem poked into the side of the bag. I fill it with water from the top when it’s completely dry and let it hang over the sink until it stops dripping, then it goes back in the window for another month or two.

I’ve already taken cuttings from each of the plants in the photo and replanted them elsewhere.

I’m very thankful for this Saturday because of the platform I have been tall King about, ‘UnGuru‘. The name of the platform it Self is a reflection of My own Spiritual philosophies as I don’t believe in this Idea of a personal ‘Guru’ or teacher. I suggest that the Universe is Our teacher and everything else is just information. How We interpret that information, and what We do with it is really the Key.

The link I’m providing You with today is just another tease for the new platform and the new proposed launch date is this coming Tuesday, inclusive of Yours truly. However, the link I’m providing You with is also a podcast I Will be featured on in an upcoming episode, and I’m also very excited about that. I’m going to be an integral part of this new ‘apolitical’ community that Will launch on ‘UnGuru’, including one of the admins for ‘Law, Banking, and Commerce.’.

This is all coming on My name day, and these new peers are unlike the peers of My microcosm; they actually know the law well enough to know and understand the Power of this Publication and the legal implications of Notices and letters on a public record. I Imagine most of the People who read this blog Will, too but the point I’m Giving thanks for on this very special name day, is that I don’t have to explain details like this to the People I Will be war King with and doing podcast with.

To the individuals I Will be war King with in future, what I am doing here is in fact True Journalism. One is to be as King of their elected officials to respond to the People and place those Quest-Ions on the public record. Failing to respond is like ‘no comment’ at a press conference. The whole Idea that this Blog was Created to do precisely that is a concept UnGuru embraces and why I’m so excited to be a part of it. It also synchronizes beautifully with My intent to invest more time in marketing (or at the very least becoming a prolific content creator so I have more product-Sean to offer).

I’m also going to Write a new Book! Yup, it’s official ’cause I’m saying it here, Giving You My Word. It Will be Called, “The Truth of the COMMON LAW – redefined”. I legitimately believe it Will be an exceptional book and I believe it Will also be very popular. It is an important book for Me to Write because I have been tall King about it so much here without ‘disclaiming’ My interpretation of it, which I believe to be correct in every conceivable Way. It is also the theme of My Art Exhibit-Sean, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’. It is also the underlying thesis which led to the concept-Ion (arguably the ‘immaculate’ or ‘perfect’ Idea) that if We all obey the Common Law, the United Kingdom [of God] is before Us now for those with eyes to Sea (the citizen ships of commercial admiralty).

The book is Truly a cornerstone to everything else I have done and supports My belief that We really are all equal in law, at law and before the law when We Truly understand what the Common Law actually is, and how it operates.

I also Wish to Give thanks to the Universe for continued recognition of the Tragically Hip. It may sound crazy to some but I Writ a Letter as King that Gord Downie be ‘knighted’ before he died of brain cancer. I didn’t receive a reply (of course) but two months later the government announced Gord Downie would receive the “Order of Canada”, which is basically the modern day equivalent. On Spotify, it was announced that the Tragically Hip have recently received the humanitarian award for 2021. They are truly a band that deserves their legacy and every ounce of recognition they receive. On another side bar, a recent, random Wish I made of God was for another Tragically Hip album, despite knowing it’s not really possible… Maybe some unreleased material or something? Well, I’m part of ‘The Hip Club’ (known by fans as THC) and about a week ago I received an email letting Me know they’ve found over sixty unreleased tracks from way back in the day, when they were recording the album ‘Road Apples’. You know it’s only going to be a Matter of time now before a new album is released.

So this Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition is mostly about Giving thanks for the Gift of a new platform for leveling up My Character in the Game of Life We all Play. That too had something to do with the inspire-a-Sean behind My new book Idea and I am so motivated about getting that Writ, I plan on celebrating My name day today by getting started on it.

I also Wish to thank all of You for being here. I regard each name day as something of a new chapter in My Life, though We’ve been Writing the Last Chapter of My Story for some time now. A chapter in My Life may only be a few sentences in Man’s Macrocosm but I’m grateful to have a Part on the world’s Stage. Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean is yet to come, I Give You My Word.

Today I Will be celebrating by Writing My new book (or at least getting a very Good start on it) and paying homage to the Big Lebowski by enjoying My first taste of alcohol this year in True Lebowski fashion by sipping on White Russian’s while I Write and paint. Yep, I’ve got the paint pallet loaded, too, the world is in trouble. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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