Volume CLXXIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; Tricks and Treats – A Witch and a Warlock

Hello every One, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King and Queen You for being here. I have a Special Witches Wizards and Warlocks Edition because I Will be telling You about some of the Magical Spells Witches are Casting into Canada’s Courts, and how ‘Lucky’ it was that I discovered this most recent trick was Played. But Tricks are for kids, and for Me it’s a Treat.

Yeah, quite an intro for You today. For those that don’t know, the city of Ottawa was Noted in Default on Monday afternoon. Once a party is Noted in Default, they can no longer participate in the process – unless You are the city of Ottawa or Genevieve Langlais, I suppose.

This Story is quite unbelievable People, but it is True and I have all the evidence to prove it, and I sincerely believe they are counting on the fact I Will be sharing this with You.

I went to the Court to ask about an email address to book My appointment with a Justice so I can begin preparing the paperwork for the Motion (an appointment is required first). I just went to the civil desk because I figured they Will know and the Registrar tells Me that there is an ‘entry error’ on the system and the Notice of Default has to be removed. Of course, the first thing I am as King of him is why and how.

Well, Steven Pardou tells Me that a Statement of Intent to Defend was entered on the Record before My Notice of Default. I told him that’s impossible because Mike (Registrar on Monday) assured Me that no defense materials were on the Record at (roughly) 3:00 Monday afternoon and he was able to Note them in default. Mike confirmed for Me that it was done and provided Me with information on how to book My appointment for default Judgment. He also reviewed ALL of My paperwork, including the original Statement of Claim, Affidavit of Service and the Requisition to Note in Default. Steve confirms that the Notice of Default is on the Record, but it was entered just six seconds after defense entered their Notice of Intent to Defend. So I asked Steven to tell Me what time that was. Here’s where it gets REALLY Good!

“The Record Shows that defense provided proof of service of Statement of Intent to Defend at 10:40:09, and the Notice of Default was filed on the Record at 10:40:15. You were just six seconds too late.” – Steven Pardou, Court Registrar (paraphrasing from memory)

Really? What a coincidence. And We don’t believe in those, do We?

What I would like to know, is how My time of filing My Notice of Default was backlogged. I wasn’t at the Courthouse until the afternoon, so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY the Court Record is accurate – someone has been tampering with the Court of Record!

But… Then things get even more unusual. Steven tells Me that My Affidavit of Service (also filed the previous Friday by HIM) is invalid.

Steven is correct in accordance with the Rules of Service of an email, but he is incorrect with respect to the Affidavit of Service being invalid because the city of Ottawa represents all defendants and Notice to agent is Notice to principal. Service on the city of Ottawa IS service on all the defendants, I just followed up with a copy of the Claim with each of the defendants by email as a formality. It does not negate the service on the city, NOR does it make the Affidavit invalid, it has been SWORN by a Registrar, these are now the FACTS regarding the Matter. Steven said ‘he understands My argument but that’s something I Will have to argue in Court’. Nonsense is what it is.

He was deliberately trying to interfere with My filing. He is also the one who initially reviewed the Affidavit of Service and even tried to deny having done so until I produced the original with his Signature on the Affidavit. Adamant that he did not file My Affidavit of Service – so I produced My copy. Then he tells admits he did receive it, and it was ‘his’ mistake. So I told him he had better Give Me his name because his negligence is causing Me harm because I cannot TRUST that the documents I leave with him are actually being filed! Not only was Steven Pardou the one to initially tell Me the Affidavit of Service was Good, Mike (Registrar on Monday) also went over it in detail and told Me it is ‘perfect’. There was nothing flagged on the Record, Steven told Me My Affidavit (already filed) is invalid when it’s already on the system and in the Record. It is not. It would be different maybe if defendants were protesting Service and he now had reason to question the Truth of the Affidavit, but he doesn’t, he is arbitrarily saying that he gets to determine that established facts on the Record are not actually established facts on the Record. Fraud.

You should have seen Steven’s face when I was as King of his name for My Records,

“You are not going to summons Me, are You?”

Is that a clue? Should I? I said “No, I just need to be able to tell a Court Justice who is responsible for the negligence regarding My filings because I’m getting REALLY tired of it. I also need You to note Your error for Me in Writing so I can show it to a Justice.”

The date that documents are entered onto the Court of Record with the Registrar should NEVER change. Why is a Notice of Default entered onto the system at 3:00 on Monday afternoon now showing up as having been entered at 10:40:15 in the morning before I was even at the Courthouse? Clearly NOT an accurate Court of Record, is it?

So who has the kind of Power to manipulate Court filing times? They would have had to remove My Notice of Default, enter the Statement of Defense, then place the Notice of Default back on the Record six seconds later. And I guess they were hoping I would not find out about any of this? How stupid do they think I am?

But don’t worry, People. You know I am meticulous about how I Keep My Records and this Court of Record says otherwise. The defendants have now committed perjury! Yup, there is no end to the crimes defense counsel Will engage in to deceive her adversary in Law. What time were those filings again? 10:40:09, and 10:40:15.

Now, Note the time this email was sent to Me. 12:41 PM. Wow, interesting. So let Me get this straight. My Notice of Default and Affidavit of Service are now ‘invalid’, and defense was able to serve and file with the court by 10:40:09 Monday morning WITH proof of service upon Me, and they didn’t even send the email until 12:40? That is some kind of Witches Magic this Warlock is unfamiliar with. I am not able to transcend time and space (yet).

So I’m just going to ride this out because one Way or another, this Will come before a Justice and I Will get to Show the Court all of these ‘tricks and antics’ being played by the Court. Will be interesting to watch defense counsel explain how she filed service upon Me two hours before her email was sent, and more than six hours before it was actually received (4:27 PM, after I returned from the Courthouse). Lying on a Court of Record is perjury and it is not just breaking the Rules of the Court, it’s a legitimate criminal offense. When this all comes out, I may be as King of the Justice to have defense counsel dis-barred. We Will see what the Courts do first, I Trust they Will hear about this.

Like I said, People. I legitimately Trust that the Courts are counting on Me sharing this with You to expose the corruption of defense counsel and their dis-Honourable tactics. I Will catch every error they make and I believe there are Good People out there who Wish to put a stop to devilling in Law with Witches Magic and unfair practices.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, one last thing. So this was ‘Gifted’ to Me anonymously and I have been thing King about how nice it would be to Keep fish again. Thank You God for always answering My prayers, I Trust You Will take care of these dis-Honourable Characters in Good time.

And People don’t believe God speaks to Me in Ways others can’t understand? Trust Me, who gets Gifts like this delivered to their door? Perfect condition.

Post Post Script: Please also Note that I do consider this day Lucky as I do sincerely believe that the whole point to all of this, is to further tip the scales of Justice in My favour. Just consider all the grounds I have for appeal already, even if I were to lose and that is NOT going to happen. What defense counsel is doing right now is what People of ‘criminal Mind’ (Mens Rae) do when they are in trouble. Rather than admit they tried to cheat and best You, they try to further cheat and deceive. Not a very wise tactic when You are already in hot water with the Courts. And believe Me when I tell You, the COURTS are not happy about this, regardless what ‘People’ may be involved. This is clearly an embarrassment to Canada’s Justice system.

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