Volume CLXXIII: The Terrific Tell A Vision Tuesday Edition; karma Checks and Balances

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, Lady or Lord if You prefer. I have a Terrific Tuesday Edition for You today despite that fact I am not planning on doing a Tell a Vision Edition tonight (I might but I’m not going to say I Will because that never seems to pan out and I hate breaking My Word). But I do have a Vision to tell about Karma Checks and Balances after yesterday’s entertaining antics with the city of Ottawa’s defense counsel.

Today’s edition is really going to be about what not to do in litigation and ironically, it is coming from defense counsel who told Me once that I should consider seeking legal counsel. Really? I could probably put a legal secretary to use so I don’t have to bother tracking down the forms I Wish and file paperwork, but at least I can respond to an argument. The irony is that every lawyer (and it’s always lawyers) who tells Me I ‘need’ a lawyer, is usually a lawyer that is unable to respond to My legal arguments. I’ve never actually said it, but I’m usually thing King, “uh, well, You are the one who can’t provide a legal or lawful excuse for Your actions, doesn’t that usually mean You require the lawyer?”

Anyway, I had some difficulties today but I Will share them with You on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday because I Will have them all resolved by then. What started out as a frustrating morning evolved into an enthusiastic afternoon as I started reflecting on what is was I am frustrated about. I’m trying to book an appointment with a Judge.

I’m still in this ‘headspace’ that somehow, defense counsel is going to bend all the rules and ‘Magically’ get My case dismissed without My knowing. Realistically, I know that is not going to happen, I really do – but I have lingering insecurities like any One else, and I have very Good reason to feel the Way I do considering My previous experiences with the city of Ottawa’s defense counsel. I couldn’t help noticing that the second letter to the court was actually sent by the city’s legal clerk. So is violating Rule 1.09 just part of being a lawyer? Is it something lawyers do all the time but never tell self rep litigants? Or is it something of a ‘perk’ for People who work for the city or government? Or are the city’s legal counsel and clerk the exception to otherwise Honourable members of the law society?

See, I Wish to paint this picture for You because I am thing King it is one the world Wishes to see Me portray (Por-traits, for traits of Character). Who does get away with breaking the Rules without consequence? Well, not the city of Ottawa – at least, not this time.

But it’s apparent that it doesn’t really seem like a big deal to the city’s legal clerk. Does the clerk not know the Rules, or is the clerk knowingly violating them, too? When I say this should never happen, I mean it quite literally. It is probably the most serious Rule there is because it Shows extreme prejudice. Courts are to be impartial.

And what I Wish to share with You today is that this did not happen by coincidence. The Courts did not ‘forget’ to respond to defense counsel’s Letter. Defense counsel motioned to the Court privately to have the Case dismissed without My prior consent. I re-read My Blog Post from the day she told Me she contacted the Courts and I remember thing King to My Self even when she was telling Me, “does she think I don’t know that she is not allowed to contact the court without My prior consent?”.

I considered letting her know, instead I was as King if I would have an opportunity to respond to this ‘motion’ she filed to dismiss. That’s when she said she would share the Letter with Me and ‘I can Write the Court, too if You Wish’. Really? Well, at least when I do it, I Will not be violating the Rules because I had prior consent.

What is a big surprise for Me looking back on all of this, is that I did not mention in either One of My Letters to the Court that I was aware counsel was violating the Rules. It’s a surprise to Me because I still can’t tell You why I didn’t – and it still seems like something I would do. It even seems like it would have been the ‘smarter’ thing to do. Same with telling counsel. But for whatever reason, I decided to Keep My mouth shut. That really is unusual for Me. But it worked out in My favour.

This is where the Karma Checks and Balances comes in. I am so genuinely honest and fair, if I did not know that defense counsel had not received a reply from the Court, I would have told them. For sure, not even a question. I would have Wished to use it as leverage to see if I could get defense counsel to agree to a statement of defense and letter of apology in exchange for having the named defendants removed. I know how important fairness is to the Courts and their reputation, so I just presumed that the Courts would not reply only to Me and not to counsel. Balancing the scales of Justice.

But here’s what’s even better, and this is the kind of stuff People Will call Me crazy for and I don’t care. I legitimately believe that everything was done knowing full well what I would do. The Courts knew I would tell defense counsel if I knew she didn’t know unless they specifically asked Me not to – and they would never do that because that would be tipping the Scales too much in My favour. It was presumed I would presume the message would be cc’d to both of Us so there would be no reason for Me to mention it and defense counsel would run out of time. I would be the only party to know her request to prevent Me from Noting her in default was also denied, so I would have no reason not to do so. I would presume (as I did) that it was in fact their best strategy for defense and they just chose not to respond.

What’s even more interesting is how I let the Universe decide things for Me. I had decided to Give defense the weekend and as long as I was at home before filing on Monday to respond with a Statement of Intent to Defend. I had resolved the night before that if the FIRST email I receive is a Statement of Intent to Defend, I Will give them the extra ten days and no more. But if they were proposing anything else, I was going to ignore and file default. That was the ‘resolve’ I made with My Self.

The first email I did receive was as King of Me to please not note them in default as they are still waiting to hear back from the Court.

Yeah, that last line still Gives Me so much Pleasure it deserves a paragraph all its own. Once I confirmed she was referencing the same Letter shared with Me previously and a second follow up Letter on the 8th (day of default, 5:00), I could feel the Universe smiling. What does the wolf do with the sheep? Turns out, he Notes the sheep in default. But not before having some Fun.

Why did all of this happen? Because initially, Housing Services suggested they can call Me whatever they like and if I don’t allow them to, they Will cut off My subsidy. I told them My integrity has Value and that I Will accept under duress and without prejudice, but I Will also charge them $100,000.00 per instance. They didn’t reply – but they repeated the offense without protest to My terms and conditions. That’s ‘legally’ an agreement – in Writing.

When I charge them for it after Giving them fair warning of exactly what I Will do if they repeat the offense, they suggest My complaint is ‘frivolous and vexatious’. Seriously, People, read My Claim sometime – if there is one thing it is not, it’s frivolous and vexatious. What’s better, is that suggesting My Claim is ‘frivolous and vexatious’ actually helps My case because it shows You how little regard they have for what they have done.

And better still, I don’t even have to tell the Court any of this, they already know. And this is something I have Writ about several times. The ‘government’ as a collective, knows Me better than I know My Self. With the metadata they collect alone, they Will know more about Me than I know of My Self. I believe the entire intent behind this, was to Give Me a chance to speak privately with a Justice about My Case. Viola!!!

They are thing King that $211,042.56 is a frivolous claim? Well, maybe after the Justice hears My reasons for as King for it, perhaps the Justice Will know it was every bit as modest as I do. I should probably be as King for much more. Those are only the damages defense agreed to pay for insulting Me, perhaps I now feel it should be more because I initially thought it would be enough to ensure it would never be done again. Apparently not.

What this day revealed to Me, is that I not only believe that the Universe is supporting Me in Court, I know the Universe Loves what I am doing here. The Courts know I’m telling all of You these Stories. They Wish for Me to Show You what can happen to You if You break the Rules of the Court like the city of Ottawa’s defense counsel did. Very, very, bad things can happen to You. And those bad things might not even come from the People that could Give one discipline, it may well just come from the Nature of the Universe unfolding as it should. If One does not file paperwork with the Court within the twenty (20) days provided for by the Rules of Civil Procedure, default Judgment can and Will be awarded against You without further Notice to You. Just like We saw happen to the city’s defense counsel, Genevieve Langlais. (I would Love to be a fly on the wall of her boss right now…)

See, Part of the dual nature of Gemini is such that I can know I have won this Claim and can be focused on doing what I need to do to close it, while simultaneously the other side of My brain is thing King about what defense counsel Will be doing right now to try and stop Me.

The Good News is that was the thought that inspired this Post. What is defense counsel going to do? Defense counsel going to try to say that she didn’t have time to file because she was waiting to hear back on a Motion that was never filed into the Court? That’s not going to go so well. And if she did try that and I told the Justice she was only waiting because she messaged the Court privately and they responded only to Me, the Justice is going to know what the Court was doing.

What I’m trying to say is that it was the Court that determined the Claim was not frivolous and vexatious. It was the Court that decided to tell Me and not defense counsel with intent she would be Noted in Default, knowing she Will have no recourse because she broke the Rules. It really is over, the Default Judgment is only a technicality (and it is potentially possible that the Justice Will be thing King I am as King too much, but I really don’t think so).

I also Wish to tell this Story because I really did not elaborate or dwell on the fact that My last Claim was dismissed. If You only knew how many People were harassing Me to file an appeal, You Will understand why I almost never speak of it. I don’t ‘dwell’ on stuff (if they are not paying rent, don’t let them live in Your head). I was ‘resolved’ to let the Courts do what they Will do and Post it here. Clearly, I don’t agree with the decision, but the paperwork is not what they like so I can more easily overlook. I did put extra effort into conforming with the Rules this time, so if it had been dismissed as frivolous and vexatious, I would have had a lot more to say – but I still wouldn’t appeal. Spiritually, in My Mind, that is fighting ‘what is’. Don’t fight what is, start something new, move on.

Okay, I know this one is long but I do have a very important point to make that is critical. It is one thing to try to cheat One’s opponent and skirt the Rules of Justice. Clearly this is something the city has done before and perhaps they Will learn from this lesson, perhaps they Will get away with it a few times more. But when I said that I Wished to share with You the very worst thing One can do as a lawyer using the city’s defense counsel as an example, what I Wish to point out is this.

Courts are all about Honour and integrity. One does not presume that the Motion they present to a Court is going to be passed unless there is absolutely nothing opposing it, no reason it shouldn’t, and most importantly no clients to place in harm’s Way!

Appealing to the Court privately is a very bad move. Perhaps it occasionally works out but it’s risky. To spend the entire twenty days One is Given to prepare a Statement of Defense doing nothing while they wait for a response from the Court is just plain arrogant and stupid. I highlighted arrogant because I believe the Courts Wish for Me to stress this point. Counsel was as King for a very BIG favour that could get important People in trouble, yet she is counting on a Court Judge or Justice ruining their reputation to save her sorry ass. And You don’t think the courts Wished to see her lose and were deliberately sending her a message? I am telling You now, this was decided by the Courts from day one of filing. Don’t mess with Justice, it’s all about balancing the scales. 😉

Thanks so much for being here, Love You SO much!!!

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