Volume CLXXII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Royal Mixed Berry Scones with Philosophical Under-Tones

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank Lady and Lord You for being with Me today, I Truly Value Your Presents of presence. It is a Truly Fabulous Free Lance because I Will be True to the Nature of the Friday Edition by tall King about all kinds of random Ideas I am thing King about. ‘Royal Mixed Berry Scones with Philosophical Under-Tones’ is a fitting Title for the Edition because I Will be sharing with You some Wonder-Full Ideas. For example, do You know the reason I do not like the expression ‘human being’? Yes, all that and more!!!

Okay, I won’t keep You hanging. The first reason I don’t like the term or expression ‘human being’ is because it’s an incomplete sentence. Think about it. “I am a ‘human being’…”. I am a human being what, exactly? And what is ‘human’? How is ‘human’ different from Man? Well, You see, a hu-Man is a hue-Man, and a hue is a shade. Hu-Man is a shade of Man protected by the Colour of Law. Yep, that’s the Truth of it. Now You know why I don’t use the Word ‘human’ or use the expression, ‘Man-being’. Man’s being is already Established, and Man’s being is kind. That’s why We are Called ‘Man-kind’. Isn’t My world more Fun? This is the Gospel according to Sean.

I swear there was a ‘Peanuts’ comic that was Called the ‘Gospel according to Snoopy’ – or maybe it was Charlie Brown. I once had the full collection You know! How spoiled was I? They could sometimes make Me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe!

But I’m Writing this Post very early into My Fabulous Free Lance Friday because even though I’m not convinced I’ve actually won My court case yet, I have every reason to celebrate as though I have because it would very much be a win for any ‘licensed lawyer’. Maybe they Will try to take advantage of the fact that I’m not in some way, but if that’s not happening, I won My lawsuit yesterday – and I prefer to think they are done being devious. This is the Good News Journal, remember – always thing King positive.

There are ‘Mystical’ elements lining up in the Universe that are helping Me to believe this Victory might be real. I’ve always been close with My Mum and I’ve been very close with My younger Brother for most of My Life, too. I joke about how My sister is ‘Satan’s Spawn’, but the Truth is I hold no resentment for her at all, that’s just what she represents in My Microcosm – and My Microcosm alone. And probably My fault – or at least as much mine as hers. Fact is, I don’t Love her any less, I just don’t like her.

See, I never finished telling the Story about the last visit with My Father. He helped Me to see so many things through a different set of eyes (or ‘I’s when One considers the ego and individual perspective). I was the eldest, My Sister and My Brother were always going to be Wishing they could do the things I could do but they would always be behind Me. I was also completely independent, they were not. I barely noticed them unless it was My Will to do so. My Father was always trying to encourage Me to invite My Sister with Me. I was the kind of child who was catching rabbits and crayfish in the fields behind the house, not the sort of thing My Sister was interested in. And if she did come with Me, she always managed to find a Way to get hurt. I would always get in trouble because I’m supposed to be watching out for her. That would only compound My reasons for not wanting to Play with My Sister in the first place. Not once as a child did I ever consider how ‘just being Me’ might be impacting My Sister.

I don’t Wish to get too sidetracked, I’ll finish telling the Tales of My youth another time but I Wished to Give a bit of the background to My Family dynamic. What I’m really getting at without Giving the full Family his-Story, is that only My Mum, My Brother, My Sister and even My Father know how Spiritual or ‘moral’ I am despite how close I am with each of them. What am I tall King about? Every single One of My Family knows I have felt this Way about the world forever. I’m the One who would say that a competent government does not leave any of its People hungry or homeless. I would say that capitalist society is just glorified greed and sophisticated extortion. I would suggest that paying taxes to a government that does not responsibly manage its People’s resources is to aid and abet their crimes. People generally don’t like to hear these kind of Ideas unless One is offering some kind of solution and for the most Part I didn’t have one. I just believed that One day I would. These are quite literally the reasons My Family would resent Me – these philosophies were an attack on a lifestyle they have embraced and adopted. One can see how such Ideologies can cause a chasm of distance between two plains of thought.

My Brother and I had a Special relationship because although as adults We both led very different Lives, We kept in touch by Way of email and I could tell him every crazy detail that was going on in My Life. My Mum and I were just as close, but I could not always tell My Mum everything that’s going on in My Life because My Mum tends to worry and thoughts are Creative – it’s of no benefit to any One. My Brother might worry as Brother’s do, but My Brother knows I can take care of My Self.

The whole ordeal I’ve just gone through with the city of Ottawa is exactly one of those things I would typically be tall King about with My Brother and not tall King about with My Mum. My Brother and I are not tall King right now because he’s still angry with Me regarding My Father’s estate, so I’ve been sharing all the news with My Mum and that’s the most Mystical Part of this Post.

My Mum and I have a very deep Spiritual connection that is hard to explain but I’m going to try. Imagine that the Truth of the Universe is that every single One of Our thoughts is Creative. Imagine that My relationship with My Mum amplifies this Truth to the Highest level possible. If My Mum worries about Me, I’m going to have some problems to take care of. If My Mum believes I Will prevail and take care of things, My Life Will be virtually effortless. My Mum literally takes Me shopping with her when she Wishes to find something on sale and We always get the best parking spot wherever We go. She ‘Magically’ feels safer in a car when I am with her.

It didn’t feel Honest to not let My Mum in on what was going on in My Microcosm. Generally, I like to send My Mum warm, happy emails; there is enough going on her own Microcosm. But the moment My Mum responded to say that she was ‘Praying’ that I Will not lose My subsidy, I knew it was done! My ego has the potential to get in the Way which is why I try not to be as King of God for anything because I know it Will be Given, the Quest-Ion is ‘is it what I need?’. God already knows what I really need, so I Trust God is always lining things up perfectly, I don’t Wish to Quest-Ion God’s methods. But something My Mum is as King of God for in My name… That Will be done for sure because nothing is stronger than the Magic of a Mum’s Love.

So I said thanks, of course. I also sent a photo of My Royal Mixed Berry Scones and wouldn’t You know, they happen to be a favourite of My Mum’s with her tea! So she was as King of Me to share the recipe, so I have done that and I’m now sharing the step-by-step, made by Yours Truly, how to do it at home, Royal Mixed Berry Scones.

The other final ‘Magical’ element of My Microcosm I Wish to share with You this Fabulous Friday is that I also emailed My Brother to tell him the city is in default. Especially because We are not really on the best of terms right now, I typically would not send an email like that unless I was sure. And I’m not sure – but again that Ominous feeling lingered and said to Me, “Don’t You Wish to Write Your Brother anyway, just in case?”

Again, really don’t Wish to get too excited too prematurely, but even My Intuition seems to be telling Me that the Victory is real. It’s 2:03 Avant Midi here in the Eastern Star’s Zone in the 2021st year of Dominion. Will We soon be breaking chains and changing time lines? We Will know the answer later today!!!

Love and Blessings,

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