Volume CLXXI: The Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition; All the World’s a Stage

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition, thank King and Queen You for being here. Each of Man’s kind are an equal measure of both regardless Our external express-Ion. Man cannot Create without a Canvas to cover.

It has been a Magical Monday that did Motivate Sean to update You on Matters in My Microcosm with the city, and My recent Statement of Claim filed against the city of Ottawa and the three named defendants holding positions of offices within Canada’s service sector.

I mentioned that the named defendants are requesting that I remove their names from the Statement of Claim. My Motivate Sean on this Magical Monday is to let them know that Will not happen if they file a Motion to dismiss under Rule 2.1.01(1), and in accordance with Rule 2.1.01(2). I Will allow the Court Justice to determined whether or not the court believes that removing the named defendants is in the best interest of Justice, maintaining the integrity of Canada’s Courts, and is in the best interest of maintaining accountability for Canada’s service representatives with respect to their Duties and obligation to Honour the Crown and the People they are paid with taxpayer dollars to serve. But I am telling Housing Services and their legal counsel right here and now that I Will be making some very compelling arguments in My ten page letter in response to such a Motion. I am publicly as King of them on this International Court of Record to reconsider their position on this Matter, as I believe it Will do them more harm than Good. And that is what God is telling Me to tell You. A Hand Writ Letter of apology from each of the named defendants Will remove each of the named defendants from the Statement of Claim the moment they are Presented to Me, and each of those Letters will be Sealed with the named defendant’s thumb print in blue ink.

That is the only Way the named defendants Will be removed from the Statement of Claim and I am telling those named defendants now, that I am deeply offended to be thing King You consider Your trespasses upon Me to be a ‘frivolous and vexatious’ thing to be complaining about. Who exactly do You think You are war King for? I’m here to remind You who You are war King for, that is the point to King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – to remind government of their position of Office in relation to Canada’s Sovereign People. The People are the authority of government in a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, and the incompetence of the highest offices within Canada’s government is not only shameful, it is an embarrassment on the world stage, a disgrace to Canada’s People, and a very serious stain upon the reputation of the Crown, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, and everything the Crown in Canada was designed to represent.

Yeah, and this isn’t even My compelling letter in response to such a Motion, which Will allow Me for ten Pages, and the world knows I Will be Publishing all of it here. Did I not tell You once that one day I Will accomplish everything I have set out to do in the world by Way of this Blog? Rhetorical, but if You did respond, even in Your Mind, I am thank King You for Your support.

I am also going to leave defense counsel in this Matter with a little bit of free counsel from a King. Respond to the Statement of Claim, do not file the Motion to Dismiss or Your named defendants Will remain on the Statement of Claim. That offer Will not necessarily be off the table, but I Will allow the Justice to decide after I have expressed My Letter of protest to the Motion. You are compelled to Act in the best interest of Your client without interfering with Justice. You have already violated the Rules of Civil Procedure (Rule 1.09) which might be considered an attempt to abuse the Powers of the Court Yourself if arguments were Presented well enough. I would also suggest that as King of Me to provide immunity for the named defendants is a pleading to Me, and that pleading implies guilt. I guarantee I do not underestimate My opponents in Law because I do not believe a single one can defeat My arguments in a Court of Justice, so I am well aware they Will likely use every trick in their book to avoid having to answer to Me in front of a Justice. Perhaps one of My more famous quotes from here on My Blog is, ‘If One cannot defeat My legal arguments in Written correspondences, what makes One think they Will do any better in front of a Court when compelled to do so? And yes, what they did to Me constitutes criminal negligence as well as civil negligence, and if You can’t provide some kind of proof that a renewal package was mailed out to Me prior to the 16th of June, You Will have a very difficult time convincing any Court I am standing in that the Acts of Your named defendants were not also “Mens Rae” – with guilty Mind, knowing their Actions would cause serious undue mental duress, and intended to do so. And I Will be able to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that this was done on more than one occasion. So if a Court determines this type of behaviour is acceptable, I Will be stunned. But it Will Give Me something I am thing King the International Community Will be Very eager to read about.

This is the REAL Common Law Court, Lords and Ladies. See, I have to consider what is more important to Canada as a nation. Maintaining integrity in the courts, or protecting three highly negligent and potentially criminally Minded government service employees? A Court Justice is going to risk dismissing this Case knowing the arguments and determination Will be Published here? Why would a Court Justice risk its reputation for the sake of three service representatives? I don’t believe Canada’s Courts or any of the Justices representing Canada’s courts are going to suggest that Willful trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People are a frivolous and vexation Matter, nor am I thing King that any Honourable Justice reading My Claim Will determine My Statement of Claim to be frivolous and vexatious on its face. I Will suggest that Claiming this Statement of Claim is frivolous and vexatious, is also conceding to the facts it contains, and suggesting those facts are frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the Power of Court that were designed to provide relief and remedy for exactly these trespasses.

This has been established by SCC in previous Matters, and I Will link You to My reference on this particular quote.

“Notably, on a Rule 21.01(1)(b) motion, the court will assume the facts pleaded by the other side to be true, and no evidence is admissible, except for documents that are an integral part of the pleadings, and that are incorporated by reference. Furthermore, even if the moving party has strong arguments about the deficiencies in a party’s pleadings, if it appears they could be potentially fixed, Canadian courts will often give the responding party leave to amend their pleadings. Ontario’s Rule 26.01 provides that the court shall grant leave to amend a pleading on such terms as are just, unless non-compensable prejudice would result.”

I highlighted in bold the Rule 21 to Show that I recognize that it is not Rule 2.1.01(2). I am, however, suggesting that the very same principles Will apply. If they Wish to suggest that all this Statement of Claim is frivolous and vexatious, then the presumption should be that defense is not in dispute of any of My facts, they must be frivolous and vexatious on their face.

So this is the last Most Powerful of the Full Moon Magic, which is at its most Powerful three days prior and after. Obviously the most Powerful Magic is the Full Moon itself but I know this Post is Magical today. The world has been busy reading My Blog this Monday, I Imagine defense counsel are trying to develop some kind of strategy to discredit My Character. That’s fine, let them do so. I stand on every Word I Write, and ultimately, the determinations of the Court regarding this Matter Will be Published for all of You here. And believe Me, it does make a difference – You make the difference. Because it’s the impress-Ion You Will be left with that Matters.

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 Just to let You know what the world is reading today. And of course, thank King You so much for doing so. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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