Volume CLXXVIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Momentous Transformation in Man’s Macrocosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It’s been quite a Monday for the world to wake up to this week, so I am thing King I Will spend just a bit of time tall King about some of the most “Momentous Moments” that took place over the weekend.

Internationally, there Will be little argument to the biggest and most concerning world events to take place over the weekend was the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. I don’t really know what to say about that yet, it is more than a little concerning. Most of the tweets on Twitter are criticizing Biden’s administration in the U.S. and his lack of response to the crisis. Most of the attacks regarding Biden’s policy are centered around his decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. The punchline to all the media headlines I’m reading, is that this is the United States fault, and Biden in particular.

Well, I can’t argue with that because Biden doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But what troubles Me more is how the media is reporting on this. Is there some international agreement I don’t know about that states the U.S. are responsible for securing and maintaining Afghanistan’s government and nation? Isn’t that Afghanistan’s job as a Sovereign nation? And I’m not suggesting they don’t need support developing their nation or even that they may require concentrated military support to defend against rebel armies. I’m just wondering how that became the role of the United States specifically.

You know I don’t believe in coincidences and believe that in some Way, everything is moving Us closer to a new and evolved version of Man’s kind – and One We Will all enjoy. So what could possibly be Good about this news?

Maybe it’s time for the world to realize that this is not the United States problem, even if some Wish to say they are to blame. And I’m not saying that Afghanistan does not need support to protect their People, I’m suggesting this is blatantly obvious and the world should not be waiting for the Unites States to decide what it’s going to do while the rest of the world stands back pointing fingers. It is easy to point out some One else’s faults while the other is too scared to try.

So I don’t know, needless to say I’m not any happier about it than any One else Will be, but I do believe it is times like this that the world needs to be war King together and let the Taliban know this Will not be tolerated. The other part of Me can’t help but know that there are People out there financing both sides of this fight to manipulate public opinion. We need to get to the bottom of all that before We’re ever going to make any real progress putting an end to war. War is profitable for weapons manufacturers, and events like this are like going to market for the CEO’s of those companies. Just how much of the news We see is Staged? And staged doesn’t mean not real, it means planned and carefully orchestrated. It means that there is no ‘real’ agenda to end terrorism, there is only new ‘teams’ created by corporate interests to manufacture the demand for supply. Does One thing war is any different from big pharma? It isn’t profitable for big pharma for People to be healthy. That’s what Ben Shapiro’s best economic system ever (capitalism) does to industry.

Then, there’s this…

If You are still not quite sure if all the world’s a Stage, this is probably Your best example. His wife Wishes for a divorce, they are currently legally separated. Trudeau has spent $83 million updating the House of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s cottage to build a new house so she doesn’t have to live with him, even in a sprawling home with something like fifteen bedrooms. That’s still not far enough away for Sophie. Yet they all hold hands as they walk to meet the Governor General, Mary Simon to ask for an election. He Wishes for a majority so he can secure his dictatorship and finalize all his treasonous deals with China.

It seems absolutely insane to Me that he Will ever achieve a majority, but I find it difficult to believe the RCMP don’t just march into the House of Commons and remove him in handcuffs for refusing to provide information regarding his relations with top Chinese scientists. He doesn’t Wish to get caught, and the speaker has a Duty to catch him!

So hopefully all the stuff Brian Lilley is tall King about here Will come out just as the campaign is launching. Though I also heard he prepped this little stunt with another private bribe to the media of $63 million dollars and is not releasing the information to tell Canadians which reporters the money was Gifted to until after the election. I find it scarier that We have almost 37 million People in Canada and it is even remotely possible that he could win a single seat, much less a majority. I’m more concerned about the intelligence of the collective considering Canada is allegedly a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy.

I’m also concerned that vaccine passports are being mandated in Quebec already and Canada’s new Governor General remains silent on the Issue. It appears We just have another State Actor and not a real Governor General who knows she has a duty to protect the Sovereign (inherent) rights of Canada’s People.

On the other Hand, We did also say that this is the ‘Apocalypse’ or ‘unveiling’ and the Acts performed on the world stage by Canada State Actors are Giving Us quite an eye opening performance.

Love and Blessings,

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