Volume CLXVIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Celia North Uttering Threats for the City of Ottawa

Hello every One, welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Nothing Motivates Me more on a Monday than a threat to My overall health and well being, so You can be rest assured this Will be a Magical Monday in Deeds as We don’t take kindly to threats. Oh, but I am SO Happy to have You here with Me!

Yes, the city of Ottawa has officially Trumped every stupid Joker they’ve ever Played. How did it start?


Yep, that’s all it takes folks. However, it’s times like this that I like to point these things out because this seemed like a ‘nothing’ when I first received the Housing Package. I would have been the first to admit that perhaps I was just being a little too cautious, perhaps even what some might perceive to be paranoid. But I’m consciously aware of this and know that’s probably what the sender Will be thing King, too… But so what? Not really that big a deal to be as King of One to spell One’s name properly, is it? Apparently, it is – at least for Housing Services who either don’t seem to know how to spell a name in proper English, or are extremely determined to compel a Man to accept a diminution of status in Law. Those really are the only two logical explanations. It’s not logical to believe that an individual cannot spell a name the Way We were all taught in school, so this unusual Spelling (Style is what it is properly called in law) must be with intent (Mens Rae – of criminal Mind).

So when I say that maybe I’m overly cautious… No, I take all of that back! What else did I do to protect My Self? I advised Housing Services how offensive I find it to be addressed as a legal entity defined as having no rights to family or citizenship and advised them I Will accept future correspondence only under duress, without prejudice, and at a cost to them of $100,000.00 per offence. They did not contest those terms or conditions, and addressing Me as such in the next correspondence is legally considered to be an agreement to those terms. I now officially have a new outstanding claim against the city of Ottawa for $100,000.00 and I am going to follow through on this one just because they are infuriating Me so much! I can file a claim without as King of a Justice for criminal prosecution (I can leave that on the public record for if they offend again in future).

The threat contained in the letter is even better because I effectively have nine [business] days to return a package I have not even received yet!

So even if I were to Give Celia the benefit of the doubt in every other regard (meaning that I presume she has no Idea that I have not received the package yet, and perhaps no One at Housing Services communicated to her that I take serious offence to being addressed as VONDEHN, Sean so long as it is defined in Canadian law as a legal personality with no rights of citizenship or family – I’m not even really sure what that means, I just know that I’m not waiving any of My inherent rights and Will be vigilante in defending My Honour against any Black’s Law curse upon the Magic of My Calling), she is authoring this Letter to Me on the first of June. If I received the Letter that same day I would still not have twenty days to fill out the renewal form, provide whatever information they require, and have it mailed back in time for the 18th! I am suggesting this is unreasonable and again, I am basing this principal on the belief that the Rules of Civil Procedure provide reasonable time frames for People to respond. Twenty days is not a lot of time to respond to a formal, legal obligation, and filling out this form is a contractual agreement (and therefor a legal obligation). The other detail to note is that the twenty days starts the day the Letter is served upon the respondent, not the day it is mailed or Written.

I really am pointing this out not so much because I’m concerned about losing My housing subsidy – Trust Me, I’m not. Any decision made by government must follow due process of law. This is also why I’m pleased that I Will soon be publishing a Book on the Common Law because that is what I am tall King about now. It is unreasonable to expect Me to be able to fulfill this request under any circumstance Given the timeframe of the final notice relative to how long I have to respond to the demand, and it is a performance demand made under threat of economic duress for failure to comply, which seems to be the favourite intimidation tactic for Ottawa’s service representatives appointed to care for those most economically vulnerable. So it is also reasonable that I Will be psychologically and emotionally traumatized by this because it is impossible for Me to comply with the Order even under duress.

Alright, I’m already at almost 900 Words and I Wish to leave You with the email I sent to Sana, Christine and Celia North (with special attention to Celia North because I have no email contact for her, have no Idea who she is, and am presumable expected to respond to her by snail mail to communicate to her I have not yet received the package she is demanding I return, or have My subsidy suspended for no fault of My own which is exclusively their negligence). On One Hand, I’m getting tired of placing People on Notice of Criminal Liability. On the other Hand, it needs to be done and one Way or another, this Matter Will be presented to a Justice whether it be because I file against them for the harm they have done, or if I am compelled to defend against their decision to Willfully cause Me harm.

One other thing I should point out. I have already let Housing Services know that there has been no change to My living situation or income (which is all they are concerned with). There is absolutely no reason individuals at Housing Services do not understand that English as well as everyone reading it here. To even suggest that they must revoke My subsidy because of some kind of red-tape bureaucracy when the individuals responsible for filing the paperwork know there has been no change and refuse to update the file or approve the subsidy because they don’t have the actual paperwork in front of them? Like they can’t just fill it out themselves, Write ‘No change’ and get a supervisor to Sign for authorization? Of course they can! And any court would expect that they should. Using Words on paper to justify something One consciously knows to be otherwise immoral or harmful is ‘Conta Bones Mores’, or “Against Good Morals”; similar to codes, statutes and acts not having the force of Law to trespass upon a right because that’s what they were initially legislated to protect!

7:42 PM (1 hour ago)

URGENT!!! Receiving threats, no renewal package has arrived! ATTENTION CELIA NORTH – NOTICE OF CRIMINAL LIABILITY

Dear Christine, Sana, and Celia North

Today I received a regular letter in the mail from Your Office authored by Celia North.  I would like to know Celia’s position and title within Your organization and why she is sending Me an “URGENT-FINAL REMINDER” for the Housing Allowance Renewal Package.  
I have not yet received a renewal package from Your office as indicated by Our recent thread of email correspondence, as the first was returned to You for addressing Me as “VONDEHN, Sean which I have advised You I find deeply offensive to My Character as it is defined in Canadian law to represent a legal personality with no rights to family or citizenship (as defined by Canada’s Terminology and Linguistics Database) and made known to You in previous emails.
“The next change of state, capitis deminutio media, consisted of a loss of citizenship and family without any forfeiture of personal liberty.”

I am now receiving a “FINAL NOTICE” to have the package returned no later than June 18th, only nine days from today’s date and You have not even returned the package to Me yet!  I would like the following questions answered:

  1. Who is Celia North?  
  2. Why am I receiving a FINAL NOTICE to return a package I have not yet received from an unknown individual I have no previous correspondence with?
  3. How many notices are typically Given before a FINAL NOTICE is served, and what dates were the previous notices sent (please provide proof of delivery/service)?
  4. How do You reasonably expect Me to comply with a ‘FINAL NOTICE’ ORDERING Me to return a package to You that I do not have under threat of suspending My housing benefit?!
  5. Why are You threatening to cause Me harm (economic duress, homelessness) for a situation that is beyond My control?
  6. Why does Your office insist on addressing Me by a legal title that I have clearly made known to You I find offensive and represents a diminution of status in Canadian Law?
  7. Why do You feel I should not perceive Your determination to do so as Willful intent to antagonize Me?
  8. Why are You ignoring My inherent rights and Your legal binding international obligations upon Canada under the UNCCPR?

You were clearly advised that I Will receive any mail under duress and without prejudice addressed to “VONDEHN, Sean” or any other variation of My Calling (name) expressed in all caps against My Will, but I Will be charging You $100,000.00 per offence for doing so.  You did not object, and You once again addressed Me as a legal entity defined to have no right to family or citizenship, which is presumed in Law to be an agreement to My terms.  Your office is hereby charged with $100,000.00 for addressing Me by a legal title that represents a diminution of status in accordance with Canadian Law offensive to My Sovereignty and Character.

If an apology is not extended to Me for Your negligence in failing to send the package to Me, and a reasonable extension provided that affords Me the time to return the package and any necessary documents to You, You Will be placed on Notice of Criminal Liability for threatening Me with harm I am defenseless to protect My Self against.  20 days is considered a reasonable amount of time to respond to a letter, Your office is only Giving Me less than nine business days to return documents I do not even have yet and threatening Me with the loss of My housing for failing to do so!!!  Who are You People?!  YES, I am FURIOUS!!!

I am tired of Your threats, Your utter disregard for the Rule of Law and Your lack of regard for the dignity and Value of the People You serve and Your apparent inability to understand or comprehend plain English as I have also explicitly told You there has been no change to My income or living situation since last year and if You had half an ounce of common sense, You could simply state that on the renewal package Your Self and save Me the headache.  You are allowing bureaucracy to deprive You of moral decency.  If You were able to address Me as “Sean von Dehn” on last year’s renewal form, You are able to do it again this year.  You CHOOSE not to, presumably to antagonize Me.  

You have lost the privilege of calling Me ‘Sean von Dehn’, as My proper legal and lawful title is King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  If You Wish to dispute that fact, You check with the city’s Housing Registry office and see what they have on file for identification of My legal personality.  Any future correspondence that fails to address Me as such Will be subject to additional charges.  

I am as King that the $100,000.00 be paid out to Me before the end of June along with a Letter of apology or a statement of claim Will be filed against You, and default judgment for Your criminal liability Will be awarded against You without further Notice to You and Published on the International Court of Public Record at www.vondehnvisuals.com

You are hereby legally and lawfully served this Notice of Criminal Liability for Harassment, Uttering Threats, Unreasonable Performance Demands, undo mental and emotional duress, defamation of Character, fraud (compelling Me against My Will to Give Life to an artificial legal entity that does not represent Me), Trespass upon My inherent right to freely dispose of My natural wealth in accordance with Article 1 (2) of the UNCCPR.

This Will be published on the International Public Record,

Thoroughly disappointed,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God,  

And I don’t care what Your OPINION of My legal and lawful title is, it does not change the Truth or Fact of the Matter.  Attached You Will see how a proper legal letter should be addressed to Me, courtesy of Canada’s Registrar General’s office.  Learn from the example before I take You to court.

But yeah, We got THIS in the works!!! That is My specific page on the new platform, this is the main website. The other Magical Good News I have for You this Monday is that the new platform is a Private Membership Association, which means I’m technically a shareholder as One of the content creators! 😀 Oh, and ONE last significant detail I Wish to share with You all because I’ve been telling You all for so long that this really is a ‘True’ News Journal. Well, My new position grants Me a press pass which I should receive sometime in the next six months or so. How cool is that? (Okay, maybe that’s only cool for Me but I can’t help Loving how things just kind of fall into My lap when I Wish for them). Yes, a Magical Monday in Deeds…

Love and Blessings,

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