Volume CLXXIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; My ‘S’-Word and Cutting through the Corruption

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, My Favourite day for Writing because I unleash My Wildest Words and reveal My most Magnificent Ideas. Welcome to the House of von Dehn. I am even considering changing the Magical Calling of My name, so I Will be tall King about that, too – and how that Idea was supported by the Voice of Universe (One Song We all Sing).

First, let Me Draw (like an Artist) Your attention to today’s feature photo, as its Intent-Ion was to Paint a Picture in Your Mind of a ‘Portrait’ (for traits) of My Character.

This is EXACTLY how My address should be expressed in Law.

Do People understand why this is correct? Don’t worry, I’m going to explain it but I feel One can tell just by looking that this is correct. The reason this is correct is because if One were to Imagine an address being like a global positioning system (which is precisely what it is), the zeroing in of the precise location begins at the bottom and works it Way up to Your ‘High-ness’ is Law.

Postal Codes identify the Universal mail system. Then it is further defined by the county, then the province, territory or state, then the municipality, then the street address, and finally to the Man (of either kind/sex). Nothing can reach ‘Sean von Dehn’ without first entering God’s Kingdom. Trust Me People, You Will not find this information anywhere else, and it is absolutely True. An address defines One’s jurisdiction in Law. I am a People always Living in God’s Kingdom.

I told You that I ‘incorporated’ a few additional Magic tricks in My Statement of Claim to account for the fact that I am no longer Hand Writing them and conforming with the Rules of Civil Procedure. The Courts seem to appreciate this approach, and My legal opponents Will be compelled to respond to the address on the Statement of Claim. Relevance?

Well, You see Housing Services doesn’t seem to know who I am or how to address Me. Now they know, this is their ‘legal’ representative addressing Me. I have just proven One of the Statements in My Claim to be an admitted fact by defense counsel and they haven’t even entered a Statement of Defense yet. This IS (for all intent and purposes) Housing Services recognizing that I am in fact, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, and that I am Acting as the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person Created by the State. I have an admission from defense counsel on One of My Facts, and this is only the Statement of Intent to Defend.

Meh, blurry but legible.

I’m sharing the Notice of Intent to Defend to Show You why this is important in Law. Look at the Title of the Statement of Claim by defense counsel. That is NOT the same Style of Title I gave the Statement of Claim. Is there some ‘Rule’ that requires One to express the Title of the document in the Style of Capitus Diminutio Maxima? Remember the Registrar General does not register or hold authority of ‘People’. The birth registration is the Creation of a Title. Courts are war King with Titles, not People. The ‘Title’ defines a position of Office a People is holding. The individual is not even mentioned in the Title but is mentioned in the top left where it once again shows My proper address.

Okay, so I received the Notice of Intent to Defend today, now I am only waiting on the Statement of Defense. But I mentioned My “‘S’-word is Cutting through Corruption” in the Title of this International Post today and this Notice had Me thing King about what took place at the Registrar’s desk on Lucky Wednesday. Something subtle but highly significant came to Mind.

Remember when I told You that this Literal Hero of the World Wide Web said I felt My Spidey Sense tingling when I was tall King with Steve? He seemed very nervous, My intuition is very strong. I only went to the desk as King to use a phone or to be provided with an email address for motions booking so I can make My appointment with a Judge for requisition of Default Judgment. Steve told Me right away that the defendants had entered a Notice of Intent to Defend onto the Court of Record. I told You My very first question, was “How and why?!”. And My tone Will have indicated I was NOT impressed to be hearing this ‘NEWS’.

I allowed his first answer to distract Me from what had prompted Me to be as King of him the Quest-Ion. He told Me that defense council had entered their Notice of Intent to defend before I had Noted them in Default. I was as King of him how that could be possible if Mike confirmed with Me on Monday that there was nothing on the Court of Record from defense at roughly 3:00 in the afternoon on Monday. That was the whole Purpose of My going down to the Courthouse and NOT bargaining with defense for more time. I felt I should not have to tell her that if she Wishes for more time, she needs to serve Me with a Notice of Intent to Defend because she is a lawyer and should KNOW these things! So I decided if she managed to get something on the Record before I Note her in Default, fine. If not, I would Note her in Default. It was My Way of allowing the Universe to decide. Nothing was on the Court of Record at 3:00 PM Monday afternoon, and Mike assured Me that all My filings were in Order and there was no possible Way defense counsel could overturn it now that it’s on the Court of Record unless she appeals (Motions) to the Court. If defense counsel Motions to the Court to object to the default Judgment, I Will receive Notice! I was assured that nothing I have filed onto the Court of Record could be Magically ‘undone’ without a Motion to the Court in which I would be Given Notice.

That led to Me Wishing to know even more information. Steve told Me I was too late, I asked by how long. He told Me he would need to look into the system to check the times. I was as King of him if he could please do that for Me, I Wish to know what those time Records say. I Gave him My Claim number and he began looking up the file on the computer.

Are You picking up what I’m putting down? It only occurred to Me today that I Gave him the Case file number by memory before I had even produced My copy of the Claim. How did Steve know what was going on with My Statement of Claim before he looked up the times? Why would Steve know anything at all about My Statement of Claim before he looks it up on the system? Especially if defense counsel filed their Notice of Intent through the online portal. Steve would have no Idea, he wasn’t even war King on Monday when all of this happened and nobody has been to the Court Registrar’s desk since then but Me.

Sound a little suspicious to You? Mike is a more senior member of the Registrar’s desk, he was correct about every detail he told Me. Once something is on the Record, it can’t just be arbitrarily overturned, and most definitely not without My knowledge!!! I have a right to be informed about everything that is taking place with My Claim, and I would not even have knowledge of this even today if I had not gone down to the Courthouse My Self. I would have completely disregarded the Notice of Intent to Defend!

“There are no ambush tactics allowed in Canada’s Civil Courts” – Amed Mushtaq, Youcounsel

Really, People, this kind of thing should not be going on at all! I honestly don’t even know how it is possible. I don’t know who would have the power and authority to change times that are on the Court of Record, but I’m very confident that it Will require some kind of security level clearance that Will identify whomever is responsible. When Steve did look up My Claim on the Court of Record, THAT was when he told Me that My Affidavit of Service was entered ‘in error’ because it did not have proof of service. Want proof of Service Steve?

There’s Your proof of Service, Steve. Someone pulled a Record from My filing without Giving Me Notice. And it was pulled because this proof of service email was not included. Steve told Me that the Notice of Intent to Defend was filed through the online portal at 10:40:09. Clearly, that Notice of Intent to Defend was filed fraudulently or is also invalid and should be pulled from the Court of Record for the same reason mine was – that’s ‘fair’. And now My email proof of Service is on the Court of Record (and this One can’t be ‘backlogged’ so it’s more Trustworthy than Canada’s Court of Record), and I would like to humbly request that the Defendants be once again Noted in Default without Notice to them, as was done to Me. Thank King You. 😉

So there is Your proof of defense counsel’s fraud and perjury on the Court of Record if what Steve is telling Me is True. If what Steve is telling Me is not True, he Will have a Great deal of explaining to do in Deed! If the Court of Record for CV-21-86803 Shows that Defense Counsel filed a Notice of Intent to Defend with the Court at 10:40:09 as per the information Given Me by the Court Registrar, then defense counsel has commit fraud and perjury on the Court of Record and I am as King that she be disbarred, and that new, Honourable counsel be provided for the city of Ottawa. Thank You again.

Truth is, it would actually be better for Me if the Courts do just ignore My requisition here because new counsel would probably reset the clocks and I’m looking forward to seeing what defense counsel comes up with now that I know they Wish to defend. I did let the Justice Council of Canada know what’s going on and I Trust the Matter is in capable Hands. I Trust God which is the same as Trusting that one Way or another, Justice Will prevail. In the interest of fairness and compassion, I feel her clients deserve better representation. None of this is going to serve her clients and they do also have a right to fair defense.

I could say SO much more but this is already getting long and it’s also getting late so I’ll save it for the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition. It included information about last year’s renewal package and how that is also a beautiful Matter of fact to add to My Claim.

Love and Blessings,

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