Volume CLXX: The Fabulous Full Moon Free Lance Friday Edition; A Final Letter of Appeal to the Registrar

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You (or Queen You) for being here, You mean the world to Me. I do have a Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition for You today because I have been feeling the Magic of the Full Moon and also have a Vision from a Dream I had just last night. It involves today’s feature photo. And yes, I did also just Cast a final Spelling of Magic into the Universe with a Fabulous Full Moon Friday Final Letter to the Court Registrar regarding the Motion to dismiss.

First, let Me keep You in suspense a little while I tell You about My Dreams. Yes, plural, Dreams. The Egyptians knew the Significance of Dreams, they believed that if One could Master their Dreams, they could Master their Reality (realty/Real E-State, the Holy Temple of Mind, Body and Spirit). Well, just last night I had a Dream and I don’t remember My Dreams very often, and I haven’t had nightmares since I was a very young child. Because I don’t often remember My Dreams, I Trust they are of little or no Significance. If the Universe Wishes to communicate information to Me in My Dreams, the Universe Will make certain I remember. So when I do have a Vivid, memorable Dream, I pay attention! I have two reasonably recent ones I Wish to share with You for this Fabulous Free Lance Friday.

The first is especially curious because it was a rather long Dream to be so memorable and detailed. I remember it as Vividly now as I did the day I woke up from it. I had the Dream roughly four or five months ago and I’ve been meaning to Write about it ever since.

It begins with Me standing in the basement parking lot of a large building. We’re tall King like airport parking lot size, bottom floor. There must be a hundred parking spots on this one floor alone, all of them empty but one. The yellow lines perfectly crisp and clean like they’d just been freshly painted. The one car in the lot, was My Dream car; a racing green Porsche 911 with a red racing stripe down the middle, newest model, body style of the early 70’s. A True thing of beauty. And as I’m marveling at how gorgeous she looks, Elon Musk appears out of nowhere and says to Me, “What is it You like so much about the Porsche?”

I don’t even say anything because there’s nothing to be said. What is there to not Love about this Porsche? As if reading My Mind, Elon says to Me, “What if I can Show You a car that Will excite You just as much without destroying the environment?”

Next thing I know, I’m following him to some futuristic looking elevator in the corner of this underground, basement parking lot. Elon calls the elevator and neon green lights flash to let Us know it’s on the Way. Weirdest thing ever, My sister is in the elevator when it opens. I distinctly remember wondering what she was doing in My Dream. I was hanging out with Elon Musk and he’s about to show Me some really cool car. Why does My sister have to ruin everything (I distinctly remember thing King this in the Dream).

Nonetheless, she’s not going anywhere and I don’t Wish to be rude in front of Elon, so I don’t say anything about how disappointed I am that she’s tagging along. We get into some sporty looking thing and thankfully, I at least get shotgun – Elon’s driving. And pretty soon Elon is showing us what his car can do, how fast it can make a left turn, and how he’s not driving. He is instead going to have a sandwich as this sporty little car takes us to wherever it was going and demonstrate how well this car can drive itself. It was black, by the Way (which is usually the colour of car I would pick).

The final destination is also a massive parking lot with at least a hundred spaces. We are at a massive shopping mall at the Canadian Tire entrance. Once again, the lines are all perfectly painted and Elon’s car parks itself perfectly… But at the furthest parking spot from the store. I laugh and tell Elon that the car’s pretty Good but not perfect or it would have parked Us right at the door. He tells Me this can be adjusted in the settings menu and he has it set to pick the furthest parking spot from the store because he is healthy and able to walk, some People might not be so lucky. And that’s the last thing I remember from that Dream, but I thought it was worth sharing.

The Dream I had last night was even cooler in its own Way because I am so easily able to consciously navigate what it is I Wish to do. As random as it seems, I was putting on My Fancy Fluevog’s and noticing there was a white stain on the front spat where it should be pure black. My perfect shoes can’t have a big white spot where it should be black, that just isn’t proper (I think to My Self in My Dream).

So I take My Fancy Fluevog’s to a tailor to have them repaired and shined. The tailor tells Me I have Fabulous Fluevog’s and there is absolutely nothing wrong with My shoes. He takes a rag with nothing on it and shines the tip of My shoe. The imperfection is completely removed, and he tells Me I do not need to ever worry about My Shoes, they Will last Me the rest of My Life. And that’s the end of that Dream.

What makes it more curious though, is that at first I could not find My Fancy Fluevog’s the following morning, as I Wished to make sure they were fine. I had forgot that I moved them to a high shelf so that the cleaning agents in the mop water would have no chance of touching the leather while I’m mopping My floors. I hadn’t worn them since I’d washed the floors and I figured that My determination to keep them clean was reflected in My Dream. But I knew I was supposed to look up the symbolism of it and this is what I found.

These were the ones I felt most relevant, especially when the two Ideas are combined:

33. Dream of fixing and repairing shoes?

In your dream, if you were fixing your own shoe or taking them to the shoemaker, it means that you have difficult times which will pass only through hard work. It could also mean you are likely to pick up and resume an action you had left off midway.

35. Dream of polishing shoes

Polishing shoes is a representation of you trying to set an excellent first impression. The act of polishing stands for your attempts to look perfect and polished to people.

Interesting, no? See, being a student of the Universe means that One accepts what the Universe suggests. The Universe would not have directed Me to these interpretations if they were not the ones I was intended to find. It does not even Matter if they are the ‘correct’ interpretations, they Will be correct for Me. That is the Voice of the Universe.

Okay, okay, so You Wish for Me to get to My final, most Magical Spells that were Cast into My last Letter to the Registrar, right?

Well, before I do I Wish to point out one last thing. A last is actually a Cast for a footprint. I believe they used to use them back in the day to size shoes. A Dream of Shoes is about making a ‘lasting’ impression in My last Letter.

See, I was sitting under the Magic of the Full Moon and thing King to My Self, “I didn’t even mention in My letter to the Court Registrar that I had made an agreement with counsel!”

Perhaps that was one of the reasons why Genevieve was as King of Me if I would consider removing the named defendants. Surely that Will influence their determination and help to Show that this case is not vexatious and more importantly, that I am not a vexatious Man. I am only see King Justice, not “just us”. The Universe spoke to Me in a language only I can understand but is felt in the Heart. ‘Yes, You must go and Write that last letter, now!’.

So I did.

Fabulous Friday, June 25, 2021, 2:41 AM

Dir Sir/Madam,

Please excuse the late hour of this email but I neglected to mention an agreement I have made with the city of Ottawa’s legal counsel, Genevieve Langlais.  

Defense counsel asked Me today if I Will consider removing the named defendants from My Statement of Claim and allow the city of Ottawa to accept full liability in their stead if the motion to dismiss is denied.  I have Given My Word I Will do this and I feel this information may be vital to Your determination.

In all instances where there is a named defendant, I Will amend ‘the city of Ottawa’, and I Will be happy to make this amendment the moment the determination is made.  I have also told defense counsel that I Will be happy to remove the named parties from the Notices Published on the International Public Record at www.vondehnvisuals.com, in exchange for a Letter of apology in addition to removing their names from the Statement of Claim.

I am hoping this Will reflect favourably on My Character and help You to understand that I am not a vexatious Man, I only Wish for the trespasses against Me to stop, and that I have only appealed to this Honourable Court in Hope of relief and remedy.

Once again, thank You kindly for Your consideration, this Matter is very important to Me.


Sean von Dehn,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

Now We leave it in the capable Hands of the Universe.

Love and Blessings, have a Fabulous Friday in Deeds!!!

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