Volume CLXXVIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and the fifteenth part of My V for Vendetta Spiritual film interpret-a-Sean. Thank King or Queen You for being here, We are going to pick up right where We left off in Our last Edition.

Today’s feature photo features Evey being ‘processed’ after her arrest. She was briefly interrogated by Creedy, Chancellor Sutler’s ‘right hand Man’. She is charged with three counts of murder, demolition of government buildings, conspiracy to commit treason, sedition, and is facing death by firing squad. She is told she may be absolved of all her crimes and return to her Life, all she has to do is reveal the identity and whereabouts of ‘V’.

She is treated absolutely horribly, and confined to an isolation cell. For those who may not know, isolation is a formidable form of torture. Our innate need for socialization and companionship begins to work powerfully dangerous Magic in Man’s psyche. This is in fact the main reason for Stockholm syndrome, as the desire for companionship Will eventually supersede one’s hatred for their captor.

Food is thrown under the doorway to the cell and it is so unappealing, even a rat that comes to investigate the food turns up its nose and abandons the meal. After a few days in isolation, Evey hears something from the tiny hole in the cell wall that the rat disappears through. She investigates and reaches in to a find a letter writ on toilet paper. It is from the cell mate next to her, a lady named Valerie.

As I say that nothing in film is coincidence or happenstance, the name Valerie means:

“The name Valerie is primarily a female name that means strong, brave (valiant)”

(first Google search result)

Yeah, not a coincidence. But We haven’t considered what the name of Evey might mean, so let’s see what Google has to say about the meaning of Evey’s name. Well, that took a little more work. Interestingly enough, it is a variation of the name ‘Evie’ (which is how I was Spelling Evey’s name until I noticed the spelling in the subtitles of the film), which of course is derived from ‘Eve’, which means, “Life”. No coincidences.

A variant spelling of the name Evie which itself is a variant of the Hebrew name Eve, this being derived from the Hebrew ‘chava’ meaning ‘life’.”

Valerie tells Evey the story of her life as a lesbian. As a teenager, she comes out to her parents and is disowned by them for it. The story is interrupted periodically with scenes of Evey being further tortured to elicit information about V. Evey continually insists she does not know anything.

Valerie’s story continues as she describes meeting the love of her life, moving into a ‘flat’ together (what the British call apartments) where she grew Scarlet Carson’s. She describes the U.S. wars (specifically) against other countries becoming worse and worse until eventually they (U.S.) were at war with England.

At this point, We don’t know how long Evey has been in isolation, but when she is returned to her cell after an interrogation session by one of the guards, he states, “You won’t last much longer in here. Don’t know why You’re going to die for a Man who doesn’t give a shit about You.”

A new piece of the Story is delivered to Evey periodically (perhaps daily), and Valerie continues to talk about the fall of England, the rise of fascism, and the intolerance of any One who was ‘different’. The police soon begin arresting all known homosexuals, including Valerie.

Valerie ends her letter by confessing that she Will soon die, and everything she is Will die with her. She tells Evey in her Letter that although she does not know her, and Will never have the opportunity to know her, she Loves her – whomever she is.

Now, it may be difficult for any of Us to Imagine how powerful that sentiment would be when One is dying in solitude and tortured every few days. I would Imagine it would be something like being absolved of sin by a priest or similar. It is Love without judgment, connection without prejudice. It is acceptance of who One is, even if One has not yet accepted their Self. That is the kind of Love God Gives.

Creedy brings Evey into the interrogation room and advises her that a special tribunal has found her guilty of all charges against her and unless she is Willing to cooperate [now], she Will be taken out back of the prison and shot by firing squad. Evey states that she is still not ready to cooperate, Creedy orders her back to her cell until the firing squad are ready for her.

When they finally come for her, a guard tells her that they are ready for her. Evey says nothing. The guard implores her one last time to give any information she may have, anything at all.

“Thank you, but I’d rather die behind the chemical sheds.”

Evey, V for Vendetta

“Then You have no fear anymore, You’re completely free.”

And the man disappears without closing the cell door. As she approaches the door, she notices a hallway with several other cells and a guard posted at the end of the hall. As she makes her Way down the hall, she realized the guard is a mannequin. Notice the number on the Door at the end of the hall?

XI is 11 in Roman numerals, and is also a 2 in Magic (1+1=2). 2 is a Door. Trust Me, none of this is a coincidence.

And as she walks through the door, she discovers she is in the Shadow Gallery, V’s ‘homestead’.

She very quickly finds V who is not shy about telling Evey it was all just pretend. She immediately asks about Gordon and V has to confess that he was not able to save Gordon in time and although he had anticipated Gordon would be arrested and released, finding a Quran in his home had him sentenced to death. He tells Evey that it was just ‘Luck’ that he was able to get to her before Creedy’s men did.

You cut My hair?! You tortured Me!? Why?!”

“You said You wanted to live without fear. I Wish there had been an easier Way but there wasn’t.”

“Oh My God!!!”

Okay ladies and gentlemen, queens and kings, that is Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition for this week. Next week I Will touch on some of the symbolism and importance Evey’s Spiritual rebirth and transformation.

Thank You so much for joining Me.

Love and Blessings,

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