Volume CLXVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Launch of LOL, ‘Letters Out Loud’

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here. I do have a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday for You today because I have officially launched My new Podcast Special Series, ‘LOL – Letters Out Loud’. The first in the series is also today’s feature photo and something else I Will tall King a little about. I also have a short video for You today that I felt was timely and appropriate considering everything I am tall King about here with respect to being the Hero of Our own Story and Living a Purpose-Full Life.

Let’s start with today’s video.

Now the video posted above is not a presenter I am very familiar with. I was introduced to Kelby a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed. Today I noticed he’d posted a new video, it’s only eight minutes long, so I decided to check it out. Now that I am essentially a shareholder of a new enterprise with UnGuru, I should disclaim that this is not (necessarily) an endorsement. I Wish to bring Special Attention to 1:37 into the video (no coincidences that it is also My Sacred number).

“A State is defined as a body of People.”


And this one.

“The term ‘self governed’ is plain as day. You are Your own country.”


One might even consider sharing the video counter-productive to My new entrepreneurial ventures with UnGuru as We Will be offering many of the same types of services. However, I don’t feel it is a conflict of interest because I have no Idea specifically what Kelby is offering members and the information is specifically targeted toward U.S. citizens. There is a TON of information available for People with regards to this subject Matter in the U.S. and many individuals who are extremely knowledgeable. There are not so many People teaching the same principles in other parts of the world and that is where I find most People these days are seeking (Sea King (commercial admiralty), or see King (Common Law of the land/body) answers. I might even have the opportunity to interview Kelby to discuss these Ideas on an international level, which is essentially what UnGuru is all about; People collectively learning how to Self govern.

One of the things I enjoy when reading the Bible is how the Characters are referred to as ‘Nations’. I don’t have the Bible in front of Me right now for a reference but they are numerous so I don’t feel it is essential to qualify with an example. Israel is a Man but he is Called the ‘nation of Israel’ several times. I have been trying to tell People that the nation of Israel is not a geographic area or local, it is the Holy Trinity of the Temple of Man. That is why I am curious to see what the sons of Israel do next.

I also authored another Letter today, though it was not to a government office, so I haven’t broken My Word. Today I had to Write a Letter because as a not for profit organization My landlord needs to prove to the government that I am poor (basically). They ask for income tax assessment forms which I don’t ever get because I don’t ever file taxes because I am not (legally) a taxpayer.

If You’d prefer to have the Letter read out Loud, You can check out the introduction to My new Podcast series by the same name.

Otherwise My day has been pretty quiet. I have another Zoom meeting with one of the main organizers/founders of UnGuru tomorrow so I Will have more details for You on that very soon, too.

Still no Word from Housing Services, Shoppers Drug Mart or Ontario Works, so for now I am presuming their silence means the threat to discontinue My subsidy no longer exists and they are reconsidering their position on the Matter. The reason this presumption is reasonable is because they now know I do not have the documents they are requesting I return to them and Will need to make arrangements to get them to Me before I can fulfill their obligation. If they fail to do so and discontinue My subsidy without further notice to Me, they are ‘of guilty Mind’ as their criminal negligence Will be considered to have been done with knowledge and intent it would cause harm I cannot defend My Self from. (And sometimes these little inserts are actually to inform the government how I’m perceiving their silence, as I know they keep close tabs on what I’m Writing here).

I hope that Thrills Your Thursday enough to be thing King about what You most Wish to do with Your life.

Love and Blessings,

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