Volume CLXXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Perspective and Percept-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here, Queen You if One prefers. So long as You bring Your Majesty with You, You can benefit from My Sensei-Sean all Spelling of Magic this Saturday. The Word ‘Majestic’ refers to something Magical, and Your Highest Idea is pure Magic.



Majesty is used as a manner of address by many monarchs, usually kings or queens. Where used, the style outranks the style of Highness, but was formerly inferior to the style of Imperial Majesty. It has cognates in many other languages, especially Indo-European languages of Europe.

I learned something today, too because I had always thought that Highness was a superior style of address to Majesty. I had never looked into it before, I know both Highness and Majesty are used to address Monarch’s. Good to know, however, in the event One does ever meet a King or Queen, ‘Majesty’ is the style of address One should go with if they do not Wish to take the chance of offending. Highness of course represents the high level of authority a Monarch has, but it is considered to be a style of address that Honours the morality of the Monarch; to have very High moral standards.

Today’s Post Title, “Perspective and Percept-Sean” is about knowing and understanding the True, Real nature of Magic. In essence, Magic is very simple. Thoughts become things. The Magic gets complicated because Man has many thoughts and things take time to Manifest. The more things a Man is focused on, the less time and attention are focused on One thing, and the more time it Will take that thing (and all things) to Manifest.

That’s why the easiest Way to become a student of the Universe is to start by knowing what tale it is You Wish to tell with the Story of Your Life. What is the end goal? Start there. Whatever the most important thing in Your Life is, start by focusing on that. The other thoughts, the things We worry about just get in the Way because all Our thoughts are Creative. When One begins by focusing exclusively on the end goal, One Will begin to recognize various paths One may take to reach the end goal and see every event as a new opportunity. It is a completely transformational change of perspective. Perspect-I’ve. The per-spec-[t]-I-have.


  1. short for specification (sense 2 of the noun).”I’ll have to look at the specs on the equipment”


  1. give (something) a particular specification; construct to a specified standard.

Construct to a specified standard.”

‘Spec’ definition, Oxford Languages

So is My perspective constructing My Life to a specified standard with every particular (per) specification (spec) I have? The answer of course, is yes – and so is Yours.

Our perspective and collection of Life experience develop the qualities that make up Our Character on the world Stage, and each of Us Play Our Part, regardless how grand or small, each is equally important to the overall Universal product-Sean.

Telling Our own Story may sound like a heartwarming and inspirational Idea One might find in the pages of Readers Digest on the coffee table of some waiting room, but not something One can really embrace and take too seriously.

Yet the Power and Magic of Words and the perspective they can cause One to hold may well take away the greatest Gift We were ever Given, Our Divine Purpose for being here.

Consider for a moment that what I am telling You is True, and allow for Me to Give You a very strong Foundation upon which to further build and Establish greater knowledge and understanding.

I say that We are all King and Queens, each of Us Sovereign in Our natural State of being, a Holy temple of Mind, Body and Soul. One of the very first Maxim’s in Law is that all of Man is equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law. In Order for One of the Foundational principles of the Rule of Law to be True, each of Us must be at least equal in rights and authority to any other individual on earth – in the Common Law, that would include Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, authority of the ‘Crown’ Courts.

So consider that the greatest Gift each of Us were Gifted, was the Title of Our Story, commonly known as One’s name. Imagine that whatever the Author Writes for that Character under the Title of that name Will come True like a Magical, Self fulfilling prophecy. If this were an absolutely True Magical Secret, would You start Writing a new Story for Your Character right now?

The reason I am as King of You this is because One’s name may seem like a very insignificant thing. I suppose One can even feel the same Way about One’s Life, that One in eight billion or so People is too insignificant to ever mean anything? Well, We know that’s a load of garbage, don’t We? Individuals make an impression on the world consistently and so numerously I’m not even going to mention any here. Our name is Our legacy, whatever One Wishes to make it. The horrible Truth is, more than 99.9% of the People in the world do not own the rights to their own name. That is not a joke or an understatement.

The government Creates a Title for a Story with Our name on it, and We accept that Story and Title. The government Writes the rest of the Parts One Will Play on the world stage, and One simply Signs to accept the new Part and Role One Will Play on the world stage (drivers license to become a driver, employment application to become an employee, credit card or mortgage application to become a debtor, university application to become a student or graduate, et cetera).

Please don’t misunderstand Me, either. I’m not trying to take away from any One who has filled out any of the above applications, the point to naming so many is to demonstrate that We have all Played various Parts on the world stage already. What I am as King, is when is it time for You to tell Your Story? I look forward to hearing it as soon as You are ready to tell.

And that’s the Simple Solution this Saturday. Change Your perspective (per-spec-I’ve), expand Your perception (per-cept-Ion), and begin Writing Your own Story as the Hero of a Novel Idea.

Love and Blessings,


  1. The word or root cept is from Latin origin and means to take or seize.

    Per root is also of Latin and means all over or through…
    So Percept is to take or seize your own concepts or insights…
    It looks like those in power desire to stay in power or control as much as they can .Some scientists say that even some verses from the bible were changed in the Middle centuries or even before to avoid the awareness and the rising of consciousness of the masses everywhere because they do not want others to know their secrets to power but people are becoming more aware now …
    However , yes , change is possible but it takes time , effort and persistence to make a way …It is not an overnight thing …

  2. God may seem far ,
    Shining like a star,
    but in real , the divine is so near ,
    In the very now here ,
    The guidance is so clear…
    Trials makes our lives dear …

  3. Our individual energy through thoughts ,intentions words, feelings and actions ripple out to the world…
    We all have individually and so collectively a ripple effect …

  4. You do not force things , it becomes natural and freely flowing like the ebb and flow of Sea currents and like the waves of the sea coming back and forth …

    Look at nature and watch the sea ,
    Goodness for all including you and me ,
    With God we watch and see ,
    Yes , knowing the truth would set us free …

    1. Ah, it’s Good to hear from You, Brother! I hope You are well, thanks for all Your inspirational thoughts and poems – always a special treat and pleasure for Me to read.

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