Volume CLXXIX: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; Will Natural Selection Eliminate Treasonous Trudeau?

Hello every One and welcome to House von Dehn and the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It might be a shorter Edition than usual today as I Will be tall King about some of the Tweets I find most worthy of chirping about. As You might guess by today’s Title, they Will all likely relate to Trudeau’s treasonous campaign trail which so far seems to be leaving a trail of disgust in its wake.

Well, I’m going to start with the most alarming news of the day as I JUST logged into Twitter for the first time today and noticed that Yorkdale Mall was trending. My intuition told Me it was probably another Toronto shooting and My instincts proved to be True. Yes, that is alarming news on its own but all the world is a stage and I am thing King some People forget just how corrupt the federal government of Canada actually is under Trudeau’s reign. First, let’s take a look at the second tweet I saw in response to the shooting.

This is important because this is something the Trudeau government would do. Pay some special ops guy a few hundred thousand dollars to open fire in a mall so that more People Will be afraid to vote for the Tool. Don’t underestimate the corruption of government. We have proven that even the Courts in Canada are bought and paid for by the city of Ottawa, no telling what they Will do to aid and abet Trudeau’s crimes against Canada’s People.

However, not everyone is sleeping at the wheel. Turdeau (not a spelling mistake) had to cancel at least one of his campaign stops because he was afraid of the protestors. Aw, the poor man child is scared of what the People are thing King of him. Tell him to go back to his cottage and suck on a soother.

And this is not considered to be harmful or abusive behaviour on Twitter. Some lady (of the Aussie government) was ‘bragging’ about the competence of police force in dispelling any thoughts of protests against the mandatory vaccines or house arrest for unvaccinated People, stating that they have been authorized to use whatever force they deem necessary. That should scare the shit out of People and it IS hate speech. She is threatening freedom of speech and peaceful assembly with extreme violence. In London, they are even using police dogs now! Do People think that Trudeau’s ‘tough talk’ about vaccine passports is going to look any different in Canada? Are People beginning to see this is a global sting operation for elected officials, just to see how many there are? Their crimes are so overtly exposed now, it is only a Matter of time before these fascists are removed from office in handcuffs.

Can You hear the People screaming in terror? For Your safety, of course!!!

But when I call this lady (Aussie government) a fascist bitch and tell her she needs to spend a week in a concentration camp before she endorses Nazi-like policies on her People, I am banned by Twitter for a week for violating the rules, allegedly for ‘hate speech’. Pefectly okay to show police brutalizing People for peaceful protest, but calling them out on it is ‘hate speech’? Hmmm…. This is probably part of Trudeau’s ‘New Speak’.

I was Given the option to remove the Tweet but I don’t negotiate with terrorists. F*&K Jack Dorsey and his policies.

Meet Sabrina Grover, propagandist for a fascist takeover of Canada’s People:

Messages of ‘racism, hate, and divisiveness’? Um, is telling People who are exercising their right to not be vaccinated that they Will not be allowed to use public transportation, Will not be able to leave the country or use public facilities not the textbook definition of divisiveness? Is it not just paving the Way for more hatred propagated by fear? And where are the so-called ‘racists’, how does she even qualify this statement? She doesn’t. She’s trying to make everyone who criticizes Trudeau seem like a crazy person the same Way they did to supporters of Trump. If You voted for Trump, You are a white supremist. If You don’t vote for Trudeau, You must hate women and also be a white supremist. It’s nonsense. The problem is, the average IQ is so low in this country, it actually works. People love to hate, it gives them something to do and makes them feel like they have a purpose, however meaningless and harmful to society at large. I suppose People could (and no doubt Will) say the same about Me – but just to be clear, I don’t hate any One; I hate the things People do and believe We should all be held accountable for Our actions. That’s precisely why I did not remove My Tweet. I don’t care what People think, I support My sentiment and don’t believe I was unfair or unreasonably ‘hateful’. If People think it is right to use violence and force to intimidate others into compliance, they are fascists by definition. And I have no respect for fascist pricks (or bitches as the case may be).

So, I can guarantee I Will never be banned from Twitter again. Well, I suppose ‘guarantee’ might be a strong Word as I don’t own the platform and have no Idea how their policies may change in the future. But what I can guarantee is that I Will never be accused of ‘hate speech’ on Twitter again because I Will never Tweet a reply to anything. Instead, I Will Keep My Twitter account (I legitimately considered allowing them to ban Me for Good, I don’t support fascism or propaganda in any Way and that’s what censoring My comment was all about), and My Tweets Will just be ‘retweets’ and My own Blog Posts. That Way I stay out of trouble and can continue to express My freedom of opinion without offending any internet babies. If People are being ‘cyber abused’… Here’s a little secret – You can block People on just about every social media platform I know of, and You can also turn off Your computer. If People are being traumatized by internet bullies, they really do deserve it because they didn’t learn about sticks and stones in grade school (or how to walk away).

The point is, natural selections seems to be proving Darwin correct. Trudeau had to cancel at least one campaign stop because the People hate him so much. I’m guessing mail in ballots because of a new strain that Will be announced just before the election, and the greatest election fraud Canada has ever seen. And a Turdeau majority government, despite being Canada’s most collectively hated PM of all time.

Love and Blessings,

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