Volume CLXXVI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Monday Contemplate Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You (or Queen You) for being here, always a pleasure to have You in My House. It’s easy to see why the House represents the Mind, yes? We’ve all heard the Express-Ion, ‘don’t let People live in Your head if they’re not paying rent’? The Head is the Command Center, the King’s Dome (King-dome/Kingdom), and it governs Man’s [otherwise] free Will. But the Will is the Spirit of God, the Gift that Gives Man Life. An independent body of land is a Sovereign State, a nation. It takes Will to Claim the [Promised] Mother’s land of One’s body and to firmly Establish a Foundation for the House of One’s Father in God’s Kingdom.

That’s why the first name represents the unique, physical individual, the body of land. The last name represents the family name, as the Son represents the continuation of the Father’s Ideas. These are simply stereotypical archetypes that work in Our psyche whether We are aware of them or not, nothing is intended to be sexist. Masculine and feminine do Play distinctly different Parts on the world Stage, even in Our subconscious and psyche, regardless what new ideologies We may Wish to entertain about removing gender roles.

The Ideas regarding One’s name, which is in fact the Title of One’s Story on the world Stage are True and based on principles that exist in nature. For example, all of the physical body of every Man on earth was Created entirely by Mother in the womb. The Father had nothing to do with the ‘building’ of Man, dad just drops off the blueprints. That’s why the Father represents the Mind and Ideas. However, the miraculous building of a body by mum combined with the exquisite engineering input from dad would still not be enough to Create new Life. Only the Magic of God can do that. That’s where the middle name comes in because it ties the two Parts of One’s Story together. It is the Keystone over the Door-Way to One’s Kingdom. It is the Will to Claim the Gifts God Gives One and Establish their Father’s House on the Promised Mother’s Land.

Well, that was a slightly longer intro than I had anticipated but that’s okay because I feel these things are important. Really, it doesn’t Matter who You are, You only have One shot at this Life. Only You are You. We are all Common in some Way, We all experience the same emotions but We experience them in a Way that Will always be incomparable to any One else because it is entirely relative to Our perspective which is determined by Our collective experiences. The fact of the Matter is, this is Your Story and Your Life. If One is Living their Life for some One else, they are wasting their time. If One knows what their dream is but is too nervous or insecure to take the plunge, they are wasting their time.

To say One’s name is their Legacy probably sounds counter-intuitive from some One who is always tall King about God and Spirituality. It sounds like a proud and boastful Idea, perhaps not seemingly becoming of a modest Mystic. But One’s name is One’s unique Calling under God, it is the Title of One’s Story. It is how One is remembered, if One is remembered at all.

That does not mean that each of Us should be trying to Create some Legacy that Will be remembered by all the world for generations to come, it simply means to be Truthful and Honest about what One’s True Story is. Imagine thing King of Your name as the Title of a Story that Will tell the Tale of Your Life – and You get to author it! (Author-Writ-E’/Author of Writ is the Authority) Our name is quite literally the Title of One’s own Self fulfilling prophecy, One only needs to sit down and consider what it is One came here to do and start Writing!

Okay, so that’s My “Motive a Sean” for this Monday, and that One kind of crept up on Me because I was actually thing King about how important the Sacred Calling of My own name is and how frustrating it is that ‘State Actors’ can’t show the same courtesy and respect for My own name as teachers did when I was in grade school. It is a little mind-numbing, to be honest.

And I have not heard any Word in response to My Motion yet, but You know I Will be keeping You Posted. If nothing else, right now it’s making for some interesting journalism for Me because I’m curious to see what they come back with. So far there hasn’t been a ‘State Actor’ capable of responding to any of My Letters in any reasonable kind of Way, so it Will be very interesting to see what the Courts Will come up with.

Otherwise, today’s feature photo was My leisure project for today. I am turning the new ten gallon aquarium I was Gifted into a terrarium so I can keep some of My more awesome plants happy over the winter. It’s just getting started, it was only planted today but I’m very pleased with it and I am thing King it Will look considerably more full in another six months or so.

Those are two natural lava rocks as the main landscape feature.

Love and Blessings,

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