Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability: Issued to Jagmeet Singh – Treason, Abdication of Official Duty, Breach of Trust, Discrimination

Mr. Jagmeet Singh,

Please be advised that mandatory vaccinations are a violation of Canadian Charter rights and a trespass upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People.  To trespass upon the [inherent] Sovereign (constitutional) rights of Canada’s People is an abdication of Your duties of Office as a representative of parliament.  

I am requesting proof of Your Oath and Your performance bond.  If You continue to advocate for mandatory vaccinations in violation of the rights of Canada’s People to autonomy over their health care choices, You Will be charged with abdication of Your Oath to Canada’s People.  You are a traitor and a platform for mandatory vaccinations is discrimination against individual who do not Wish to have their health compromised by these very dangerous vaccines.  You are either acting as a propaganda puppet for big pharma, or You are completely ignorance of Your duties and responsibilities as a member of parliament in a constitutional democratic monarchy where the People are the authority of government.  In either case, it is an act of TREASON.

You are hereby Given Notice, and a response to this email is required to justify Your unlawful (unconstitutional) campaign platform in favour of big pharma and at the expense and well being of Canada’s People.

If You fail to respond to this email in 20 (twenty) days, You Will have further abdicated the duties and responsibilities associated with Your position of office (You are legally and lawfully required to respond to concerns of treason and unconstitutional acts from Canada’s People), and Will be presumed guilty on all charges outlined in this email without protest.  A Notice of Default Judgment will then be served upon You and published on the international public record at  Private prosecution charges Will then be laid and a claim Will be made against Your bond.

I require a copy of Your oath of Office, as I believe You are an imposter and fraudulent representative of Canada’s government without a valid oath.  If You do have an oath, You are in violation of Your oath.

You Will NOT threaten Me or Canada’s People with Your fascist dictates!

You are hereby served in a Common Law Jurisdiction.

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

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