Volume CLXVII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Week in Re-View and Sneak Peek of Next Week

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Why ‘Son’ day? Well, speaking strictly metaphorically, Imagine that the Father represents God. We are God’s Son, regardless what kind (sex) of Man One is. We are to protect the promised Mother Land of Our body; Our House is where We Hold Office and Keep watch over the Land. We inherit that House from Our Father, and each of Our Father’s goes all the Way back to the Original Father in heaven, eventually. That is why Man’s kind is irrelevant as all of Man’s kind is Gifted the same heavenly body and each of Us have a Duty and responsibility to govern that land like a King in His Kingdom; We are naturally inherent Land Lord’s. It is simply Honouring the Temple of Man that is Given each of Us by God.

I am thank full for a fabulous name day celebrate Sean yesterday, and it Truly felt/feels Magical. It felt Magical yesterday and it feels even more Magical now. I don’t Wish to make commitments when I have no ability to influence the outcome of a situation directly but I received a Facebook message within moments after starting this Blog Post to tell Me I should be up and running on the new platform by 8:00 p.m. this evening! Again, don’t hold Me to it as there have been some delays getting final things set up but I was in another Zoom meeting today tall King about My role on the new platform and I am very excited to share those details with You.

The most Magical element of it all is that I have been tall King here about how much I Wish to Focus on My new Podcast without compromising My Blog. The Idea is to help promote what I am doing here, not abandon this project to take on something new. This new opportunity perfectly merges both My worlds together and takes care of something else that I continually neglect doing despite knowing its importance – marketing!

The new platform Will have many guests and members who are far more well known than I am. Many of the People I Will be tall King with Will also be far more knowledgeable than I am in particular areas of law. I have mentioned here that there are specific steps an individual can take to formally close out the public Trusts created for Our benefit. It is one of the aspects of the law I have not concerned My Self with because it is only relevant to Me if I am somehow bound to that Trust, or in some kind of Trust agreement with those who have Created it. This is the complicated stuff where People tend to get lost in the details – I always say the devil is in the details for a reason. We (as citizens or People) do not have any legal or lawful obligation or duty to know those details, that is specifically what the elected officials holding those positions of Office are for. None the less, I Will be hosting a weekly podcast on the new platform for that reason specifically.

My main objective and role on the new platform is to discuss some of the most complicated topics and break them down into plain English terms any individual can easily comprehend and apply to their Life in some Way. I’m not going to name names yet, but I Will say that I Will be interviewing an individual who is an expert on the Law of Nations and international law. I Will also be interviewing experts in areas of real estate, Trust law, titles and land patents… You name it, if it has anything to do with inherent rights and the right of self determination and how to govern One’s Self in the world as what is known in law as a private person, I Will be tall King about it. One expert once a week, and I Will likely add more shows as I get into a routine.

I’m not sure how content works exactly because I know a portion of the website is free for everyone (I should be reviewing the contracts later this evening) but for now I can tell You that there Will be a membership page and I Will be receiving a portion of every subscription to the site. Basically there is a team of People already set up to market the new platform, arrange different People for Me to discuss particular areas of law with on the Show, and I Will essentially be the main journalist for the new publication and Will be in charge of the entire section on Law, Commerce and Banking. I’ll also be partnering with some of these individuals to offer premium subscription services like personal counsel in their particular field of expertise.

The reason this all feels so Magical is that everything I just told You was something I had more or less visualized My own Podcast would one day become. I even mentioned that when I get a little momentum going I might even be daring enough to consider as King of Russel Brand to be a guest. I really Wish to be able to discuss My Ideas with People who really understand what is going on in the world, and now everything is quite literally being Given to Me.

So what does that mean for this Blog? Well, My Character literally just levelled up. I have all kinds of paperwork printed and ready for filing, the Quest-Ion is how I Wish to proceed. I can take the default judgement to a sheriff and be as King to have the Order enforced, I can file private, criminal prosecution with a Justice of the Peace, I could file a claim against them and use the Notices as testimony of the facts attached as affidavits, or I could also file with the Divisional Court for Judicial review because the Justice of Canada website specifically states that the Divisional Court is a court of inherent jurisdiction and can hear and provide remedy for violations of the Canadian Charter or the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – when I say there are a lot of options, it is not an understatement.

This new platform Will Give Me the opportunity to discuss Matters specifically related to what I am war King on in My microcosm and share the information with You here by Way of My example. I can arrange to have guests that can speak specifically to exactly these Quest-Ions, and I Will be the Living example by applying the information in a Way that is easy for others to understand. This of course Will also help to develop Trust because I Will not be teaching anything I would not apply in My own microcosm.

So that’s the head shot they are using to promote Me on the new site. As You might guess, I’m a fan. I like the whole ‘Andy Warhol’, ‘Popular Culture’ sort of thing, even though I don’t really like to promote My Image.

The official launch of UnGuru is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00, I Will Keep You Posted but lots of exciting things in the works including a visit to the very dangerous Shoppers Drug Mart location for some essentials soon…

Oh yeah, did I mention this is a paid gig? More on that as I learn more, too!

Love and Blessings,

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