CLXXV: The fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Title of the Story is a Novel Idea

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, welcome to the House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. Today’s Title is a Good one, I think, and I Will explaining that Title in this Post. Otherwise, it Will be a rather short Fabulous Free Lance Friday because I am Feeling Fabulous in My Microcosm and Will be celebrating some Sanctuary this weekend.

On ‘Lucky’ Wednesday We Cast the Spelling of Our Motion into the Macrocosm, Hoping it Will Move an Ontario Superior Court to take Action. There is both fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, so I can tell You Truthfully that I did anticipate I would hear something by the end of today, just because I legitimately believe the Courts probably don’t Wish to have it remain on the Record any more than I do. At the same time, I’m not disappointed to have not heard back yet, either. I really have no Idea what happens when there is fraud or false testimony on a Court of Record. Perhaps there is an investigation process, perhaps another department gets involved. As much as I feel they probably do Wish to respond as quickly as they can for the same reasons I do, there could also be countless processes involved I know nothing about. False or misleading testimony on a Court of Record is pretty serious, I think. So who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, Your guess is as Good as mine.

The fact is, it has been three days now and I’m pleased with My Motion as it Stands on the International Public Record right now. I feel I really did do everything I possibly could, exhausted every resource and exploited every potential opportunity. Now I’m ready to leave it in the Hands of the Universe. I do feel something Good is going to come from this, I’m just not sure what it might be.

As far as the Title of today’s Post is concerned, ‘the Title of the Story is a Novel Idea’, that’s really what this Blog is about and the Statement of Claim – it’s all about being the Hero of Our own Story, a theme I am tall King about here quite often. Well, legally it actually is that, because it is only the individual’s name that is ‘Titled’ by the birth registration. It’s the Title of a Story, and most of Us accept the Title and Play the Part. When We begin to tell Our Story, it is a ‘Novel’ Idea because it isn’t something most People do.

One’s unique Calling under God, what We commonly Call a name, is the Title of Our Story. We get to decide how We Will Live Our Life and what it is We came here to do. But most of Us do not declare Our position on the world’s Stage, We do not Create a Script for Our Character, We Play the Part that was already Cast for Us.

Well, there You go – I don’t like to disappoint on Fabulous Free Lance Friday, so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share a little Magic with You since it’s such a short Post. But that should Give You something to be thing King about until I get back to You tomorrow. And just for the Record, the other reason it feels like a Fabulous Friday for Me, is because We Will not hear any News now until at least Monday. Government don’t usually work weekends, I doubt very much the Courts Will be.

Thanks for being here, I appreciate You. Love and Blessings,

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