Volume CLXIX: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Ottawa – Another Day, Another Display of Criminal Negligence

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. It was a Motive-a-Sean all morning for Me as I took My paperwork to the print shop to make final prepare-a-Sean’s for filing with the court. It feels great to get that done and ready to go. Otherwise it was just another day for demonstrating criminal negligence and a complete lack of respect for the dignity and value of Canada’s People for the city of Ottawa’s Housing Services. Nothing like a fresh dose of criminal negligence to Motivate My Monday!

Sean von Dehn v. the city of Ottawa, Sana-Abou Arraj, Christine Amaro, and Celia North, et al.”

So it does feel Good to get that done, though I am stunned that Housing Services has not responded to My email yet. Tomorrow Will be one full week since I sent the email advising them that I do not have the renewal package they are threatening to revoke My housing subsidy for failing to return. I mean, there’s negligence, and there is gross, criminal negligence. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to respond to Me and keeping Me in a perpetual state of anxiety for a situation beyond My control. Using My need for a housing subsidy (which I only require as a result of further criminal negligence of their legal obligations to Me under the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) to threaten and intimidate Me with economic duress if I fail to allow them to diminish and demoralize My Character. I swear, every single one of the individuals listed on My statement of claim is either ridiculously incompetent, a sociopath, or takes some sick pleasure in demoralizing the People who pay their salary. I wonder if these individual’s realize that if the obligation to provide Me with housing did not exist, they wouldn’t have a job. My need for housing (and the needs of others) warrant their paycheck – and this is how they show thanks?

I have been through a lot of crazy, almost unbelievably stressful events. Never in My Life have I felt as stressed and anxious as I do now because Housing Services Will not respond. It’s like Chinese water torture or something. What bothers Me most is that as much as I would Love to give Housing Services the benefit of the doubt and presume they are just too stupid to know that an immediate response is required, I legitimately do not believe anyone is that stupid unless One has a legitimate learning handicap. So, as much as I Wish to, My logic and reason Will not allow Me to perceive these actions as accidental, an oversight or anything other than Willful, and with intent to cause Me as much mental duress and anxiety as possible. Once again, I legitimately believe they are Willfully antagonizing Me in hopes that I Will become so outraged that I Will send an email that is ‘inappropriate’. No. But I was able to finally track down Celia North’s email address and she was only Given notice by Way of her colleagues (notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent) and considering the degree of incompetence and negligence demonstrated by the city of Ottawa’s Housing Services thus far, My Wish was to ensure she receives the memo (even if it is not My duty or responsibility to ensure that she does).

Now, why Celia would not include her email on the ‘FINAL NOTICE’ that she mailed to Me (or why she did not also email Me the notice to ensure I receive it as soon as possible), is beyond Me. As far as I’m concerned, all of this seems deliberately contrived and intentional, and all of this information is going to be war King to My favour when this Matter is presented to a court.

As much as I do not Wish to see any One go to jail, if I don’t hear from Housing Services soon, I Will also be requesting a private, criminal prosecution for threats and intimidation with intent to cause harm (the intent is the silence for failing to respond to My emails when I have advised them I do not have what they are as King of Me for, which any reasonable Man Will know Will cause Me undue mental anguish and distress), and for defaming and demoralizing My Character, and for insisting I must allow them to do so under threat of economic duress. I can honestly tell You, I Will have no problem sending all three of these individuals to jail even if it’s just for a few days. I do not believe they Will ever treat the People they serve with the dignity and respect they deserve, or take their position as service representatives of the Canadian government seriously until they do.

Wow. I’m almost out of Words and I’ve barely said anything. I can’t even think straight because this is the only thing on My Mind and it isn’t going to go anywhere until I find out what is going on. I can’t find out what is going on until Housing Services responds to Me, and it appears they have no intention of doing so.

I was as King of a Friend of mine last night to review the email threads, My Statement of Claim and to provide Me with their interpretation of the events and why I have not received a reply. This was her reply:

“They probably thought You were a crazy person. Now they know You’re not and are scared silly.”

That’s kind of My interpretation, too. The problem with that interpretation, is that not responding only makes it worse. They are literally compounding the charge of criminal negligence by continuing to act with negligence toward their duties and responsibilities to reply and provide Me with some kind of explanation.

Sorry for the rant, Lords and Ladies, Queens and Kings. The Good News is that Writing the Statement of Claim was Good practice, I’m only going to get better with experience. I also have at least two more coming up really soon; Shoppers on the 22nd, and Merovitz Potechin and his criminal cabal anytime I feel like it. We also have Ontario Works waiting in the wings, but We’re going to see if they continue to remain silent for now – if they do, I’ll consider it a temporary truce.

I legitimately feel like I’m at war with the Canadian government, and I’ve never felt that Way before. I believe this is a deliberate attack and attempt to reduce My legal status that failed. Addressing Me ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ was not an accident, it was intentional. They were trying desperately to connect Me with an alternate, legal entity that is not King Sean, House of von Dehn and were unable to do so.

Oh, and for the record. I have authenticated every document with Housing Services as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn’ without any objection. They do not have a single example of My name expressed as anything other than King Sean, House of von Dehn, and the laws of contract do not allow for an individual to address Me by any other legal name than the One that is on the original contract. Maybe My Friend is right – maybe they’re just f@cked so bad they don’t know what to do.

Again, sorry for the ‘crazy Mind’ and scattered thoughts but it Will likely continue until at least Friday or until this nonsense is behind Me. I really do appreciate You, thanks so much for being here, it’s a huge help for Me to be tall King with You like this. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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