Volume CLXVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Prince of Wands, Fired Up

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, however One Wishes to be thing King of One’s Kingdom. I do have a very exciting edition for You today because as the Title might suggest, the Prince of Wands is fired up, and that’s My ‘identifier’ in the Tarot. Today’s feature photo Will also be used to identify My Character in the Art Exhibit-Sean I am war King on and was painted over an actual Self portrait (double decker Spelling of Magic). All Art continually broadcasts a particular frequency and the frequency (Magic) of the first painting amplifies the frequency of the new Image. I’m drawn to war King on this because it resonates deeply with how I feel. I feel I am projecting the Power of My Character into the wood of the panel and may King it real by My Will… And I Imagine that is exactly what I am doing. Welcome to the world of witches, wizards and warlocks, Man is most Magnificent a Magician!!!

How’s that for an intro? Can You tell I’m excited? Can You tell I’m fired up? I Will be war King on today’s feature photo tonight because I am drawn to it like Magic. It is Emotion that inspires Me to paint, and there is a passionate furnace of fire heating My House.

I’m also Publishing the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition earlier than usual because nine to five is generally the toughest time for Me to Write. It takes Me some time to wake up, I don’t generally feel like Writing first thing in the morning, and the afternoons are just too beautiful to be inside war King on a computer. I’m also continually waiting for mail and anxious to share the (Good) News with You when I do (or do not). Patience is a virtue I am continually war King on and having to wait until two thirty in the afternoon to discover if there is any news makes it hard to focus My energy on Writing before then. I typically also enjoy Writing at night, often even the wee hours of the morning, I’m more of a night owl that Way. But today I was really anxious to know if I would receive a renewal package from Housing Services or not. I could not get the Matter off My Mind all morning.

I could feel that furnace of passion beginning to burn within Me, and I do what I can to temper My Spirit, so I began thing King as objectively as I am possibly capable of what the proper reply to My Notice of Criminal Liability Issued to Housing Services would be. With intent to vent the hot air out of My House, the fresh air only fueled the flames.

The proper, appropriate, professional thing to do would be to Write Me back immediately, or at least on the same day I emailed the Notice. It would read something like, “We are sending a renewal package out to You today and Will respond to the rest of Your email soon (and preferably specify a date I can expect a response to the Notice).

If that is not done (and it has not been done) and they Wish for Me return a renewal package, I can only presume they have sent a renewal package which I should expect to receive today. If mail is slow and really late, maybe Monday or Tuesday.

By not responding to My Notice and remaining silent, they are demonstrating further incompetence and a serious lack of professionalism. Every day I do not hear a response or receive mail from them is compounding My mental duress as the deadline draws nearer, at which point they are threatening to revoke My housing subsidy. They cannot possibly lack sufficient common sense to know this is causing Me serious mental duress, and I am absolutely fed up with adults receiving the People’s money to provide services to fulfill their fiduciary obligations not satisfied by the province, while treating the People who warrant the very need and purpose of their salary and position in the Universe with such contempt and disdain for their well being. The behaviour of all Housing Services and Ontario Works staff has been childish, inappropriate and above all unacceptable. I’m going to do something about it.

That’s what motivated this Free Lance Friday. I can deal and cope with this kind of thing considerably better than most. I experience My feelings and emotions, I don’t become them, if that makes any sense. I try to consider the information as objectively as possible, always allowing for the best potential situation to remain a possibility for as long as possible (they are not responding because they are terrified, know they are in serious legal trouble, and don’t know how to respond without doing further damage).

But My logic and reason dictate that between the three of them, the Ministry of the Attorney General, and the Mayor of Ottawa (who were both cc’d the Notice of Criminal Liability (and Statement of Claim for $100,000.00), they should not only know that failing to respond is probably the worst thing they could do legally, they should also have enough common sense and moral decency to know it is causing Me further harm by Way of mental duress. It is no longer reasonable to presume the antagonism is unintentional, and if they don’t have enough common sense to know that, they should not be war King in service of Canada’s People.

If I presume the very best possible scenario for failing to reply to the Notice, it is that they recognize they are in the wrong, the threat to revoke subsidy no longer exists (because they silently acquiesce that the demand was unreasonable), and if I don’t receive a renewal package, they have accepted My notice that there has been no change and I Will not hear from them again until next year (and they Will just ignore the claim for $100,000.00 hoping I don’t file it with the court).

I’m not that patient. I try, but this situation is Truly beyond even reasonable levels of incompetence. The passion inspired Me to open My Word processor for the first time since I moved into this apartment. Wouldn’t You know, I already have a statement of Claim (form 14A) already downloaded and ready to go!

I considered what other documents I have relative to Housing Services and everything started to make a little more sense. When I returned the forms last year, I also included a payment and advised them that I am only in receipt of subsidy because the government of Canada and the city of Ottawa are trespassing upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations.

My subsidy was approved last year. They did not respond to any of that until I followed up a few months later to discover they had not accepted My bill of exchange and failed to return it to Me with a protest of acceptance (as required by the Bills of Exchange Act). They also defaced the bill of exchange by punching two holes in it – that’s ‘Crown’ property they are defacing and simultaneously refusing to accept. One can’t do that in law. You can’t take a car for a test drive, destroy the car intentionally, return it to the dealer and expect to not pay for it. It’s also ‘evidence’ of their refusal (trespass) upon their international obligation to the U.N. Covenant. So that’s going to be the foundation for My lawsuit, is the city of Ottawa and Housing Services complete lack of regard for Canada’s Charter and Bill of Rights and their international obligations to the U.N. Covenant.

I also provided specific instructions, clearly communicated to them why I call My Self King Sean, House of von Dehn (specifically to distinguish between the very legal artificial personality they addressed Me with this year and telling them how I find it offensive and Will not respond to it). So they were presumed to have known I feel this Way about the name before they even sent the renewal package! I had forgotten what I Writ in the renewal package last year – I was just happy it was all received without protest (which makes it a legally binding contractual agreement).

The government (or Housing Services at least) did in fact send Me a renewal package with intent to diminish My legal status. When I sent it back ‘wrong person’, they didn’t know what to do, so they threatened Me with the loss of My subsidy for failing to receive the package in the name I am offended by. Furious, I agreed to accept under duress and without prejudice, telling them it Will cost them $100,000.00 per offence. The fact I specifically asked them not to address Me in all caps last year and that they chose to do so for the first time this year demonstrates intent to offend and harm My Character, so I am also going to charge them $100,000.00 for the first package I received and returned. It still infuriated Me and has caused Me the continued mental anguish I am experiencing over a month later, now under threat of losing My subsidy. Yeah, this is going to look really Good when presented to a court justice, isn’t it!?

Not a coincidence that I’ve started a new Podcast, either. On Friday’s I’m having just as much Fun with My Free Verse Friday Podcast as I am with My Free Lance Friday Posts here, so please check it out, Friday’s are My ‘Fun’ day.

Oh, long and short of this story? The first of the lawsuits I Will be filing Will be against the city of Ottawa, Housing Services, and their service agents, and I am not sure what the total amount Will be, but I am thing King it Will be at least $210,800.00.

Love and Blessings,

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