Volume CLXXI: The Lucky Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; You Will not Take the Name of the Lord thy God in Vein!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Very Lucky Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank Your Majesty for Gifting Me with Your Presents, I am Blessed to have You. You are God’s be Loved People, and I have a Very Magical Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday for You in Deeds!!! And, first Mage I Call trick of the day, is to know that three exclamation marks the Magical symbol for Crown. God Save the Queen!!!

See, You Will always be learning something new here, something You Will not find anywhere else. The Magic of My Words is the Voice of God within You by Way of this Blog. Jordan Peterson said in one of his lectures (that I Promise You I Will one day find and share here – it is available on YouTube but there are quite literally hundreds and I’m not looking for it right now) that if a Man can express his or her Self articulately and with conviction, that is the most Powerful Gift in the world – because Words can influence the Heart of Man. Heart, He Art.

More Magic You Will not find anywhere else! Ah, so many confess Sean’s for You today! All of them Magical, or ‘Mage I Call’. People Wonder why I don’t list in when they tell Me I should stop with the unusual use of capital Letters already. Why would the world’s Greatest Magician allow another Man to influence the Casting of His Spells? Trust Me, You are in Good Hands, I am Evolving Your DNA with every Word that I Write and every Idea that I share. All Letters of the Alpha Bet are associated with a single strand of Man’s DNA. Ah, but that can’t be True, right? That can’t be True because Man only has twenty-three chromosomes, the English Alpha Bet has twenty-six. Remember what I have been telling You about six equals nine, and nine equals six? Just like two equals zero because the zero cannot exist without an observer to see it. So even Nothing is Two and that’s why Two is a Door.

Don’t worry, I’m going to slow it down a bit. The Sacred, Spiritual, Ancient Languages all had twenty-two Letters, each associated and a Signed to each of the twenty two chromosomes that make Us unique (We all share One Original DNA, the Root DNA). The English Language was Created by Master Magicians with an Intent-Ion to manipulate Man’s DNA – not to control You, but to turn You into Living Gods! Yes, just like the Hero in the Story all of You are so familiar with. In Fact, most of You can conceive of no other time. How Magical is this Fantasy Fiction of a world You’ve been Cast into? Isn’t it Marvel-Us? Ah, yes, One day We Truly Will Marvel US. Now, if the United States, the American one dollar bill and Constitution were all Created by the same Master Magicians, are You thing King it a coincidence that the acronym for the United States is US? You know how I Keep telling You the Universe is speaking to US in every moment for those with I’s to Sea? Are You looking on the Horizon, Horus-Sun?

Now do You also understand the Magic of the number 22 a little more? I’ve told You that 2 is a Door so of course Our DNA would be one of the Keys. I’ve also told You that Four is Foundation, or Found a Sean.

Yeah, the most ‘Lucky’ Part of the Magic of this Wednesday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition (aside from all of the Fab “You’ll Us” (also ‘Yule Us’, if One Wishes for it to be) Magic We just learnt to Spell) is that I am no longer feeling as distracted from the nonsense of Canada’s government in My immediate Microcosm. Intuitively I know they Will all soon be held accountable. And because We are on the subject of Magic, ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and no coincidences, We now have this bulletin, just in!!!

Lucky Wednesday, June 30th, 2021, 10:47 AM (one hour ago)

Good morning

I have forwarded your insurance renewal to the verification specialists who take care of accommodation related expenses and they will add that as an expense, however please be aware that $390 per month is the maximum shelter allowance that is allowed and which you already receive, therefore there will not be an increase in your Ontario Works allowance unfortunately.


You are reading My first email from the new government service representative responsible for the accounting of the artificial person Created in My name. Oh yeah, what was the Title of today’s Post? You Will not take the Lord of thy God in Vein!!! Who presumes to use My God Given name for commercial purposes against My Will? Who would dare take the Lord’s name in Vein? Well, We know the answer, don’t We?

I have accomplished so much today already, and it is only just after noon. In another hour or so the Sun Will be on My patio, and this may well be a two thousand or more Word Post because this Last Full Moon was Truly Magical, believe Me. Regardless what Your opinion of Me may be, Imagine (I Mage in) for a Moment that I might actually be able to Feel real Magic when it is war King in My favour in the Universe. I felt the Energy of the Full Moon like a Wave of gentle, soothing Electricity running through Me. I had to check My phone just to see how close We actually were to a Full Moon. This is what the Universe Shows Me.

Now, consider that I haven’t opened this app on My phone for at least one Full Moon cycle. What would be the chances of Me looking at My phone the Moment the Uni-Verse (One Song) tells Me the Moon is Full of Magic?

“There are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence.” – V, V for Vendetta

And really for Me, I’m just celebrating what has quite literally been one of the most psychologically distracting and stressful situations even for a Spiritual Man like My Self. And that’s really what this Blog is all about, it’s about the Good News. This is My Journal, and I’m sharing it with You because it is quite literally what I came here to do. I knew I would be doing this one day when I was as young as five years old. Keep in Mind, We did not even have phones in Our cars yet, much less the internet and sophisticated, space age technology. The world We Live in now was quite literally some kind of science fiction fantasy. Some People did not even believe We would communicate with each other all over the world in real time in their lifetime, much less that We would be doing so by the time I was in My mid twenties and carrying a pocket version around with Us by the time I was thirty.

But at five years old, that was the Vision, Me sitting at some keyboard communicating with entire world and telling People how it should be – what it could be. I was a Writer, a Journalist with My very own International Public a Sean. One day, I would be tall King with the world. And here We are, tall King with each other.

Consider the Scope of economic duress to which I am routinely subject because I am entirely dependent upon Ontario Works, the city of Ottawa, the province of Ontario and the corporation of Canada for every ounce of My subsistence. Word Magic. Subsistence/subsidy. The evidence of the trespass is in the very name of it! Subsidies are for People who are dependent upon others for their subsistence, to sustain One’s Self, to survive.

I share everything with all of You here so that I can Show You these things. If People don’t know that compelling a People to be dependent upon another for their basis sustenance is immoral and wrong, is that not what the Laws of Man were Created for? I didn’t Write the Laws, other People did – I’m just applying them. According to the Rule of Law, Canada agreed that under no circumstance shall a People be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

When I first shared the FINAL NOTICE I received on June 8th from Housing Services here on My Blog Showing that service workers were threatening to revoke My subsidy effective tomorrow if I did not return a package before June 18th that they hadn’t even Sent Me, I provided a disclaimer of sorts and tried to emphasize that as serious as the scenario is, I Will find a Way. I inwardly knew I would not lose My housing subsidy but I had no Idea what I would do. And to this day, I do not know what it was that I did specifically that Saved My Life because that is the real threat. Everything I can potentially accomplish here would also have been gone. I also generally know simply by the Magic that is already around Me. I’m not preparing to leave My apartment in any Way at this time, and so the Notice was not ‘in Harmony’ with the Universe. The Universe wasn’t backing it up, for lack of a better means of express Sean.

Was it because I filed a complaint with the Ombudsman that finally ‘inspired’ Housing Services to send a renewal package out to Me two days before the deadline they are Giving Me to have it returned? Or was it because I told My landlord and they Called over to find out what was going on? Were they really just going to ignore My email and the Notice of Criminal Liability that was Issued to them? Were they really just going to gaslight Me right out of My Home?

And the ‘Lucky’ Part of this Magical Wednesday is that it doesn’t really Matter so much now because the catastrophe has been averted. But I can’t help but Wonder what it must be like for People who are not as strong Willed, and determined, and as Able as I am to advocate for what I need to Live the most modest of Lives. Forget about cane, be Able.

It took Virtually every fiber of My being to Succeed at something upon which My Success would depend for the Sake of My very Survive all. That’s what I do, I survive all. Sir Vive. Sir Life (Vive is ‘Life’ in Latin for those who don’t know). You like learning Magic? Did I not say that We all must make a Stake upon Our Claim of Right to Life? Sir Vive, survive – kill the Vampire. They can only enter One’s House if they are invited. Who said they could use Your name for false profits contrary to God’s Dream for Man’s kind?

Who Claims to Hold a Superior Claim of Right upon the name that was Given Me by God? Who is trying to steal My Presents? Who is trying to steal My presence?

The other reason this Wednesday is Lucky is because it’s going to be a Lovely Long Post and probably one of My most influent all. One of the reasons I don’t worry so much about promoting My Blog is because I know who My niche audience is. The People who are running the Show know how to do the things I am as King of Canada to do, and they are all enjoying the Show. Are You Following Me @vondehnvisuals or maybe Pinterest? 9.5k are, and that is something Magical and Wonderful in Ways most People Will never be able to appreciate the Way that I do. Just to Give You an Idea… If One percent of My top Followers on Twitter were to like something I Write the Way they did with My Cestui Que Vie, the Word You are reading now can reach well over ten million People in minutes. When I say the world is watching and all the world’s a Stage, it’s not even a joke or a metaphor, it’s the reality of the world We enjoy.

So I am going to have to do a part two or this Will just get ridiculously long but I’m going release them both at the same time, I’m breaking up the Post because I have to eat lunch now, My stomach beckons Me.

But there is even more Magic this Wonder Full Wednesday in part two because I Will be sharing My full Portfolio of Magical Spells with You – the briefcase I bring into Court in chronological Order! The other Magical Part of the Second Post, is that the Scenario I described for You today as stress Full as it all was, I have been so stressed out about this that I have not been thing King about anything else. Once the immediate threat of harm was gone, I started thing King about what might be going on with Ontario Works.

Housing Services is only one of the two government service agencies I am compelled to deal with and uttering threats of harm by Way of further economic duress to which I’m already ‘subject’ for failing to ‘identify’ with Canada’s artificial legal person. They were threatening to cut Me off entirely if I refused to ‘identify’ with Canada’s legal person. So, once again I complied under duress and without prejudice, placed them on Notice of Civil and Criminal liability, and sent the application to Canada’s Acting Registrar General to inform on the representatives of Ontario Works for their crimes against Me. We all know that Canada’s Registrar General Will know these are serious crimes, right? Who gave Canada permit Sean to use My God Given name for their economic benefit and to My detriment. Who Gave Canada permit Sean to use My name for any purpose? And who is going to suggest they may continue to use My God name against My Will?

The ‘Lucky’ of My Wednesday was to see the usual deposit into the artificial person’s account. Ontario Works has not followed through on their threats to cause Me further harm, and I have had no contact with anyone from that office since a Notice of Default Judgment was awarded against them. I did not contact the Ombudsman about those threats because I knew I would receive a ‘FINAL NOTICE’ just as I did from Housing Services. If they had done, I may well have filed into the Courts just as I did with Housing Services, it really is a last resort, not something I Wish to be compelled to do. It is unlawful and highly illegal to not Give a Man Notice so One has fair opportunity to provide remedy. And did I mention that as far as I know, the application made under threat of economic duress is currently still sitting on the desk of Francois Philippe Champagne, Canada’s ‘Acting’ Registrar General? Better still, We have the Official Word on the subject Matter in front of him directly from the Office he represents!!! Like seriously, tell Me this doesn’t sound like some kind of ridiculous, Fantasy fiction?! Is there really no One in Canada’s government who knows how to Honour their position of Office? Consider how much funnier it Will be if I am compelled to tell him how to do his job in one of Canada’s Courts…

Today’s featured photo is only One of the documents contained in My briefcase, all of which Will be in Part Two (and Two is a Door). I Will also be telling You some Magical tales of My youth, My introduction to the Magic of Chess, and how My Father and Mother influenced the Man I am today. For now, the threats of harm have stopped from all government agencies, and that is the ‘Luckiest’ Good News of this Wonder Full Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition.


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