Volume CLXXVII: The Tantalizing Tuesday Edition

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a pleasure to have You, welcome to House von Dehn. Before We get too far into this, I’m going to warn You the Tantalizing Tuesday Edition is a bit of a tease as I’m not sure I have anything Truly ‘tantalizing’ to share with You today. I was all geared up to release another V for Vendetta Tell a Vision Edition this evening but I just don’t have the mental Energy for it today as I have too much else going on in My Mind right now.

However, I am going to be Presenting You with some lighter fare today and a few tweets I am thing King are worth chirping about. Before I get into that, I do Wish to let You know that I have sent a follow up email to My Motion that You can check out by clicking on the link. The reason this is on My Mind so much is because I am more concerned with having the defamation of My Character and all the false allegations made against Me by the Judge removed from the Court of Record than I am about appealing the decision. I can’t say I wouldn’t care if the case had been dismissed without any defamation of My Character, but it ups the ante considerably. It is legitimately a criminal offense (fraud, false testimony on a Court of Record) and the Judge attacks the Good nature of My Character on several occasions. A fair and impartial tribunal or magistrate does not ad lib their own interpretations of an individual’s perspectives and beliefs, they Will draw their conclusions exclusively from [accurately] interpreting the information provided. The Judge doesn’t even know Me, but makes statements regarding My opinion with respect to filling out forms, and even claims at one point that I suggest I should not have to fill out renewal materials at all! Complete fabrications not found anywhere in the Statement of Claim. She was clearly conspiring with defense counsel privately, which should not take place at all. That, or she is just extremely prejudice towards ‘People’ that complain about the city of Ottawa’s service employees. I legitimately believe this may well be a long time arrangement between the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa Courthouse. (Court acts as ‘gatekeepers’ to ensure that anyone complaining of city service programs or employees are shut down before they can make Jim ‘What’s on’ look bad). At least nine years all clients of the Salvation Army had their Spiritual rights trespassed upon (unless Christian) by being compelled (regardless their faith or belief) to attend Chapel service in order to gain access to social programs necessary for recovery or reintegration. This is a violation of Canada’s Charter and a violation of the Shelter Standards AND a breach of the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army contract that allows them to receive funding from the city in the first place. The Salvation Army contract with the city clearly states that if they fail to comply with ANY shelter standard, they are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING! Yet they remain to this day in violation of Ottawa’s property standards by subjecting their clients to an absolutely horrific and traumatizing bed bug epidemic. The ONLY Way they could remain open, is if property standards never pays them a visit or closes two blind eyes when they do. People are being paid to Keep these secrets.

Well, that was much more of a tangent than I had intended to go off on, but You can see how full My head is – today V is for a Very busy Mind, not a Vendetta.

Alright, let’s get into the more ‘Tantalizing’ part of this Tuesday Edition. My first Tweet I’m chirping about today is just the first of the three I Wish to share, no particular Order of preference.

It’s a very, very small Victory, but it’s a Victory. Cuomo is [sadly] the kind of Man they Will make a movie about because he’s more mafia thug than politician and his whole career is pretty much like watching a train wreck in slow motion (never actually seen a train wreck at any speed but it still feels like a Good analogy). What excites ME when I see this kind of thing, is the ‘message’ it brings. Remember, all things are a Sign from the Universe once We learn to see – all about perspective and keen percept-Sean. Trudeau’s day Will come, I Give You My Word (I intuitively feel like he already knows he’s screwed when the ‘plandemic’ is over, so he’s going to go dictator-style for the last hurrah – that’s My prediction right now.)

This one is not so charming and perhaps a little alarming but this is legitimately what Canada’s police are REALLY like. This arrogant prick Truly believes he IS the law! Do You see any provocation here? And People don’t Wish to believe You when One tells them they get beat up by police even when they comply peacefully. The very last thing I said, showing empty hands with splayed fingers was “I Will leave with You peacefully”. Next thing I knew, I was thrown to the ground by Jenkyn’s much harder than what You just witnessed, the difference being that he drop-kicked a knee into My back when I hit the ground (which I Imagine was responsible for My fractured rib). Canadian police better up their game, because this is precisely why We call them pigs in Canada.

Canada is becoming a fascist regime, this is the ‘test run’ to see how compliant Canadians Will be to the new dictatorship. So long as We continue to believe it’s ‘okay’ for police to act like this even sometimes, We are ALL in a lot of trouble. We are all equal in rights, dignity and Value.

Notice how the officer immediately comes for the guy with the camera? Yeah, he’s thing King ‘shit, someone got that on film, how many times do I have to tell them never assault and batter civilians when People are recording!”

Yeah, oops. That’s probably the main reason they dropped all charges against Me, too. Last thing Jenkyn’s would Wish for is for the Truth to be revealed – not that it would matter, though. He won’t be penalized, virtually regardless what he does. This is why body cams should be mandatory for police at all times. Sadly, they Will find a Way to get around that, too. Canadians who really Wish to be safe from random assaults by police in Canada should probably wear their own body-cam (oh, but then the police just ‘confiscate’, destroy the evidence and give it back to You).

So yeah, with #TreasonousTrudeau and Our criminal cabal of ‘policy’ officers, We’re almost a full dictatorship now. They won’t bother to announce that all [political] parties are working for the same team until the clench on absolute power is secure. Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen, but watch Trudeau do everything he can to make it so just to Keep himself out of jail (it Will be treason). Sharing science from Our top labs with Chinese scientists is an Act of treason and why Justin does not Wish to hand over those papers.

But to finish today’s Tantalizing Tuesday Edition, We end on a positive note with Rand Paul. I hope Justin Trudeau watches this, too and Imagines it is for him – because all the Words Rand Paul shares here are equally true here in Canada and goes out to all Our fraudulent state actors. The elected officials mandating masks and cancelling schools, encouraging EXPERIMENTAL vaccines when there is NOW real scientific evidence that non-vaccinated carry immunity much longer and are likely protected from all the variants, too – it is better for One’s overall immunity and health to NOT get the vaccine but it is too profitable to tell You that. That’s Your big problem with ‘capitalism’ – You can’t Trust anything anymore because everything is motivated by profits and profits are motivated by greed. I’m so sick of media propaganda mouthpieces spewing scientism and denying science facts, pandering for big pharma and the WHO – they ALL need to be tried for treason and removed from office as soon as possible!!!

Well, that’s My totally Tantalizing Tuesday Tweet (and simultaneous rant). But I really do Love Rand Paul’s speech, it Truly made My day and gave Me hope. Finally, someone from the ‘government’ side of the equation who also has extensive medical knowledge and background, advocating for rights and personal choice over fear and continued lockdowns, masks and general madness. Children in this country alone Will suffer psychological repercussions from the government’s negligent response to this virus for many, many years to come. It is Truly irreparable – We can’t Give those years back to children. We can’t do it for adults, either. So Canada… Get Your head out of Your ass and Your Hands out of the pockets of big pharma or whoever it is You made a deal with to push these vaccines. So obvious, it’s sad. And it Will all come out one day.

Love and Blessings,

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