Volume CLXXVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XIV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and the continuation of My Spiritual interpret-a-Sean of ‘V for Vendetta’, thank King You for joining Me.

Last week, the lead investigator had just gone over all the information with his partner and all of V’s victims were elite members of society linked to government, and potentially the Creators of the viral pandemic responsible for the post apocalyptic world (set in the year 2020, coincidentally enough) that sets the stage for the film. High profile members of government hold valuable stocks in the pharmaceutical companies responsible for providing the vaccines that ended the pandemic and allowed (by Way of fear) the rise of a fascist dictatorship. Why does this sound like such a familiar Story?

In the next Scene, We discover High Chancellor Sutler is losing his cool (if he ever had any cool to begin with). His ‘five’ lead Hands (one representing each of the five senses, representing the ‘head’ of society and information) inform the chancellor that more than eighty percent of the population believe V is still alive, and his popularity among the People is continually growing, also.

And, just to add insult to injury, Gordon, Evey’s Friend (who’s home she is currently taking refuge in from V and authorities) are watching Gordon’s latest evening production featuring Sutler in a ridiculous comedy sketch where he is hopelessly chasing V and being made to look like a fool (Benny Hill style for those of You who are familiar with British comedy).

Surely Gordon must have known that airing the Show would most certainly be the end of his career if not the end of his Life. So why did he do it? Because his conversation with Evey, and showing Evey his closet of Secrets made him realize that he’s not really Living anyway – he’s pretending to be something he’s not to survive. He’s decided he Wishes to do something with his Life that it worth dying for. It’s his contribution to V’s Vision, and Will further increase the popularity of V with the People. At least the real Man Will die, not some illusion of a Man who never really Lived.

Gordon says he did it because he believes it Will be Good for ratings and that no harm Will come to him other than a public apology and maybe some ‘community work’. I believe he’s saying this to comfort Evey, but perhaps he really did believe this to be True because he’s also placing Evey’s safety at risk. So maybe he wasn’t thing King it would be the end of his Life, but I believe his reasons for doing it were the same. He’s tired of being someone he’s not.

Sure enough, Sutler’s men come for him in the middle of the night and Evey tries to escape out one of the windows – a guard grabs her as soon as she leaves the yard, and in the next scene she’s in an interrogation room with Creedy.

Evey is charged for all of V’s crimes as a conspirator and accomplice. If she agrees to cooperate with Creedy and provide him with any information she has concerning V, all charges against her Will be dropped and she Will be free to return to her Life. If she fails to cooperate, she Will be executed by firing squad. She says nothing.

Evey was just at Gordon’s house, taking refuge from V (as well as the authorities), why would she not just Give up V and cooperate so she can go back to her ‘normal’ Life? Would most of Us not Give up V if We were in her shoes?

Or has V made an impression on Evey? Or was it perhaps Gordon and his determination to stand up to fascist authority? Or did Evey just realize that a normal Life means Living in continuous fear?

Unfortunately, they are rhetorical questions, I don’t have a definitive answer for You, though I Will suggest it is some measure of each.

This Tell a Vision series has been considerably longer than I had thought it would be already, and as far as time is concerned, We are only half Way through the film! However, much of the remainder of the film is drawn out considerably for theatrical effects that are not necessary here. This is the fourteenth Edition, though I anticipate it Will be much less than twenty.

Next week, We Will pick up where We are leaving off today and continue with Evey’s interrogation and her experiences in solitary confinement. Then We’re pretty much at the climax of the film, so We are getting there.

Thank You all so much for joining Me for this series, and for the continued support in the Tell a Vision Posts overall.

Love and Blessings,

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