Volume CLXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; A Warlock’s Wisdom, ‘Hand to God’

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Yes, today I Will be sharing some Warlock’s Wisdom with You and tall King about the Express-Ion ‘Hand to God’. I suppose in some Ways silence is the new ‘Lucky’ for My microcosm as it’s been another quiet day and I was able to get some reading done on My patio. I haven’t made much time for reading lately (excluding computer or online content) and I’m war King on the Bible which I am finding far more interesting and enjoyable than I was expecting, so I Will be tall King a little about that, too.

The Secret to Magic I Wish to share with You today, is that God is the source of all Magic. I don’t Wish to overcomplicate things either, and the Word God is a somewhat complex theological concept, so let’s simplify it to Good. Or, if We Wish to take it One step further, perhaps consider it is the Wish. The Wish of Man is the Will of God. That is the single most powerful Secret to Magic there is. The Trick is in Trusting it.

To Give You an example, I Will have a random Idea about something that pleases Me when I am thing King about the Act-Ions of the treasonous Trudeau government, like “maybe the only reason they are blatantly violating so many laws is so that their crimes become painfully obvious and impossible to defend or dispute when they are charge, perhaps they are just collecting evidence and war King on one of the world’s largest lawsuits…”.

And maybe the thought makes Me smile for a half a second. The moment it does, I say “Yes, please!” – and then I forget about it.

I know that if I accept that possibility and put all other considerations out of My Mind, that Will be the eventual outcome. So I put it out of My Mind, I stop thing King about any other possibility. In fact, I do what I can to never think of that particular Quest-Ion again because I consider it resolved (time is the illusion). That’s the part that’s hard for most People. I Trust that God knows how to take care of things I could not begin to comprehend or Imagine, so I leave the details to God. I usually am thing King of it as the Universe, but it’s the same thing. My Wish is the Will of the Universe, I just have to tell the Universe how it should Play out and Trust that the Universe Will make it happen. 😉

The Wish it Self is the essence of the Spell of Magic One is Casting. There is One other critical rule to ensure success – One must never Wish to impose (I’m Pose – ego driven) One’s Will upon another. One can Wish for a mate, but not a particular mate. Again, same principals. Consider the True Wish and leave the rest in the Hand of God. ‘Hand to God’, the True Wish is never for an individual, it is for Love, companionship or something else. I legitimately believe this ‘Magic Secret’ was also included in the Ten Commandments with intent – ‘Thou Shall not Covet thy neighbour’s wife’, is about not ‘lusting’ after another individual. It is okay to Wish for the same love and happiness of One’s neighbour, but not the individual. If One dwells in the House of another, they are out of their Mind. To envy would be to not Trust that the Universe Will provide when left in God’s capable Hand.

I also mentioned I was reading the Bible today and I can tell You I have completed Genesis, much of it twice (because I would put it down for too long and then go back a page or two to remind My Self what was going on when I finally came back to it). I find it surprisingly surprising and enjoyable. I discovered today what the story of Joseph and the whole rainbow coat is about and would never have guessed he would be the first Man in the Bible to purchase People. Yes, I kid You not, the People of Egypt Give their Life and their land to Joseph in exchange for seed to plant crops, and food to survive.

I think the moral of the Story is supposed to be that all the People of Egypt and the surrounding lands would have died of famine had it not been for Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams and communicate with God to translate their meaning, which gave him the foresight to store enough food for all the People during the famine. He took a portion of the crops for seven years, and the People who were turned back to their lands were instructed to flourish and provide one fifth of their harvest to Joseph. This would also apply to all of their kin, so Joseph was also the first taxman allegedly serving God that is mentioned in the Bible who effectively enslaves an entire nation of People into eternal servitude. If You think it seems curious that God would bless Joseph for ‘purchasing’ People and making this contract, You are not the only One. That’s why I said I find it surprisingly surprising. Even the surprises surprise Me.

That’s only the first big surprise for Me. The other is how prejudice every One in the Bible seems to be. It’s so bad I am almost wondering if cancel culture might try to ban it. Hebrew’s can’t eat bread with Egyptians because it is considered an abomination (by the Egyptians) to do so. Even Joseph’s family were not allowed to live in Egypt because they were a family of shepherds and shepherds are also considered an abomination to Egyptians, so his family had to live outside of the city.

I don’t know if prejudice is the right Word but it’s definitely some form of discrimination. So far, it seems like all ‘People’ in the Bible champion for different God’s the same Way patriots of the world champion for the flags of their country. There is even a section that is tall King about the same sons of Abraham (all blessed by God because Abraham kept his Commandments) ‘taking their other gods with them’ like they are some kind of doll when they are packing up their stuff and leaving a place. Other gods? And Spelled with a lower case ‘g’.

I haven’t done any more work on My new book since My name day but I’m telling You, I’m pretty sure I’ll have another one to Write when I am finished the Bible. I am making some very keen observations I have never heard any One speak to before and a theory I’ve never heard postulated. There are clearly two main gods referenced in the Bible, and I have Ideas about what each of them represents but I Will not be able to share until I have completed the whole thing – but that’s the potential ‘theme’ for another book I might Write… We’ll see.

And last but not least I have not heard any Word from Housing Services in response to My most recent Notice of Criminal Liability Issued to the city of Ottawa’s Housing Services. Generally, no News is Good News except in this case, I also require action. In order to respond to their demand in any Way, they need to get the forms to Me. And I’m really not thrilled that I am reporting to You today that I have not heard anything from them in two full days. One has to consider that they are threatening to terminate My housing allowance, and this organization was (allegedly) specifically set up to end homelessness! This is also the same organization that insisted that supports are not mandatory, they are only offered because they are ‘sensitive’ to mental health issues, and understand some People need time to ‘reintegrate’ into housing. How many mental health issues are they creating for Me by threatening to make Me homeless for reasons beyond My control?

I genuinely Wish for You to know I am not at all worried of losing My housing subsidy, but I do Wish for You to know how I cope with something as serious as this without losing My cool.

I start by considering the absolute worst possible scenario, which is obvious – they may not provide My subsidy next month. Worst case scenario, the rent doesn’t get paid and I have to explain to My landlord why. Then I have to sue the city and Housing Services in court, and I have no problem doing that. I also legitimately believe My landlord would advocate for Me because I’m pretty sure they like having Me here.

Technically, no Word is Good (legally). By not saying anything, they are tacitly agreeing with every statement of My reply. My statement of reply clearly states that the demand is both unreasonable and impossible for Me to accomplish, so they cannot suspend My benefits until reasonable provisions have been made that allow Me sufficient time to satisfy the obligation. That’s why silence isn’t necessarily bad news because it is presumed We agree on this point. But it isn’t Good News because they have indicated the Matter is of some urgency and they have not yet provided Me with a reasonable alternative. It also isn’t Good News because it is not the proper Way to respond to a Matter of urgency like this, especially when One claims to be sensitive to mental health issues. I have a very Good Friend who was paranoid that exactly this thing would happen to him, that he would just get some kind of Notice out of nowhere saying some form wasn’t signed or something and he’d be back on the street. I legitimately thought he was paranoid and he does suffer from serious anxiety when it comes to stuff like this – a lot of People do. And it still infuriates Me that the very organization with the fiduciary obligation to House Canada’s People is threatening to cause harm by making People homeless. The irony astounds Me. Do You think they are trying to be funny because they know I am Writing about it?..

Alright Lords and Ladies, that’s all for today. Thanks for joining Me and careful Casting Your Spells and Willing Your Wishes!

Love and Blessings,

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