Volume CLXXIX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; My Pro Vision is Finally in Focus

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I have a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition for You today because I am going to be tall King about My Focus moving for-Ward (Ward = Protect-Sean) and what I mean when tall King about today’s Title and My Pro Vision Finally being in Focus.

Before I get into any of the future plans for My Character in Man’s Macrocosm and what Scenes I am preparing to Play as a method Actor on the world’s Stage, I Wish to remind You that My Focus is always in ‘Folk-Us’!!! One of the reasons dis-Honourable Justice Sally A. Gomery’s fraudulent determination infuriated Me so much, was her suggest-Sean that I believe I am above the Law. I do not break the Law, though those who have accused Me of doing so seem to do so very often, including dis-Honourable Justice Sally A. Gomery her Self. But Sally A. Gomery is just a Man like any One else, she is not above the Law, and I Will soon be suing all ‘State Actors’ in their individual, private capacity in a Common Law Court of Law. In fact, I’m already doing that right now, they’re just not feeling the weight of it yet. Trust Me when I tell You they Will.

The reason the suggest-Sean infuriates Me so much is because I legitimately believe that if every One Played their Role in Honour, People would soon realize (or Real Eyes) that We have a virtually perfect system of Law and government in Canada. A constitutional democratic Monarchy is a very Good system of Law when People understand it correctly and completely.

Today, I’m going to be tall King about today’s Title (don’t Wish to be charged as a false prophet) as I remind My readers that there are no coincidences in My Universe, even if there are still a few lingering illusions of such in the Minds of My peers. I said that 2020 would be the year that We begin to see things as they are, 20/20 Vision is perfect, isn’t it? Not a coincidence. Remember, they Created the calendar the world lives by, too. Master Magicians planned all the Scenes of the Play well in advance and did not choose the timeline by happenstance. 22 is also a very Sacred number. Although I Will not get into that in today’s Post, I encourage You to do a little light Google God research of Your own on that One if You feel so inclined. I Trust the Universe Will not lead You to have beliefs about this Magical number that are not True, whatever You find Will be relevant to You and Your Role on the world’s Stage.

2022 is also a Magical year because it is has a numerological Value of 6, which was an integral Part of Our last Tarot read and a highly symbolic number in both the Matrix and Our Fight Club Spiritual interpret-a-Sean. 0 =2, 6 = 9. Zero equals two because for every concept-Ion there is an equal and opposing deconstruct-Ion. For every Idea, there is an equal and opposing Idea.

Wet must know dry, so if zero equals nothing, for the Word nothing to have any meaning (Value) at all, there must be a lack of something. Therefor, zero is actually -1+1=0. -1 and 1 are both equal in Value. How else could all this debt that Man is using every possibly be conceived as wealth? -1 is in fact absolute nothing. But -1 cannot exist without a consciousness to conceive of it and recognize that absolute nothing is something. Something is +1, and the real eyes a Sean that something is an improvement upon the Idea of Nothing, Gives Way for the second Idea, which is that nothing and something are all things, or everything, which is a new Idea (2). -1 (No thing) +1 (some thing) = 0 (nothing is some thing) +1 (no thing) +1(some thing)= 2 (Every thing). That’s how One gets the Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci sequence, 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13… Every Idea builds upon the Idea preceding it, which is always greater in Value than the One before. This is why all who say that the Universe Will reach a maximum level of expansion and then contract and repeat from scratch are entirely incorrect and are just trying to justify their own belief in mortality. If Man must die, then the Universe must die, too. Man doesn’t die, neither does the Universe. Death is birth, birth is death. That’s why You are in the underworld, Babylon, or ‘Babble On’ – the world where no One has any Idea what they are tall King about. Not entirely True anymore because many of Us are re-Membering. That is also why they are trying to divide Us amongst Our Selves. A House divided cannot stand – just look at ‘Bi-Den’. Didn’t I tell You he would fail? You thought I was wrong when You saw him get elected, didn’t You? I Trust My Words Will manifest, One Way or another. I never pretend to know how God might take care of things because I’m not on his ‘level’ of Highness.

2022 Will be the five year anniversary of the Establishment of My House in God’s Kingdom and the day I officially placed My Trust in God. Just like I did five years ago, to mark the ceremonious occasion, I Will prepare My most Magical lawsuit against the government of Canada for the gross incompetence demonstrated by the administrative and judicial offices of the Ontario government. The province of Ontario is subject to the laws of Canada, which are subject to the international treaty agreements they have ratified, and Ontario is failing to Honour any of its official duties and obligations.

But the most Magical and Mystical Part of this Thursday thing King Edition is about My ‘Pro Vision’ being in Focus. What is ‘Pro Vision’? A Provision? Okay, so what is a Provision?

What Is a Contract Provision?

A contract provision is a stipulation within a contract, legal document, or a law. A contract provision often requires action by a specific date or within a specified period of time. Contract provisions are intended to protect the interests of one or both parties in a contract.

How a Contract Provision Works

Contract provisions can be found in a country’s laws, in loan documents, and in contract agreements. They also can be found in the fine print accompanying purchases of some stocks.

The italics and bold are My own. Why did the Courts not initially dismiss My Claim as frivolous and vexatious ‘on its face’? Because they can’t. The Courts are bound to the Rules of the Court. I cited the Department of Justice of Canada website and Provision 24(1). It is not some ‘favour’ the government is doing by ‘allowing’ for a Provision. A Provision is an absolute requirement of the Court!!! They are wrong and they know it. That’s why they are silent.

Why would they include ‘fine print’ as an example? Because fine print is usually how a contract screws someone over (“didn’t You read the fine print?!”, says some Mr. Smithers like Man rubbing his hands together victoriously, howling an evil and haughty laugh as he takes One’s first born child). Yup, I got ’em on the ‘fine print’. “Hey, didn’t You know You have these Provisions over here?!”.

So every single Judge is guilty of abdicating their Judicial Duty if they have dismissed a Claim where there is a complaint of trespass upon a Provisional obligation.

Well, this got much longer than anticipated much faster than anticipated and I Will not get it Published before midnight if this Gem in I (Gemini) don’t Sign off now!!!

A quick look at My summer patio area and Spiritual Sciences Center.

Love and Blessings,

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