Volume CLXXIX: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XVI

Hello every One and welcome to the sixteenth part of My V for Vendetta Spiritual interpret-a-Sean, thank King You for joining Me. Last week Evey was released from her solitary confinement only to discover that everything that had been done to her was a façade, nothing more than an illusion. The illusion was Created and perpetrated by V, and Evey is not very happy about it.

“You said You wanted to live without fear. I Wish there had been an easier Way, but there wasn’t. I know You may never for Give Me, but nor Will You understand how hard it was for Me to do what I did. Everyday I saw in My Self everything You see in Me now. Each day I wanted to end it, but each day You refused to Give in, I knew I couldn’t.”

V, V for Vendetta

Needless to say, none of this makes Evey feel any better, and she lashes out at V.

“You’re sick! You’re evil!”

“You could have ended it Your Self any day – but You didn’t. Why not?”

“Leave Me alone, I hate You!!!”

“Yes, that’s it! See, at first I thought it was hate, too. Hate was all I knew, it was My world, imprisoned Me; it taught Me how to eat, how to drink, how to breathe. I thought I would die with all that hate in My veins. But then something happened. It happened to Me just as it happened to You.”

“Shut up!!! I don’t want to hear Your lies!!!”

“Your own father said that artists use lies to tell the Truth. Yes, I Created a lie, but because You believed it, You found something True about Your Self.”


“What was true in that cell is just as True now. What You felt in there has nothing to do with Me.”

“I can’t feel anything anymore!!!”

“Don’t run from it Evey, You’ve been running all Your Life.”

[Evey breaks down completely]

“Listen to Me, Evey. This is the most important moment of Your Life, don’t run from it, commit to it. They took Your parents from You, they took Your Brother from You. In that cell they took everything else they could take from You – everything but Your Life. And You believed that was all there was, didn’t You? You believed the only thing You had left was Your Life but You found something else, didn’t You? In that cell You found something that Mattered more to You than Life. What was it? When they told You to Give them what they wanted or You would die, You told them You would rather die. You faced Your death, Evey! For the Love of God, be still. Feel now what You felt in there…”

[Evey calming now.] “I felt… I feel dizzy. I need air. Please, I need to be outside.”

“There’s a lift, I’ll take You to the roof.”

Evey and V, V for Vendetta
God is in the rain.

It is pouring on the rooftop of the Shadow Gallery, but Evey does not seem to Mind. She whispers to herself, ‘God is in the rain’, a line from the story Valerie told her in the cell on scraps of toilet paper. There is more Truth in that line than some may think, as water is a crystal in liquid form – crystals store information. Water has all the information of every Creation since the beginning of Life. Water is Life, water is a Living, sentient being. (Check out some of My water experiments sometime, I have confirmed this.)

I also Wish to point out some of the similarities between this film and Our recent Fight Club interpretation. Tyler was necessary for [the other, unawakened] Tyler to emerge. V was necessary for Evey to find her strength and power. Now, the water symbolizes purification, the washing away of sin (fear), and Spiritual rebirth. Pay attention to water in films, You Will notice this theme Play out a lot.

Evey’s Redemption
V’s Redemption

Both fire and water represent rebirth (phoenix from the flames). The pose each of the Characters here are implementing is also very Significant. If One Wishes to know the very best Way to connect with God that I know of, it is to do this. The Higher One raises their Hands, the more Powerful the expression Will feel. I Give You My Word, if You stand with Your feet shoulder width apart, close Your eyes and raise Your Hands in a High ‘V’ above Your head, You Will being to feel the Spirit of God running through Your entire body. I do this often, especially when expressing gratitude. Think of the Vetruvian Man and what Da Vinci might be telling Us in the ‘Da Vinci Code’.

In the next scene, V is standing over his jukebox, commenting on how there are 872 songs in the jukebox and he has listened to them all but never danced to any of them. Evey tells V she needs to leave, he tells her she Will find no more locked doors in his House. She decides to Give the script back to V as the sentimental value seems meaningless knowing the whole thing was staged. V asks Evey if he can show her something before she leaves.

He confesses to Evey that Valerie was a real person who was in the cell beside V. The story was told to Evey just as it had been communicated to V, anonymously through a crack between the cells on toilet paper. V has Created something of a memorial for Valerie with the Scarlet Carson roses she Loved so much.

Evey begins to realize that although what happened to her in the cell was just a Creation, it was a re-Creation of what V experienced – except his experience was not a fiction. She begins to understand that it was that experience who made V the Man he is today, just as the re-Creation of that event has made Evey the [wo] Man she is now. She is beginning to understand that there is a method to V’s madness…

“You’re getting back at them for what they did to her. And to You.”

“What was done to Me, Created Me. It’s a basic principle of the Universe. For every Action there is an equal and opposing reaction.”

“Is that how You see it, like an equation?”

“What was done to Me was monstrous!!!”

“And they Created a monster.”

Evey and V, V for Vendetta

There is an uncomfortable silence after the last line, but it is clear that V does not regard him Self as a monster and was deeply hurt by Evey’s perception of him, though he does not defend his Character and changes the subject, as King of Evey where she Will go.

“I don’t know. That would have scared Me before. And I suppose I should thank You for that.”

Evey moves in to kiss V but she seems confused by the mask and stops short, but remains close enough for Us to know she cares for him deeply, even if she thinks him a monster. She thanks V (for everything We suppose), and V is as King of Evey for one last favour before she leaves. Evey agrees. He asks if she Will come to see him one last time before the 5th of November, Evey promises she Will.

That’s the end of this week’s edition, but I hope You can appreciate why I have chosen to analyze this film and perhaps maybe why I relate to it so much. I spent a great deal of time trying to put behind Me the things that were done to Me by Toronto police, I spent many years feeling as if I hated every single one of the officers. Now, I am thankful because that experience made Me the Man I am today. If the state doesn’t like Me… Well, they Created Me, it’s just Universal Law, what others call Karma.

Love and Blessings,

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