Volume CLXXVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Are the Scales of Justice Shed from a Snake?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You (or Queen You) for being here, always a Pleasure to have You at House von Dehn. Yes, You Will notice I did not waste any time fearlessly Wielding My Words with today’s Title, ‘Are the Scales of Justice a Snake?’. Well, there might be more Truth in that statement than One may first be thing King on the surface, but when I Show You the Magic and Significance of the Snake, You Will know it is a not a coincidence.

Free “Lance” Friday is My Favourite day for Writing because I really do Wield My Words fearlessly and today I have a lot I Wish to be tall King about. First, the Word ‘Lance’ in Words like ‘freelance’ is not a coincidence.

Lance, definition: a long weapon for thrusting, having a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging.”the warriors bore lances tipped with iron or steel”

Oxford English Dictionary, first ‘Google’ search result for ‘Lance definition’

I Wish for You to Note (Play in Harmony with the Universe/One-Song) that the example sentence chosen is not a coincidence either. “The warriors bore lances tipped with iron or steel.”

It is a weapon, first and foremost. So a ‘free-lance’ anything is One’s weapon of choice, that which One is using to thrust their Ideas into Man’s Macrocosm and make an Impression (Impress-Ion) on Man’s kind.

“Ideas are bulletproof.”

V, V for Vendetta

Who was arguably the most well known English Play Write? William Shakespeare. What is that Magical Calling? Will I am, Shake a Spear. And what kind of Spear was Shakespeare using? His own ‘Freelance’ Writing Style. Did You know that Shakespeare is responsible for over 25,000 Words in today’s English dictionary? True Story, look it up. He actually invented Words and gave them context in his Writing.

Spear, definition: a weapon with a long shaft and a pointed tip, typically of metal, used for thrusting or throwing.

A Pen, (specifically a Calligraphy Pen) has a chisel tip made of metal, and a long shaft by relative comparison. It is used to press One’s Ideas into paper to make an Impression on the beholder. To make the whole process even more ritualistic and Magical, the subject Matter of the Letter is Called the ‘body’ of the Letter, and the Letter Will have a Head and a Foot, and [if done correctly] Will be folded in thirds to represent each Part of Man’s Holy Kingdom, Mind, Body and Soul. The body of the Letter is dead and can only be Given Life when the Magical Seal of the envelope [tomb] is broken, the corpse (body of the letter) is removed, and the Spirit of the Letter is released. Whether it is a Blessing or a curse is determined by the Author of the Writ, or the ‘author-writty’ (authority) Casting the Spelling of Magic into the Letter.

Ah, yes, and that’s just the beginning of today’s Free Lance Friday Edition! Even if the Scales of Justice are Shed by a Snake, I Will make it an interesting read for You.

Okay, before I get into the Scales of Justice and the Snake analogy, let Me first say that I missed My first day Posting after fifteen consecutive days yesterday. I was a little disappointed but I didn’t have anything I really Wished to say because I was still waiting to hear back from the Courts. And although there are plenty of other things for Me to be tall King about, considering there is a Motion before the Courts that Shows evidence of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, it is like not tall King about the elephant in the room. By the time I had decided to chime in just to maintain My Writing streak and let You know I’d be back with an update today, it was already after midnight. Breaking a fifteen day streak is not that big a deal, thirty-three is the current record since WordPress started counting consecutive Writing streaks. I also Love that they did that! It’s one of those things One would never actually be as King for a company to do because it sounds so lame, ‘could You please provide notifications of how many consecutive days I Write to help keep Me motivated? Thanks, WordPress user.”

I don’t know, maybe some People would Write an email like that but I never would. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love that they did it without Me having to ask for it (or even know it would be a cool feature to have until it was provided).

The fact of the Matter is, it was necessary for Me to wait one more day. I mean, just because I haven’t heard back yet doesn’t mean they still don’t intend to respond, but it is taking considerably longer than I believe that it should. Yesterday I would not have been so confident saying so, now I’m reasonably sure they haven’t responded because they have no Idea how to respond. Either Way, how ridiculous is it, really?

I initially was not sure how to feel but consider for a moment what I have done. I have Motioned the Superior Court of Ontario to Vacate an Order made by a Judge, and to suspend or recuse the Judge from any further adjudication regarding this Matter. I am as King of the Courts to do this on the grounds that defense counsel provided impartial, misleading testimony to a Judge in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure with intent to defraud the Court. These facts are indisputable, they are directly evidenced by email correspondences and the determination made by the Judge itself. Fraud and perjury on a Court of Record under penalty of perjury are criminal offences.

Furthermore, to the best of My knowledge, no ‘motion’ materials were ever officially filed with the Court by defense counsel. As far as the Rules of Civil Procedure are concerned, there can’t be any Motion materials filed with the Court without My prior knowledge. The point is that the Court of Record is going to Show that no motion materials filed by defense, (likely at any time), but most certainly not on the 22nd of June,, which is the email the Judge specifically identifies to be the request she is responding to. My Letter shows a different response to that request dated on the 25th of June, indicating that no motion materials had been filed.

The relevance is that all of this is ridiculous, it really is. Although as King to Vacate an Order and suspend or recuse a Judge from further adjudication over a Matter is very rare, so is what is happening in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice. This is not at all how due process in a civil proceeding is supposed to work – at least, not in Canada. Are they actually going to allow fraud and perjury to remain on the Court of Record, made by a Judge?! If it seems crazy in any Way to be as King of the Court to Vacate the Order and make it disappear as if it never happened, it legitimately seems crazier to Me for the Courts to not Vacate the Order and recuse the Judge. By not doing so, they now appear complicit.

If You haven’t read My [Magical] Motion to the Court yet, I strongly recommend checking it out. It’s long but under the ten Page allowance and well worth the read, especially if One Wishes to appreciate just how incorrect and embarrassing the Judge’s determination is.

I not only Give the Courts Notice of several violations to the Rules of Civil Procedure made by defense counsel (and in particular Rule 1.09) that allow for the Motion to be heard under Rule 2.01, I am also Giving them knowledge of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record. Fraud and perjury in the document make it invalid. Fraud and perjury on a Court of Record made by a Judge is serious enough on its own that I figured the Motion was more of a technicality – they couldn’t do anything until the fraud and perjury were made known to the Courts and they were moved (by My Magical Motion) to do something about it.

I also figured the Courts would be eager to do so because the Judge’s decision is incorrect and does not qualify under Rule 2.01.1 (all parts) anyway! She actually Gives cause to hear the Claim in her own analysis that immediately disqualifies the Claim from being dismissed under Rule 2.01.1 by clearly identifying that the plaintiff was intentionally harmed by the defendants (demonstrating both cause and liability to the plaintiff by the defendants).

Again, I encourage One to check out My Magical Motion to the Court because everything is clear enough on the face of the facts alone. I’m not just holding some convoluted perspective or belief that fraud and perjury took place, it is clear and obvious to any One who reads the Motion and reviews the emails even if nothing else in the Motion were to be considered, the fraud and lack of knowledge the Judge regarding the facts, makes the fraud self evident. Either that, or the Courts sent Me an email with intent to mislead and deceive Me. The same is True with respect to the perjury and defamation of My Character made by the Judge on the Court of Record – those facts are self evident just by directly comparing what I actually say in the Statement of Claim with what the Judge claims I say in her determination. It is clear and outright fraud. She does the same thing when retelling the Story, leaving out critical details and inserting her own interpretation to suit her determination. I had stronger reading and comprehension skills in grade four if Sally A. Gomery believes her retelling of events is accurate to that of My Claim.

Also, I am somewhat accustomed to dealing with incompetent, dis-Honourable elected officials, members of parliament and service representatives of the Canadian government, but One must consider that this Motion is not being heard by any particular ‘Judge’. It is to be heard by a Judge but it Will be reviewed and assigned to a Judge first. This is a Motion made to the Court, not to a Judge. This is what determines the Honour of the Courts themselves.

There is no Good reason that the Motion should not succeed and if the Court fails to Honour the Order, it makes a very strong and concerning statement about what kind Rules are allowed to be broken by the Courts favourite ‘State Actors’ (like the city of Ottawa).

The irony for Me, is that the Judge accuses Me of believing I am above the Law, not subject to Canadian Law. I’m not sure where she gets the Idea from because it is never made in My Claim and there is no evidence to suggest I have broken the Law or caused any One harm or loss. Yet the Judge herself commits fraud and perjury on a Court of Record defaming My Character under penalty of perjury which is an actual criminal offense. Incredible, isn’t it?

And defense counsel can get away with the same? The Court is just going to turn a blind eye to defense counsel violating all of the Rules and presenting misleading, impartial testimony with intent to unfairly influence justice, effectively committing perjury on a Court of Record?

Does the Court just Wish to pretend they have no Idea about any of this and hope it goes away? Do they really believe that it Will? The Justice Council of Canada knows about it, You know about it, the only Quest-Ion is how long it takes Canada’s Courts to do something about it.

Can You tell I’m feeling a little more Fabulous this Friday? Truth is, I don’t think they can dispute any of the information or facts in My Motion, either. I’m feeling pretty Good about that because the longer it takes for them to do something, the worse it Will look for them. They know I’m publishing this every bit as much as You do, the world knows what’s going on with Canada’s Courts. Are they in bed with the city of Ottawa? It’s beginning to look that Way.

I’ll be as King of the Courts some of the Quest-Ions when I follow up with them sometime early next week. I’d like to have the Letter ready to publish by Monday but I’m not sure how motivated I’ll be over the weekend and I’m not feeling rushed to get it done (yet).

I do find all of this interesting because I did Imagine that when I finally did have Matters before Canada’s Courts I Will be communicating with competent individuals capable of responding to a Magical Motion like the one I just authored. I figured I would be dealing with individuals who can have intelligent, grown up conversations with Me regarding the artificial person Created by the State, the Trust accounts set up for social insurance programs, and the duties and responsibilities of the People holding positions of office within Canada’s government necessary to accommodate and fulfill those requests and obligations. I know what needs to be done if I can find competent individuals within Canada’s government to accommodate My request (and I’m really trying to be quite patient).

I can tell You for sure that if the Courts were not able to do what I am as King of them to do and they did not Wish to entertain the Motion at all, they would simply have responded to Me very quickly telling Me why they are unable to do what I am as King of them to do (why Rule 2.01 doe not apply, for example).

Also keep in Mind that the Motion is to be heard objectively, meaning that the Motion is not to be read as if the Courts themselves are the defendants, they’re not. The Courts represent the impartial body. What I’m getting at, is that the Motion should be presumed to be True until otherwise proved to be false, the Court is not there to argue the points I’m making or ignore the facts I’m presenting to them, they are to act in accordance to that information impartially. On those grounds alone, they should have responded by now.

Before I go, the relevance of the Scales of Justice of course come from the original sin and the Garden of Eden. I told You I had endeavoured to read the KJV Bible in its entirely this year and so far I have only completed Genesis. But I did read it thoroughly, some parts more than once (some parts more than twice) and the first thing I made a Note of in My personal journal was that God Creates Man twice in Genesis. God initially Creates Man and Gives Man dominion over all Living things, then God Creates a new Man, Adam from clay (the earth). And what do I say represents the earth? Paper. The paper doll is Adam. Eve is Created from the same stuff (paper) as Adam. The snake is what temps Eve into accepting the knowledge of God.

It represents the beginning of the evolution of Man’s ego, individual Self… And inevitably, the rise of capitalism and lust for material wealth. The game piece on Man’s monopoly board of Life [with the Rat Race expansion pack] is the birth certificate and SIN number, or social insurance number (whatever it is called in One’s country).

The real, natural Living Man was Created in the first Part of Genesis, untouched by the sins of the Snake. The second Creation of Man is the false ‘I am’ doll, or government issued (is You’d) identification, the Playing piece for Man’s monopoly game of capitalism and dominion (Anno Domini, year of Dominion). Don’t take the false Idol (voodoo doll).

Okay, a very long edition today to make up for My absence yesterday, thank King all of You for Your continued attention and interest. I Will be following up with the Courts more interview style to see if there is a separate set of Laws for Court Judges and city defense counsel than there are for the rest of Man’s kind, and why they are not acting quicker to make such an embarrassing determination disappear.

Love and Blessings,

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