Volume CLXXIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Thoughts from the Keep

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me, and welcome to the House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God. For Me it really is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday because I am in the best Spirits I have been in a very long time! That is surprising even for Me because it was just yesterday that I learnt filings I have made with the Court are no longer on the Court of Record, and the defendants are no longer in default. Typically, that would not be very Good News, but today it was the reason for feeling so Thrilled with this Thursday, and for My excitement and enthusiasm to share it with You.

Okay, so why would I be in such Good Spirits when I have just learned that defendants I had noted in default with the Registrar on Monday, are no longer in default on Wednesday? What could possibly be Good about that? Well, the fact that I’m a Free Lance Journalist and You are reading an International Public-a-Sean. This is what I’m here to do. My Wish is to tell You how things should be, how Great Canada’s legal system actually is. I’ve asserted many times that Canada has all the right laws and all the necessary provisions for One’s inherent rights within those Laws, the problem is that things are not war King the Way they should.

The Good News I shared with You yesterday about My Affidavit of Service being ‘removed’ from the Court of Record and the Notice of Default being overturned is another one of those things that should NEVER happen. It has happened to Me numerous times! One does not file their paperwork with a Registrar to have it arbitrarily removed from the Court of Record without the individual’s knowledge under any circumstance! Even if there was some very rare situation where a Registrar would be required to remove something already on the Record, they absolutely have an obligation to let Me know! If I had not gone to the Courthouse on Wednesday, I would still have no idea the defendants are not in default and would be trying to book an appointment for default Judgment. How ‘fair’ does that seem? If it doesn’t sound fair, then something fishy is going on.

Remember how I was saying the same thing about defense counsel motioning to the Court privately and without My prior consent? Well, I reviewed My own Letter to the Court in opposition to the (invalid) Motion. I did not mention in My Letter that counsel had violated Rule 1.09, I only told My audience here. I didn’t even mention it to defense counsel until they told Me they were still waiting to hear back from the Courts almost two weeks after they had responded to Me.

I have no Idea if the ‘Courts’ know that I knew Genevieve was violating the Rules, I only Trusted that they would – and I Trusted that My Letter would be enough to indicate to them that My prior consent was not Given. I ‘Trusted’ they would do the right thing. I communicate with the ‘un-Writ’ Word as much as they do. It also allowed Me to allow defense counsel to continue to believe that I am ignorant of the Rules if that’s why she’s trying to take advantage. But that is exactly what she is trying to do – gain an advantage. Theoretically, if she is a lawyer and I am not, should that not already be enough of an advantage?

Having filed documents ‘unfiled’ without My knowledge is far more serious than privately petitioning to the Courts. Technically, I am at a serious disadvantage right now because I have NO IDEA that the Notice of Default has been revoked – not as far as the Courts know, anyway. Did anyone contact Me? That’s why We know there is fraud going on. The Registrar Will absolutely have a legal and lawful obligation to let Me know if there is any change to documents I have filed with the Court. So whomever is responsible for pulling My Affidavit from the Court of Record is violating a very serious Rule of the Court if they are not committing a criminal offence. At the very least, their negligence for failing to immediately provide Me with Notice that the Defendants have filed a Statement of Intent to Defend with the Court. Because as far as I know, the defendants CAN’T file a Statement of Intent to Defend with the Court!

See, I was thing King about all of this today because those were quite literally My last Words to Mike, the ‘Good’ Registrar I was tall King with on Monday.

“So it is done, they are Noted in Default?”

“It is done!”

“Okay, so is there anything they can do to overturn this?”.

“Oh yeah, there is lots of things they can do, but not without filing a motion with the Court and You Will get Notice. They can’t do anything now without You being informed.”

Now is there any reason for Me to believe that Mike would lie to Me? No. Like I said, NOTHING should ever take place in a legal proceeding without the knowledge of both parties. So how was one party able to overturn a Notice of Default that is already filed? They can’t, not without a motion to the Court. So this was done by Way of another ‘private’ motion to one of the Court Registrars, unbeknownst to Me. I’m pretty confident that the Courts are going to be able to figure out exactly who is tampering with My filings, and I’m pretty sure that person Will probably lose their job. I don’t Wish to say whom I believe it is, but I do believe I know – I just don’t have proof, so I’m not going to say. I’m going on intuition today and what was clearly a very nervous, and guilty seeming Registrar.

The most peculiar part about it was that the Affidavit Steve said was invalid was received by him and thoroughly reviewed a second time by Mike. Absolutely NO REASON why any One would be accessing My Case file after they were noted in default unless someone was as King of them to (privately). All of these things require filings with the Court and I am entitled to Notice. Filing with the Registrar at the counter is supposed to be a GUARANTEE that a document is on the Record and has already been thoroughly reviewed for compliance with the Rules etc. If I can’t ‘Trust’ that documents I leave with the Registrar are actually going to STAY on the Court of Record, then what does that say about Canada’s Courts?

Well, the reason I’m so Thrilled today, is because the more I was thing King about it, the more serious I realized this is. What if this is exactly what the Courts are expecting Me to do?

That’s what I believe, folks. This kind of corruption Will certainly not be ‘endorsed’ by the Court because it IS a disgrace! So I don’t really know what the Courts Will do but even if the Courts themselves do nothing right now, even if defense does manage to scrape together a Statement of Defense on time, they Will not be able to avoid this Matter coming before a Justice at some point. And the more crimes they commit, the more entertaining that day Will be for Me. I also can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that defense counsel has entered a fraudulent Affidavit onto the Court of Record, which is also an Act of perjury on a Court of Record. Yup, that’s criminal defense counsel for the city of Ottawa, Genevieve Langlaise.

At some point, I am going to go back to the Court Registrar’s desk with a copy of the email of service that was sent to Me at 12:41 PM. And I’m going to be as King of the Registrar to check the Court of Record to see when defense counsel filed their Notice of Intent to Defend. It Will Show as having been filed two hours before the email was sent to Me. Fraud and perjury, no Way around it.

Just from My experience war King for sales companies, collections, that sort of thing, I KNOW that administration Will be able to look into My Court of Record and every single change to that Record Will Show up on some Master list. They Will know every single instance of a change in date, time or filing status. That’s why they call it a Court of Record, everything Will be there, We Will be able to see every single change that was made. And I’m sure it Will reveal some interesting Secrets. And I do believe someone Will lose their job, likely more than just one.

So why is this Thrilling? Because worst case scenario for Me right now, is that defense counsel prepares a Statement of Defense and I get to have My day in Court with them at some point. THAT is what defense counsel is desperately trying to avoid because she knows damn well that I Will be sharing all of these antics with the Judge when We finally do have Our day. The city of Ottawa’s legal counsel appears to be in ‘self destruct’ mode.

I also Wished to touch on the Idea that I have been saying for a long time that I would Love to tell You wonderful stories about how great Canada’s system of Laws are, and I believe that the ‘powers that be’ knew that I would be able to ‘oust’ this kind of corruption and remove it from the system. These kind of tactics are a stain on Canada’s Judicial system, and an insult to Canada’s Courts. I don’t believe the ‘Courts’ Will tolerate it, and I believe the fact that I am able to share these things with You here in the Good News Journal ‘encourages’ the Courts to set the very same kind of example I Wish to set. Honour in Court is everything. People who lie and cheat are standing in dis-Honour. I am still Standing in Honour, and I believe the Courts of Canada are beginning to recognize I’m not such a bad guy, I just don’t tolerate injustice and there is not place for that in Canada’s Courts anyway, so I believe We share a Common Vision…

Like I said People, worst case scenario is that I get to go to Court and interrogate all of these individuals at some point in front of a Judge. Best case scenario, they fail to provide a defense and go into default a second and FINAL time.

Love and Blessings,

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