Volume CLXXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Spell Casting and Magic in Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here. And yes, Wednesday’s are Lucky because We make Our Luck here at House von Dehn, and today We are making this Magical Wednesday Lucky with a little Spell Casting and Wielding some Words to Motion an Ontario Superior Court into Action. Didn’t Christ say that with the Faith of a mustard seed, a Man can move a mountain? Is it not possible that a Man Might Move a Court with His Will and the Way he Writes?

Yes, can You tell I am excited? Nervous, a little maybe, too. Apprehensive. Those are the first Words that come to Mind, but with that dazed-like trance most Artists go into just moments before standing in front of a huge audience of People for the first time. You know You are about to do something Epic – You’re just not sure if it Will be an Epic Win, or an Epic fail. Go big or go home, right? Isn’t there a proverb that says ‘shoot for the Stars, You might hit the moon?’. In the game of Life We all Play, each adventure helps to level up One’s Character with more experience points, so every experience is a Win in some Way.

In fact, before I get into today’s Most Magical Motion, I Will tell You a little sales story from back in the day. I was starting at a new sales gig. It was minimum wage unless One makes commission, and most People don’t so it was an easy job for some One like Me to get. I’m a fast talker and a quick thinker, which are excellent qualities for a sales representative. I also don’t like to waste time starting at a new job, I like to make a Good first Impress-Ion.

I won’t get into the deets because it isn’t important and I only worked there for a couple of days because they turned out to be a ninety percent scam, not a ‘not for profit’ as they had pitched to Me in the interview.

Anyway, these places always have ‘scripts’ they are as King One to stick to ‘verbatim’. First thing I do is read it over and translate into My own lingo. Then I Focus on ‘the pitch’. At this place it was gold, silver, bronze, or the ‘friendship’ donation, and they were $50., $25., $10., respectively, anything less and One was placed in the ‘just friends’ category.

So I’m on the phone the first day and it’s about a half hour before I even get My first presentation (getting far enough to get to the pitch) and I Wish to be at the top of the board on My first day (there are always cash incentives for top sales dude or dudette of the day) – it’s a thing, a Goal. So I get to the presentation part and I’m thing King really?.. I can only ask for $50?! It’s going to take Me forever to earn commissions if I can only be as King for a maximum of $50. Before I know it, Words are coming out of My mouth unfiltered.

“Well, We have a Platinum donation package that starts at a one time donation of just $500.00, You get a tax deductible receipt for Your donation and a….”

As You might Imagine, the whole room goes silent, floor manager looks like he’s in shock, and two minutes later the guy is giving Me his credit card number for the more affordable Gold package at just $250! That counted as five sales and I finished My first shift with something like twelve. The average across the board, is $10 per hour. From that call onward, I was pitching $500, $250, $100, $50, and anything else was the ‘friendship package’. My lowest sale was enough to Keep pace with the top reps on the floor and I always got at least one $100. in each of the three shifts I was there. Always think outside the box People.

[Sidenote to that story: I was literally the only one who was allowed to change the amounts and ask for whatever I felt like, they made an announcement to the room for nobody else to try to do what I just did immediately after the first call. (These places are very strict about their script). They allowed Me to only because I was successful on My first attempt (beginners luck, maybe?). But the manager was right there ready to write Me up for going off script. Instead, he was as King to see Me in his office. When he was as King of Me why I went off script I just said, “I told You I have a lot of experience and I Will be Your best rep for as long as I’m here. I have Good instincts (intuit-Sean) and I knew I had a buyer, I just didn’t know how much.” He was Good with that. So You can get away with breaking the Rules sometimes, too. Go big or go home!]

Okay Ladies and Lords, Dames and Sirs, that’s going to be about all for this portion of the ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, but the Real Magic of this Lucky Wednesday is My Motion to the Ontario Superior Court to Vacate the Order to Dismiss as frivolous and vexatious, suspend the Justice from any further adjudication regarding Matters related to this Claim, a requisition to also Note the defendants in default, and to Stay the proceedings until the Honourable Courts determine how they Wish to remedy this Matter. I have suggested appointing new counsel to the defendants so they have fair representation and resetting the date of Service for their time to respond. I’m leaving that to the discretion of the Court because I really don’t know what’s fair and I did try to Give the Matter as much consideration as possible. In Truth, I legitimately don’t feel that the defendants themselves (the named individuals) have had much of a fair chance because their lawyer doesn’t seem to know how to Play by the Rules and I don’t feel they should suffer for their lawyer’s folly. No Idea how the Courts Will feel about that, though, so I guess We Will see.

At any rate, the email is scheduled to send at 7:37 this morning just to Keep it in Harmony with the Magic of the Universe. Sometime after it is sent I Will cc a copy to the Justice Council of Ontario with the reference number for My complaint. I’m also setting up a Post-Dated Post of the Motion on My Blog here so it Will be on the International Public Record the same time it is received by the Court, so please do check it out.

Kind of a big day, Ladies and Lords!!! I’ve never tried to overturn a Judge’s decision before and Truth be told, never Imagined I might be in a position where I would have to, or (even more encouraging) Imagined I Will be able to. Despite the fact that I am trying very hard not to be too attached to the outcome, I can legitimately tell You that I am feeling more optimistic than doubtful. I feel like it’s a sure thing, even though My conscious Mind knows I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t even be making such a big deal of it here if I didn’t legitimately feel that it is the Spirit of God within Me inspiring Me to push on.

If You read My dream interpretation about where I was taking My (almost) famous Fancy Fluevog’s to the tailor, You Will know I looked up the interpretation of that dream which was all about being very concerned about making a very Good first impression, and that I am on the cusp of great success, but only after some very hard work. Is this the work they were tall King about, I Wonder?

Love and Blessings,

[And as King of God to Bless this Magical Motion on this International Court of Record.] ❤

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