Volume CLXIX: The Sensei-Sean All Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; A Message for Canada’s Ministries

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. It is a somewhat Special Simple Solutions Saturday Edition because I am Writing this as a Message for Canada’s Ministries as much as I am Writing it for You. In fact, I am challenging Canada’s Ministries today because I Keep tall King about how Creating Heaven on Earth is not that hard. It’s in fact very simple. Six days, Ladies and Gentlemen. That’s all it takes. On the Seventh day We Will rest as God did, and enjoy God’s Kingdom on Earth. Whenever the world is ready…

See, I’ve just filed a Statement of Claim into one of Canada’s Superior Courts in the province of Ontario. I have suggested that Canada has a virtually perfect system of government and Law, but in Order for it to work, both the People and the government have to Honour their position of Office.

The People have a Duty and responsibility to be as King of their government questions (Quest-Ions), and their elected Members of Parliament have a Duty to respond. A Duty is an obligation. If it’s not a legal obligation, then it’s a moral obligation. To suggest that People cannot be as King Quest-Ions about government response to the pandemic, or the efficacy and safety of vaccines is to say that Canada is not a constitutional democratic Monarchy, and the government of Canada is effectively committing treason against its People for failing to disclose the very serious known risks of these vaccines. They have been bought and sold by foreign interests, these are not elected officials serving the People. Placing foreign interests above the interests of Canada’s People and their safety is by definition, treason. This is precisely why Trudeau Will not hand over documents being demanded of him by the House regarding his involvement with Chinese scientists.

The only real reason the People of Canada can’t see it is because they don’t Wish to. The Canadian People do not Wish to believe that any of this could possibly be True. They do not Wish to believe the Canadian government would be pushing vaccines they know to be more harmful than the virus it is designed to protect One from. That is the Truth, and it Will only become more and more apparent as time goes on. The simple solution is to stop now.

I am the eternal optimist. I do not Wish to believe that all of Canada’s elected officials are corrupt to the core. There are Good People out there. Like the Member of Parliament featured here today who had the courage to speak out and be removed from his party. He now represents the People of Canada as an independent. I know there are Judges and Justices serving in Canada’s courts who are Good People and took those positions because they believe in Justice every bit as much as I do. Honourable Justice Perkins McVey is the most notable in My personal experiences.

So I am as King on this International Court of Record and International Public-A-Sean that My Statement of Claim be Presented to an Honourable Justice so that I can demonstrate just how fabulous Canada’s legal system really is. Compel My adversaries to answer all 76 of the Quest-Ions I am as King of them, and try and prove Me wrong on a single point. Do not try to sweep this claim under the rug and claim that the inherent rights of Canada’s People and the failure of government service representatives to Honour and protect those rights are a ‘frivolous and vexatious’ complaint. Compel My adversaries to prove Me wrong in a Court of Law.

I am as King in the name of God that this Matter be Presented to an Honourable Justice so I may reflect Canada’s legal system more favourably. Thank You.

If Canada’s Court system Honours the Law… Well, anything Will be possible for Us.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Please check out the video, not just the Tweet. It’s forty minutes long and worth every minute of Your time.

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