Volume CLXX: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XII

Hello every One, and welcome to the twelfth installment of My V for Vendetta Tell a Vision series, thank King You for joining Me. In Our last edition, the inspectors had just paid a visit to one of the doctors who was war King at the Larkhill detention facility, and I’m going to get right back into it.

We discover that V has been using a poison and it’s toxicology is so common it could be found in virtually any household. The inspector shows the doctor a sample of one of the Scarlett Carson’s (rose) that has been left as V’s ‘calling card’ with each of his victims. The coroner seems to immediately recognize the flower, identifying it by its proper name (most of Us would probably just call it a rose). The coroner seems troubled by the rose and mentions they are believed to be extinct. I feel this is relevant because nothing V does is unintentional and I believe most People who might know V’s true identity believe he is ‘extinct’ also. The Scarlett Carson is symbolic of V. The detective is called back to the department for something of urgency.

Archive 837a

We notice that V’s hit list are all People who were employed at Larkhill detention facility. What I found curious about this is the number of the archive, 837. Remember the number 1537 Paper Street from Fight Club? I have told You 37 is God’s number, or Christ’s number if You prefer (as they are allegedly One and the same). The combined numeric Value is also 9 (8+3+7=18=1+8=9) and remember that 9 is 6 upside down. 6 is the number for Home, Peace, Family Values, that sort of thing. This indicates that those Ideas have been turned on their head. Trust Me, none of this is a coincidence. We discover that V has killed all employees from Larkhill with only one exception – Dr. Diana Stanton. Problem is, the identity of Dr. Diana Stanton is not revealed, there is no photo and the detective was calling the coroner he visit ‘Delia’, so there is no reason for them to make any connection to her.

They do manage to find out that the Doctor tried to get a visa to leave the country and was denied, then disappeared from the records altogether. The Good detective presumes she must have changed her name. Although it’s after business hours and the detectives have tried to call the registry to find out what she changed her name to, they haven’t returned the call yet. The lead detective insists he calls them back right away, regardless the hour.

Next We skip to the Doctor opening a safe in her home, lock combination 749. 7+4+9=20=2+0=2. Two is a door, We are about to learn something, and the coroner, Delia pulls a red book from the vault.

Meanwhile, back at the police station the register has finally returned the call and informs the detectives that the new name of Dr. Stanton is Delia, the coroner the detective visit earlier that day. He puts on his jacket with haste and makes his way to her home without delay. They try to call while driving over to her home but the line has been disconnected and the alarm increases. They suspect the worst and We cut to the coroner’s home to find their fears confirmed as the coroner wakes suddenly from her sleep, intuitively feeling the presence of V in her bedroom.

“It’s You, isn’t it?”, the coroner asks without moving.


The scene is briefly interrupted by the lead detective putting the pieces together on the ride over, “Jesus Christ, he’s there!”

Once again, the use of “Jesus Christ” is not a coincidence, either. V would hardly seem like a Christ character, yet his role in Life is to Play the Divine masculine, the ultimate Power with the strength to fulfill God’s Wishes. No Man can escape her fate in the eyes of God, V is God’s soldier, war King against the powers of oppression. We jump back to the coroners home where the conversation with V continues.

“After what happened, after what I did, I thought about killing My Self. I knew that one day You would come for Me. I didn’t know what they were going to do – I swear to You. Read, it’s in My journal.”

“What they did was only possible because of You.”

“Oppenheimer was able to change more than just the cause of a war. He changed the entire course of human history. Is it wrong to hold onto that kind of hope?”

“I’ve not come for what You’d hoped to do. I’ve come for what You did.”

“Funny, I was given one of Your roses today. I wasn’t sure You were the terrorist until I saw it. What a strange coincidence that I should be Given one today.”

55:37 – “There are no coincidences, Delia. Only the illusion of coincidence. I have another rose, and this one is for You.”

“You’re going to kill Me now?”

“I killed You ten minutes ago – while You slept.” (Shows the empty syringe.)

“Is there any pain?”


“Thank You.” (cries) “Is it meaningless to apologize?”


“I’m so sorry.” (dies)

The police show up only five minutes too late (clock on the nightstand tells the story).

In the next scene, the detective is telling the High Chancellor about the journal he finds at the scene of the crime.

“I understand that You have read this document, inspector?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Has anyone else read it?”

“No sir.”

“Then let Me make this perfectly clear to You. The contents of that document are a matter of national security, constituting an assault on the character of many important party members, as well as a blatant violation of the articles of allegiance. As the authenticity of this document cannot be verified, it could be an elaborate forgery created by the terrorist, as easily as it could be the deranged fantasy of a former party member who resigned for psychological reasons. Any discussion of this document or its contents will be regarded at the very least as an act of sedition if not a Willful act of treason. Is that understood, Mr. Finch?”

I had to type the entire paragraph because the reason I am doing this Tell a Vision series is because what We Create and Write follows the law of the self fulfilling prophecy. It is set in the year 2020, and I Imagine that if Trudeau could say the same thing about the documents he is refusing to hand over by Order of the House, he absolutely would. Trudeau would love to divert attention away from him Self to anyone or anything and his knowledge of involvement with China’s gain of function lab research that has ‘leaked’ and caused catastrophe to most every nation on earth. The last thing he Wishes for the People to discover is that it was a carefully contrived plan. Those documents Will be revealed, I Give You My Word. 😉

“You would do well inspector to put it out of Your Mind!”

“Yes, sir.”

Alright, We’re over eleven hundred Words now, so that’s it for this week and a perfect time to Sign off. I hope You are enjoying this V for Vendetta interpret a Sean, I’ll have more for You next week.

Love and Blessings,

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