Volume CLXIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; God is Good

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here. It is perhaps the very best example of a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday since I first began tall King about how We make Our luck. Wednesday’s are Lucky because We decided they should be, and We all need a little ‘Luck’ to get Us over midweek ‘hump’ day. It’s all downhill from here, right?

So, what made this one of the luckiest Wednesday’s in recent history? Well, this morning I woke up even more stressed than I have been. Every day that draws closer to the 18th of June that I do not receive any Word or assurance from Housing Services that they have not only received My message and know that I am unable to comply with their request, but that they Will provide Me sufficient time to fulfil the request so that My housing subsidy Will not be revoked, compounds My mental anxiety. When One is threatened with serious harm, We go into a state known as ‘fight or flight’, and it is no different when the threat is psychological.

So I am thing King it was ‘fight or flight’ instinct that began to kick in this morning, as I began as King of My Self if I am missing anything. Is there anything more I can do to protect My Self from harm?

I had mentioned on My Podcast that there are several legal avenues to pursue. I am filing a Statement of Claim and Will be as King of a Justice to file for criminal prosecution later this week. But I could not stop racking My brain to consider if there is anything else I can do to ensure My subsidy is not revoked. On My Podcast I mentioned that one of the other things One can do is file a complaint with the city of Ottawa (useless in previous experiences because they just ‘internally’ review themselves) or with the Ontario Ombudsman. So I decided to see how much is involved in filing a complaint with the Ombudsman of Ontario and before I knew it, the complaint was filed.

So that got done. I also received confirmation of My complaint by Way of email.

Ah, but desperate times call for desperate measure, so My Wish was to make sure the Ombudsman know that the threat is immanent and a prompt reply is necessary to ensure I am not harmed by the criminal negligence of Housing Services staff. So I sent a follow up email using the additional questions email address that was provided with confirmation of My original complaint to advise them time is of the essence.

Unfortunately, despite making Me feel a little better, it still doesn’t ensure My protection from harm. So I decided to see how long it Will take Me to walk to the Housing Services office. 10.2 kilometers. About a two and a half hour walk according to Google maps. Not ideal, but it is summer and I am a Man of determination, (“his endurance indefatigable“), so I am charging My phone for the long hike as a last resort.

So, what happens after all of this? I receive a reply from One of the management team of Multi-Faith Housing Initiative (MHI) who rent Me My apartment. This individual is amazing, and is the representative of MHI that I had My initial interview with. She knows I’m a Spiritual Man, and I told her that I’m hoping the government of Canada Will soon recognize My determination to also live a not for profit, Spiritual Life. She even suggested she may be able to help Me file or register My business (vondehnvisuals) as a not for profit corporation. I did not follow up with her on that, but it may be something I am as King of her about in future. Today, MHI was responding to the email I sent yesterday regarding concerns over the security of My mail and the ridiculous situation I am in with Housing Services. I forwarded all of the correspondence and the Statement of Claim to MHI as well, so they are also a witness to the events (not really necessary in My Claim because everything is clearly established on paper and the paper determines the facts or ‘affidavit of documents’ proving My case). The more People who bear witness to the crimes of the Canadian government on the public record, the better it is for My case. But that’s not even the Godsend of the day, and the Title of today’s Post is not a coincidence (there is no such thing).

MHI said that they would be happy to assist Me by calling the office, picking up a renewal package for Me, bringing it to Me, and returning it to them before Friday. Now, do You really think that is a coincidence? God knew I was as King for help, MHI answered. I didn’t even initially take them up on the offer because I feel guilty – there is no reason that this burden should fall upon My landlord. But after some reconsideration, I realized it is foolish to refuse to accept the Gifts God Gives Me – this was an answer to My prayers, directly! I told ‘God’ or the Universe that I really don’t Wish to walk there, but I Will. I Will do whatever I need to do to protect My Self from harm. It Will also really help My lawsuit (whether I get a ride or walk).

So MHI is going to try and contact Housing Services tomorrow and see if she can arrange to pick up the forms – I’m curious to see if they even bother to reply. However, if they don’t, it Will only cripple them more. I should also let MHI know that it doesn’t really make sense for them to make two trips, if they are willing to drive there, it makes more sense to pick Me up first and I Will fill out the forms when I’m there. That Way, if there is any other information I am missing and unable to get before the 18th, I can swear an affidavit and have MHI and a service representative of Housing Services bear witness to it. Problem solved.

So this has been a very ‘Lucky’ Wednesday for Me as I finally feel as though one Way or another, I am going to get this done. THEN, I can focus on My lawsuit and put an end to government gaslighting of their legal obligations once and for all.

This Post is dedicated with much Love and Gratitude to MHI – Your emails today were an answer to My prayers, You are a Godsend.

Love and Blessings,

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