Volume CLXXIX: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; God is [Still] in Charge

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for being here. I have an especially Motive-a-Sean all Monday today as it was the annual fire inspection for the building I rent. Although not an exceedingly exciting event, it is the first time I’ve seen management from the not for profit rental organization, Multi Faith Housing, since a little after I moved in last March (2020). It was also the first time I had an opportunity to thank the individual ‘in persona’ who was responsible for emailing Housing Services to let them know I was waiting on a renewal package that was never sent. Some of what I learnt proved to be somewhat inspiring to Give My Monday some Motive a Sean.

Now it’s True, I did thoroughly sweep and mop all My floors yesterday which generally only gets done once a month, but the rest of My apartment was the same as it always is – it’s My landlord, not a Lady I’m dating, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

The first thing I did was thank My landlord and apologize for having to involve her with Housing Services at all. I disclaimed My position by stating that I hope she is not thing King less of Me because of the Way assert My rights with the City and their service employees. The response felt like a genuine Gift from God.

“No, not at all! I think it’s great that You assert Your Self the Way You do, Imagine what it must be like for People who can’t advocate for themselves the Way You can.”

Landlord, Multi-Faith Housing

My landlord is also very modest and does not Wish for Me to tell You her Calling or how wonderful she is. “I do what I believe to be right, not for publicity.”

Do understand I’m paraphrasing as My memory is not perfect but in some Ways that might be better. It was today, so it is all fresh in My Mind and paraphrasing helps to communicate more accurately what the sentiment of the Words were, the Intent-Sean that was felt rather than the Words themselves. The real reason I feel I have a Duty and obligation to place government service workers on Notice when they violate the inherent rights of Canada’s People is specifically because of what My landlord said – not everyone Will be able to advocate for their rights as well as I can, and if nobody says anything ever, it Will only continue to get worse.

My landlord was also very flattering with respect to her opinion of My little patio area, which I had intended to have saturated with lush gardens and vegetation by this point, so not feeling at all worthy of the compliment. At the same time, it was really Good to know that they are pleased with what I am doing with the place, and I mentioned some of the other things I would do if I were not entirely dependent upon the Canadian government of Canada for every ounce of My subsistence in violation of My inherent rights, and the landlord agreed with Me on all of those points, too. In fact, they Will be selling My building in the very near future for exactly those reasons, as they don’t have the financial wealth to bring the building to the standard they are hoping to achieve for their clients. I’m at least going to finish My mural before I take photos again, but it is incredible to be thing King that they consider My apartment ‘sub-standard’. I’m very sure they are well aware of the deplorable conditions People are subject to at the hands of Ottawa Community Housing – allegedly, most are so appalling that the city was instructed not to show Me any apartments managed by OCH. By comparison, My apartment is like staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

You may be wondering why this would be inspirational and motive-a-Sean all for Me. Well, as disappointed as I am to hear that they are selling the building which means I Will have to move again (likely sometime in the next year), they are so considerate, that they are not putting the property on the market until they have had an opportunity to relocate all the current tenants, and they are offering internal relocation within their organization as a priority option. I don’t have to accept any of the apartments they show Me, but I Will have first dibs on any apartments that come available within their organization. Allegedly, there is an apartment available at a property they own at 138 Somerset, and they encouraged Me to take a walk to check it out (the building, not the suite).

Well, I also had a couple of minor maintenance issues that I was just going to try and resolve My Self at the end of the month. The handle on My toilet broke about a week ago so I’ve been pulling a chain to flush. My bathroom sink has also been very slow to drain since I moved in and I try to use it as little as possible for that reason (may have contributed to the beard as I didn’t Wish to shave in that sink). I figured while the landlord was here, I may as well mention it and see if they can send a maintenance request. It got done a few hours later!

Not only that, but the maintenance guy came back in the afternoon and was really Friendly. He told Me I have the cleanest, tidiest apartment he’s seen and that he had no Idea how nice this apartment was because of how filthy the last tenants were. Apparently they were hoarders, so he could hardly get into the bathroom last time he was here! I mentioned to him that they were selling the place so I was going to have to move, and that they were offering Me an internal transfer. He was as King of Me if I know where they are thing King of moving Me to, and I told him about 138 Somerset. He immediately told Me to take it if it’s available.

So I Will have to move sooner than I was hoping to. I mentioned that I was planning to rent with My landlord for at least ten years so long as We are both pleased with the contract. I was a little concerned that My advocacy work might be a conflict of interest or cause undue hardship for My landlord but the sentiment was the exact opposite. They refer to ‘the City’ as an institution and feel pretty much the same Way I do about the bureaucracy and disdain some Will have for People of low income.

My ‘new’ apartment Will likely be at the Somerset address which I walked by to check out this afternoon. It is gorgeous! It’s brand new and looks like the kind of building where the well to do would live. The landlord owns the first floor or the first couple of floors, the rest of the building are condominiums. The landlord tells Me the suites have their own washer and dryer, too! Maybe I’ll take a walk tomorrow and take a picture because the things We Visualize manifest. If I have to move, might as well plan on moving up in the world, right? I told the maintenance guy that the thing I Love most about My place is the size of it and having a separate bedroom and living room. He tells Me the apartment on Somerset are even more ‘spacious’ than this one! Really?!

So today My Motive a Sean was just some inspiration from the People in My Life that really are most important to Me at least ‘professionally’ speaking. I have always had Good relations with My landlord and as I mentioned previously, I was a little concerned that My advocacy and suing the city of Ottawa might work against My reputation with My landlord. The effect and sentiment was the exact opposite. I even told them I’m suing a judge for dismissing the case allegedly because People dependent on the city for their subsistence are not entitled to compensation for violation of their inherent rights. Not sure why that is, must have something to do with those obscure legal concepts like capitus diminutio media.

Thanks for being here, People. I Will tell You that even if My advocacy had caused some concern for My landlord and diminished their perception of Me in some Way, I would not change My Focus. But what I can say, is that it does begin to feel as though One is strongly ‘disliked’ by anonymous bodies like ‘the city of Ottawa’ and all of their ‘agents’. It can be very difficult sometimes to discern between real People and ‘agents’ of Man’s Matrix.

Today was a reminder for Me that I am exactly where God Wishes for Me to be and that everything really does happen for a reason. This is how ‘the Universe’ determines things for Me, and how I Will soon be ‘upgrading’ My domicile.

#BetheChange and don’t worry about what People are thing King – that’s their business.

Love and Blessings,

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