Volume CLXXIX: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Restoring the Rule of Law

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining House von Dehn. Today, as the Title Will suggest, I Will be tall King about Restoring the Rule of Law; Canada’s House of Commons is in short supply and the King’s Keep has plenty of excess stores to share!

Yes, I do have Fun with the Words, and I hope You do, too. I was thing King about what I might Present to the world as a simple solution for ending corruption in Canada’s (and the rest of the world’s) Common Law Courts. Of course, there is a simple solution. Most of the problems of the world can be solved quite simply, it’s mostly a Matter of Focus and priority. Six days is how long I say it Will take Us to Truly fix this planet and turn it into a virtual paradise once every One decides it might be a Good thing to do. I mean, We can continue to believe We must all work forty hours a week at meaningless jobs just to sustain Our Self with no actual ‘endgame’ in Mind, but I am thing King if We all work toward a Common goal (or set of goals) to ensure that every One is able to enjoy every benefit of modern society, We Will soon see that is a task We can not only accomplish, but complete – We could actually get the job done, rather than working continuously with no [collectively beneficial] result.

Most People Will argue that We must dedicate Our Life to hard work but few People Will agree on what it is We are war King for. Most of Us are war King for Our Self, at war with One another in an economic Hunger Games. Don’t most People believe in taxes and Giving a portion of all their work to the ‘Capital’ so Trudeau can spend $83 million to upgrade the prime Minister’s private home while People sleep on the streets of Ottawa or get shuffled into bed bug infested shelters like the Salvation Army? Is the world We live in now really that much different from the Hunger Games? The only real difference is that in the Hunger Games it’s easier to see because each of the classes are divided into districts – every class literally has a specific place in society. Each district works for the Capital in exchange for food and other essentials not produced in the district.

The Rule of Law is one of those phrases that sounds nice but most People don’t really have any Idea what it means. What is the Rule of Law? Well, I’m going to share Wikipedia’s definition with You today but before I do, I Wish to let You know what inspired Me to look into it My Self. Obviously, Rules are not Laws, but does the Law have Rules? Well, turns out it does. If a Man steps off a five story balcony, he or she Will fall to the ground. That is a natural Law Man calls gravity that is absolute. But what happens to the Man is not absolute. Any number of things could happen from the time the Man steps off the balcony until the time the Man hits the ground. He or she may Live or die, that remains an unknown variable that could change from One Man to the next. One could land in pool of water, or fall through brush that breaks their fall…

The point I’m trying to make is that Laws are absolute but are subject to Rules of a Higher Power that determine how the force and effect of the Law Will be applied in a particular situation. I’m not sure if I gave the best example but it’s hard to define how the Rule of Law applies to God or the Universe, however One Wishes to be thing King of it. But it does apply! There are Rules that seem beyond the Law under the Supremacy of God. How many times do We hear about some One Miraculously surviving something that should have killed them? I had a transport truck drive right through Me in a car on the Sea to Sky highway one night. According to what We know about natural Law, I shouldn’t even be here.

The most significant reason We are tall King about the Rule of Law is because Courts do not have consciousness at all; they have no Will to enforce or violate a Law – only Man can do that. So the Courts are governed by Rules that bind the Man to the Rules of the Court. The Rules of the Court are the Rule of Law.

Before any One gets too bent out of shape with that last paragraph and the suggestion that the Rules of the Court are the Rule of Law, perhaps it is more accurately articulated by stating that the Rule of Law defines the Rules of the Court. The Rules of the Court cannot ever supersede the Rule of Law or they have lost their function and purpose in society. It may also be worth noting that One may consider looking into the definition and requirements of a Common Law Court – You may find it is not what You are thing King it is. Court is not a physical place, though Court may be held in any place that meets all the requirements of a Common Law Court of Record. This publication qualifies as a Common Law Court of Record, You are My jury of peers – but I’ll get into that another day. Let’s get back to the English definition of the term ‘the Rule of Law’ as provided by Wikipedia.

The rule of law is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “[t]he authority and influence of law in society, especially when viewed as a constraint on individual and institutional behavior; (hence) the principle whereby all members of a society (including those in government) are considered equally subject to publicly disclosed legal codes and processes.[2] The term rule of law is closely related to constitutionalism as well as Rechtsstaat and refers to a political situation, not to any specific legal rule.


We already get the sense that the Rule of Law is about constraint, government and politics, which is why I have placed some Words in bold and italics. I am suggesting the Rule of Law relates to constraining the overreach of the Courts and limiting the power of those in judiciary positions of office. However, I am including the next paragraph because it’s actually My favourite, and You may be surprised to see why as My enthusiasm relates to the term’s origin in Britain.

Use of the phrase can be traced to 16th-century Britain. In the following century, the Scottish theologian Samuel Rutherford employed it in arguing against the divine right of kings.[6]John Locke wrote that freedom in society means being subject only to laws made by a legislature that apply to everyone, with a person being otherwise free from both governmental and private restrictions upon liberty. “The rule of law” was further popularized in the 19th century by British jurist A. V. Dicey. However, the principle, if not the phrase itself, was recognized by ancient thinkers. Aristotle wrote: “It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens.”


The irony of course, is that I am arguing for the Divine Right of Kings, and reminding each of You that it applies to every One. We are all Divine Creations of God, We all have a Divine right of Claim upon God’s Kingdom, and no One on earth has the power or the authority to deny that Claim. And, it may also be worthy to note that although Samuel Rutherford may have agued against it, it was of little effect overall. The Divine Right of Kings was never abolished or overturned – if it were, there would not be a Queen representing the Crown today. The same applies to the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. It has been amended a couple of times, but never abolished or overturned, it remains to this day. If there is worthy recognition of arguments like those of Rutherford, it is in Deed found in the constitutions and Rules of the Court that have since been amended to respect the equality of every Man. And, by the same token and sentiment, if it is True that We are all equal in Law and none are above the Law, then We must all be equal in authority to Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, or the Rule of Law does not exist. This is precisely what is meant when Canada states its People are Sovereign, the authority of government is derived from its People.

Wow, almost 1,500 Words already! I didn’t mean to go on for so long. But I Wish to share the final paragraph of the definition because it is the most relevant to My situation and what We are ultimately tall King about.

“The rule of law implies that every person is subject to the law, including people who are lawmakers, law enforcement officials and judges.[8] In this sense, it stands in contrast to tyranny or oligarchy, where the rulers are held above the law. Lack of the rule of law can be found in both democracies and monarchies, when there is neglect or ignorance of the law. The rule of law is more apt to decay if a government has insufficient corrective mechanisms for restoring it.


Fortunately, the Courts in Canada do have sufficient corrective mechanisms for restoring the Rule of Law, We just need to know where to find them and hold those officials accountable should they feel it is acceptable to abdicated their duties as officers of the Court.

I hope You are all having a wonderful weekend! We don’t really need to restore the Rule of Law in Canada, all We really need to do is hold those violating the Rule of Law accountable for doing so.

Love and Blessings,

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