Volume CLXIX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; A Reply From Housing Services!

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal, hope You are all feeling fabulous, and thank King You for being here. This is the Thursday Thing King Edition and yes, it is True, I have finally received a reply from Housing Services! I Will be sharing that brief email with You today and sharing My thoughts.

Well, I suppose the best Way to start is to get to the Goods. This is the email I received this morning:

9:34 AM, June 17th, 2021

Hi Sir,

Thank you for your email.  As requested, we have mailed another 2021 Housing Allowance renewal package to you.  Also, for your use and ease of reference, please find attached a copy of the renewal package.

Thank you,

Christine Amaro

The email comes to Me as a reply to the follow up email I had sent to the Ombudsman yesterday following My original complaint titled, “Criminal Negligence: Uttering Threats, Defamation of Character”. I had forwarded the email to Housing Services shortly after sending it – My belief was that maybe if they knew the Ombudsman would be looking into this, too, they may Wish to begin acting a little more Honourably. Although the email is brief, it says enough to know My strategy was somewhat effective.

The first noticeable detail is ‘Hi Sir’. I have mentioned before that I do not Mind being addressed as ‘Sir’ because I know it is the proper Way to legally address a Sovereign People. I decided this is worth tall King about because ‘Dear Sir’ is how the first reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s legal director Sean Kearney was addressed Me. Although Sean Kearney’s letter initially appears to be saying very little, these little details speak volumes.

Here is how ‘Sir’ is defined in Law:



“A title of honor given to kings or emperors in speaking or writing to them.”

That was just the first legal definition provided by Google’s number one search result. Sir is also a title Given to Honourable knights in service of the Crown. The artificial legal person Created by the state is considered to be in dis-Honour; a debtor, a bonded slave and or prisoner of war.

One can see why I am not offended to be addressed as ‘Sir’. Standing in Honour is paramount in Law. This is also why an affidavit Writ by Me does not have to be witnessed by any One but God – I am presumed to be in Honour (just like Her Majesty). It also means that when I Present to the courts, I am also presumed to be in Honour until otherwise disproved. This is also why I am able to legally and lawfully Sign as My own doctor for medical purposes – no One has authority over My health care. No doctor would ever dispute what I determine to be necessary for My health care (and most doctors do Honour this obligation under the Hippocratic oath – no ‘Good’ doctor Will ever tell a patient they ‘must’ do this or that). The doctor Will provide a diagnosis and provide the patient with their medical opinion. Ultimately, the individual determines what health care they Will receive, and which doctor’s diagnosis they feel is most accurate.

It is also why I get a little irate when I tell Housing Services in an email that there has been no change to My income. As King of Me to provide ‘proof’ of income is further insult to My (legal and lawful) Character, as it suggests they believe I am lying and cannot be Trusted. Do People see why I would be insulted? I deliberately Created My Cestui Que Vie so that I could do away with all of the untrustworthiness of government. So I Will be addressing this with the Ombudsman and the Superior Court when I get this ball rolling. They are still treating Me as though I am the incorporated person and artificial legal entity Created by the state, legally determined to be a dis-Honourable debtor and prisoner of war. I am done having to prove My Word is God.

My guess is that either the Ombudsman contacted Housing Services or simply knowing the Ombudsman has been made aware of their crimes against Me was sufficient to compel them to finally reply. Notice that they do not state when the package was sent? They also don’t state how long an extension they are offering Me and there is no court in the world that Will think it is reasonable for Me to be able to return the package to them tomorrow if they are only sending it to Me today. So if an extension is not provided sufficient for Me to return the package to them, it Will appear as though they have delayed with intent to sabotage My subsidy and cause Me undue harm.

I legitimately believe the intent of Housing Services was to sabotage My subsidy. If it were not, the Honourable thing to do would have been to send that email on June 8th. I also believe that if they had resent the package to Me, they would have had asserted their position on the matter and been very quick to let Me know when the package was returned to Me, when they Will have expected Me to receive it, when the first notice was sent (typically there is at least one notice before an “URGENT-FINAL NOTICE”), et cetera. The fact that they did not, indicates they did not resend any renewal package or previous notices to Me. The wonderful thing about all of this, is that We CAN find out. Canada Post Will have a receipt because all government mail is paid for. That’s why I say that when I send a Letter “On Her Majesty’s Service”, You can bet there is a record of it. The People who are Truly in charge in the world, own the Postal Service of every country. That’s how they always know what’s going on in the world. They didn’t put an eyeball at the top of the pyramid on the U.S. $1.00 bill by happenstance.

I did reply to Christine because I would like to know when the package was sent, and how much of an extension they are providing for Me to return it. My replies are as follows:

9:44 AM, June 17th, 2021

Hi Christine,

Wonderful.  And how long do I have to return the package to You?  You are threatening Me with revocation of subsidy if the package is not returned to You tomorrow and I don’t have the package yet.  How long an extension are You providing?


10:09 AM, June 17th, 2021

Hi Christine,

I would also like to know when the package was sent so I have an idea as to when I should expect it.
Thank You,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

Oh, one other thing I Wish to point out about the email and the distinct change in tone. “Thank you for your email.”

Really? I place them on Notice of Criminal Liability and Issue a Statement of Claim against them for $210,800.00, and they say “thank you“?!

Pretty clear some One has had a chat with them.

Thanks SO much for being here. Things really are getting exciting now! Tomorrow I Will be filing My Statement of Claim and then things Will begin to get really interesting.

I hope You are all having a fabulous week,

Love and Blessings,

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