Volume CLXXIV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Two Tall Orders from the King to the Court?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a Pleasure to have You. It has been a Terrific Tuesday for Me because I was thing King about the recent determination to dismiss My Claim as frivolous and vexatious under rule 2.01.1(1), and how absolutely ridiculous and incorrect it actually is. Not an understatement, and I was thing King about how I Will Show all of You why very soon when I go over it with You in detail, and considered dedicating today’s Post to the topic. That’s when this Tuesday became a True Two’s day and doubly Terrific!

I am not going to go over the full determination today, I am only going to quote the most Significant point made in the judge’s determination because it is also a requirement under Rule 2.01.1(1), and Court Judges, Justices, and Case Masters attain their authority to dismiss by Way of this Rule provided by the Courts of Justice Act.

Without further ado, here is the quote:

“Reading the statement of claim as generously as possible and assuming all facts alleged are true, Mr. von Dehn asserts no justiciable claim. An individual has no right to receive communications from their local government using the particular form of their name that they prefer.”

Ontario Superior Court Justice, Justice Sally A. Gomery

Really? The Quest-ion is in regards to the latter Part of the quote. An individual in Canada can now file a complaint for rights violation in Canada if they are not addressed by their preferred gender pronoun, even if they are the biological opposite, but a Man cannot insist that he be addressed by the name he was Given by God?

“Thou Shall not take the name of the Lord, thy God in Vain!”

10 Commandments, KJBV

The Bible says otherwise and I thought that was the authority of Law in Canada’s Courts? Is Canada’s constitution not founded upon the belief in the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law? Pretty sure it is, I am thing King Silly Sally should go look that up.

But the first Part of Sally’s Statement is the most Powerful. Because in Order to dismiss under Rule 2.01.1(1), this statement must be True. And I told You, every single point in My Statement of Claim is a fact. That has now been Established by Court Justice, Sally A. Gomery.

Now go back and read the Claim, and what Sally A. Gomery is asserting.


59. – The plaintiff has Sworn allegiance to God and the Queen (in that Order)

60. – A Man who has Sworn an Oath to God is Holding a position of Office as a King in God’s Kingdom, the Holy Temple of Mind, Body and Soul.

61. – A Man who Swears an Oath to God and the Queen is also Holding a position of Office as Governor General to Her Majesty in His Sovereign State of being.

62. – A trespass upon a King or a Governor General to Her Majesty is an Act of High Treason in a constitutional democratic Monarchy.

Alright People, that the punchline and I’m only four minutes away from deadline Post time for Tuesday. The second Terrific Tuesday event is while I was thing King about this I received two emails from the Superior Court and the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office with instructions on how to file a Motion into the Court to speak with a Judge ex-parte, and included a reference number for My booking. I am thing King about filing a Motion to suspend the Justice and Vacate the Order.

Love and Blessings,

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