Volume CLXXII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; The Magical Motive A Sean of Monday in My Microcosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Motive A Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King all of You for being here. Today I Will be tall King about some of the Magic in My Microcosm this Monday including a few Words of Wisdom gleaned from the Game of Chess. It Truly is a wonderful metaphor for real Life and I am very pleased to be Playing regularly.

The most Magical Part of My Microcosm right now is silence. There has been no Word of concern for Me of any kind since the Fabulous Friday I learned My housing subsidy had been approved. All important Matters are taken care of for at least another year, and I’ve heard no Word from any One in over a week. That feels pretty Magical for Me right now.

I’ve also heard nothing from the city of Ottawa yet in response to My Statement of Claim and I’m pretty sure they only have until five o’clock Thursday to respond before I can note them in default. I’m only surprised to have not heard from the city of Ottawa yet because I legitimately do not believe they Will allow for that to happen. I anticipate it is more likely they Will wait until the last minute to perhaps provide a Notice of Intent to defend (which Gives them ten more days), and then to file a motion to dismiss under Rule 2.01.1(2). Basically, I think they’re stalling. If they do what I just suggested, that Gives them an additional 25 days to respond in total. Ten additional days to respond to the initial claim with the Notice of Intent to defend, then fifteen days to prepare a Letter after filing the Motion with the court (and Me ten days to respond to the Letter, up to ten pages long).

That’s if they Play by the Rules, of course, and this time I am thing King the Courts have told defense counsel they Will have to. What are known as ‘ambush’ or ‘guerrilla’ legal tactics are not allowed in Canada’s civil courts. Defense in criminal proceedings have the right to withhold all of their evidence until the day of trial, but in civil litigation there are to be no surprises. Without being naïve, I am thing King that I Will receive fair notice of any action defense counsel does take. I am a little surprised by the silence, but there are still three days to go.

The Chess lesson and Life metaphor I Wish to share with You today is,

“Pay attention to what You are leaving behind.”

Maxim in Chess

I was guilty of this today. I’ve been taking some hard losses, I’m not going to lie. But it’s also evident that I’m learning and more importantly, improving. It doesn’t always show up in ratings right away because some players are much stronger than their rating. The site allows Me to analyze every game and I’m amazed to see how many accurate moves I’m making. My game generally starts to fall apart because I get too excited about something I see on the board. I’ll move a piece in haste getting it into position for a plan, only to realize it’s current position is critical to My overall defense. I also have the game pairing customized so that I’m usually playing People much stronger than Me. I suppose it’s True that losing isn’t as much ‘Fun’ in the sense that there is no immediate gratification or reward. But the Truth is that I always learn something from losing.

The relevance to this is that the quote of the day and My Chess Metaphor for Life is very much relevant to My Life here in Ways I would never have considered before. In Chess, the metaphor relates to moving a piece that has already been assigned an integral purpose. In Life, it may mean abandoning One’s Dream because the average Life is more easily attainable. In My Microcosm now, the Chess Maxim has much more Magical a meaning.

What am I leaving behind? The Tales of My Story. For Me, the expression meant to reflect on what I have already accomplished, not to be Mindful of something I might otherwise inadvertently abandon.

Today there was the Magic of Silence in My Microcosm and there really isn’t that much more for Me to do. For over the last month I would spend the day wondering if a renewal package would arrive with varying degrees of anxiety, though I would never have Self identified it that Way at the time. Now that I’m not feeling the anxiety, I’m aware of something else; there is always this apprehension that I can never sit down to Write My Blog or record a Podcast until at least five o’clock. Not until five Will I know for sure if there is any news from any One I may be doing business, and that news could completely transform the Magic of the day – that is the Power of Spelling and Magic of Letters.

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Yeah, so this is My Morning Glory planted this year. It’s only about two or maybe three weeks old now. Last time I checked, it wasn’t doing much, now it has looped around itself and is climbing the leather holster of the container. Ideally, I would like them to climb the pole but I believe they Will once they get acquainted with their environment a little more (and discover that’s really all there is to climb in the immediate vicinity).

This next photo is a little boasting of My baby bobcat, Gigi. She is a phenomenal hunter. She was sitting beside Me in a patio chair, near sleeping one day and a sparrow came down to munch on something behind My planter. Gigi heard the flutter of wings and was awake and on the ground before I knew what was going on. Next thing You know she’s marching back to Me with a sparrow in her mouth. She didn’t do it an ounce of harm, she dropped it off in My hands and as soon as I opened My hand, it flew away (much to her disappointment).

The other night I thought the chatter of bats was unusual loud and lower to the ground than it should be. Several times I’ve considered taking My phone to the patio to record the sound of the bats because it is rather soothing, somewhat like crickets. I’m not sure how common bats are in other parts of the world, where I live now the night sky is full of them after the sun goes down. I don’t Mind one bit. They eat something like ten times (maybe even a hundred) their own weight in insects, primarily mosquitos and moths. They are a little alarming and creepy to see at arms length for the first time, but when One really gets a look at their face, they are so cute they don’t even look real. They literally look like little miniature teddy-bear heads perched onto this unusual, winged body. This was the second one Gigi brought to Me, the last One she managed to tear both the wings so I kept it safe in a cardboard box, fed it cat food and water for three days and it healed! Even more amazing, when I told Gigi she was being cruel and killing it is one thing but playing with it is not very nice, she did not even try once to harm the bat over the three days I was taking care of it. As if it didn’t even exist. The chirping I heard last night wasn’t a group of bats flying low in the neighbours yard, it was a bat chirping frantically in the fangs of My loving kitty-cat, Gigi.

Please, don’t be too alarmed, no bats were seriously injured to obtain the above photo. The bat did have a little blood where Gigi had been toting it in her mouth, but nothing serious, it was able to fly, You can see there is no damage to the wings. Yeah, they have little fingernails at the end of those wings, they are actually hands. They walk on all fours and it is pretty hilarious to watch. They were meant to fly…

And I am somewhat stunned by My cat’s athletic abilities. I mean, I know cats are really agile and fast and all that, but My fence is over six feet tall and she can run straight up it like it’s nothing. Even when I watch her do it, I wonder what it was I just saw and how it was done. That’s how she brought the bat back to Me – and always so proud of herself!

Anyway, that’s My Magical Monday Motive A Sean. I do have more stories to tell You but they are not necessarily such fun ones to tell. I Will share My Letter to the Ombudsman, Tom Baker over the next week sometime and Keep You Posted with any developments regarding the city. Otherwise, I’ll be playing Chess and enjoying the silence.

Love and Blessings,

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