Volume CLXVIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; Casting Spells and New Moon Magic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Review, thank King You for joining Me. I have an epic edition for You today! I’ve got some news on the new UnGuru venture (emphasis on the ‘un’), updates on My new Podcast and future entrepreneurial ventures, and I have officially completed the paperwork necessary for filing My Statement of Claim into the court! Yeah, I told You it was going to be an exciting one!!! Thanks so much for being here.

Alright, so We may as well start with UnGuru. Before I get into any details, the first thing I Wish to say is that I’m sorry if I got Your hopes up. As You may have noticed, launch dates for the site were continually pushed back. When I was initially contacted, it sounded like it was urgent for Me to get as much information to the administrators as quickly as possible so that the website would be ready to launch for 9:00 p.m. that evening (about twelve hours away from the time I was first contacted).

Once I got everything sent over to them (which was done within a couple of hours), I heard nothing again until the following Sunday stating that the official launch would be Tuesday. Then it was the following Tuesday. Then I was told there were all kinds of big names lined up for Me to interview and the first show would launch this Sunday (today). I was on a Zoom call yesterday with the main organizer and Bryan Parker who I know well and was going to be co-hosting the Show with Me. In the meeting We learned that ninety percent of the site is still not operational and there was still no utility for live podcasts – no actual ‘domain’ or address for the show, just a link to a page with the name of the Show featuring My Self and Bryan.

Initially I didn’t really Mind any of this because I’m understanding with respect to setting up a new website and ironing out glitches. I also appreciate an optimistic attitude. But once We started tall King about the actual Show (and the main reason I was contacted about this opportunity in the beginning), the main contact (Melanie), started tall King about how Bryan and I Will need to be ‘trained’. She insisted We can’t just have engaged conversations, We Will need to stick to strict, scripted questions that Melanie Will prepare – average People are just ‘too dumb’ to Keep up with the kind of things Bryan and I Will otherwise be tall King about.

I’m kind of surprised I didn’t pick up on it sooner, but My interpretation of the ‘opportunity’ now is that Melanie herself does not have anything of Value to offer any One. She’s essentially ‘recruiting’ People who create massive amounts of content. She Wishes to get these content creators together on a single, social media platform she is calling a Private Membership Agreement. She’s basically just setting up a storefront and Wishes to cash in on the content and follower base of the People she’s recruiting.

Even more incredible, I believe her intent was to script calls with People she herself admires to provide her with answers because she’s not bright enough to follow along with the kind of things Bryan and I are tall King about. The People who listen to Podcasts like Bryan’s or My own would not be doing so if they did not comprehend the information and We already try to make things as simple for others to understand as possible.

In a nutshell, the Zoom meeting on Saturday was very disappointing. After initially being told I was preparing for My first live podcast with Bryan this morning, We were told it would be at least another month before the platform was ready for that.

If I’d gone to university for anything at all, it would have been for journalism. I decided not to because I intuitively knew that I would never be able to work for any mainstream publication because I’m too ‘edgy’. The only Way I would ever be able to be true to My Self as a journalist would be as both the author and editor of My own publication. And now You’re reading it.

I can’t let someone else determine what I can or can’t talk about, and initially I thought one of the main purposes of this social media platform was to be completely free from government censorship. It isn’t any better if there’s a dictator running the website that determines what is acceptable and what is not. What really set Me off though, was that she stated that We need to invest some time in training (to learn how to ‘dumb down’ Our vocabulary) because each member she adds to the group is a $7000.00 expense. I don’t how stupid she thinks I am, but I know damn well she has not invested as much as $7000.00 in the entire project.

So from that point on I was just kind of trying to politely finish out the Zoom call and figure out how to tell Melanie I want out without offending any One. A few hours later I was chatting with Melanie again on Facebook and I’m not sure exactly what it was that I said in protest, but Melanie determined that if I Will not allow My Self to be scripted and ask exclusively the questions she prepares for Me, she Will move Me to another ‘UnGuru’ podcast that Will be ‘mostly’ unscripted. I felt a wave of release come over Me and I told her not to bother, I’m Good with My Blog and the podcast I have for now (at least I’m in control and can produce a podcast whenever I Wish).

Initially, I thought she might be trying to politely get rid of Me and figured that would be an amicable parting sentiment. But when I mentioned that I’m Good with My podcast and Blog, she told Me that I’m producing too much content, that I am overloading People’s brains and ‘frying’ their motherboards with information overload. According to Melanie, People can’t handle more than half an hour of learning per week maximum, and it has to be the ‘for Dummies’ version.

So, no more ‘UnGuru’ but I really don’t Wish for You to think I am overly disappointed. I was disappointed every time I was continually let down on the new proposed launch date, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore and the potential of the new Idea inspired new creative projects of My own. I have started Writing a new Book on the Common Law and now I make it freely available to everyone who follows My Blog or Podcast without having to worry about ‘offending’ a business partner who may Wish for Me not to distribute what I Create freely because it Will discourage membership to her site.

Wow, over eleven hundred Words already and still a couple of updates for You. I Love producing My own podcast. I don’t why I wasn’t having this much fun last time I tried this venture, but I’m not complaining. I’m also (still) planning to Create a course that I Will offer People free of charge, though I may charge a very modest fee if People Wish to have some kind of course ‘certification’; I Will bear witness to the document, provide My thumbprint Seal (to prove it was witnessed), and Publish a true copy on a Page I Will dedicate for the purpose.

So all of that is coming up very soon but the most exciting thing to be tall King about this week are the events of yesterday. When I woke up yesterday morning, the threat from the city of Ottawa to revoke My housing subsidy, and the fact they have still not responded to My email consumed My morning with rage. I mentioned that I am well trained in observing and tempering My emotions. I must have done it five or six times within the first two hours of My day. When the thoughts returned again while I was sitting in the Sun shortly after breakfast, I could feel that passion burning in My chest again and I absolutely had to do something with that energy.

So I sat down and reviewed a video that goes over filing a Statement of Claim step by step. In fact, I really don’t review Canadian law and the Rules of Civil Procedure much because My genuine hope is that I Will never be compelled to take someone to court (the notices should be enough), but this YouTube channel is GREAT!

To make My Life even easier, I was using Google docs to Create the Statement of Claim and I had all the necessary court forms already on My Google docs homepage, I just had to check to make sure I was using the most recent.

Initially, the Idea was just to get some of the Ideas out of My head. My motive and cause for filing the Statement of Claim was literally what Willed Me to Google docs to get started Writing. I’m going to guess that it took Me a total of six hours including all the revisions and breaks, but I never would have guessed. I had no Idea how long I’d been at it until I noticed it was dark outside and too late to record a podcast or publish a Post. But I was almost done!

And I finished the Statement of Claim last night and Will review it probably once more before I sleep tonight, and once more after I wake tomorrow. This morning I completed the Information for Court Use Form and the back sheet. It is officially ready for filing!!!

Okay, now I’m way over My usual Word limit but it doesn’t Matter. What I Wished to touch on before I sign off today is the Magic of the New Moon. After feeling so motivated and creatively inspired yesterday, I decided to see if there was a full moon or something. New Moon is just as Magical, but different. The Magic of the New Moon is about new beginnings, and this month, it also happens to also be the Casting of New Moon Magic Spells in the Form of a Statement of Claim.

Now, one of My criticisms is that People always tell Me One should never announce their moves before they make them. I like to Give People a head’s up. You know, just in case the city of Ottawa is thing King I’m bluffing.

I recommend checking out the New Moon Magic Cast into the Spelling of this Statement of Claim. You Will see that I am employing slightly new strategies without compromising My position or legal standing. (And most of all, conforming with their non-sense). 😉

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: And today’s feature photo is My name day Gift to Me, Mimosa Pudica (sensitive plant) beginning to sprout. 😀

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