Volume CLXXX: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; The Court Responds to My Notice of Motion!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal and the first Edition of the 180th week of this publication! That’s a lot of weeks, and I Wish to be thank King You all for making this Blog so Magical for Me – without You, it would really be pointless.

As today’s Title suggests, I finally received a reply to My Notice of Motion (note that the Notice of Motion is not the Motion). Before I get into My analysis, let Me share the email I received, once again from Ashley Moniz Andrade:

Alright, so this is a little cryptic for Me to make sense of, despite the language being clear enough. The Motion is already before the Court, and the Notice of Motion was filed seven days prior to the Motion being filed. It seems logical (at least to Me) that this email should have come much sooner than it has. However, My interpretation of this somewhat surprising event, is that the Courts do acknowledge they cannot just ignore the Notice of Motion or the Motion itself. As I’ve stated before, the Courts are to Act as an impartial body of Justice and can only ‘Act’ as per the directions provided to the Court by the parties to the proceeding. The Courts themselves are not going to dispute any material evidence or facts, they Will only be restricted in their Actions as determined by the Rules of the Court and or the Rules of Civil Procedure.

I am thing King they do not Wish to see Justice Sally A. Gomery noted in default (13th of September) for fraud and perjury, but to Honour My Motion without Giving Notice to defense counsel and opportunity to oppose may be considered a further breach of the Rules. I did indicate in My [actual] Motion that I had not Given Notice to the defendants because I believe that fraud and perjury on the Court of Record warrant special circumstances that do not require defense counsel be Given Notice. I advised the Court that I Will be happy to Give Notice to the defendants if the Courts deem it is necessary or appropriate for Me to do so – they have essentially determined that it is necessary for Me to do so.

If defense counsel does not oppose the Motion, there is no reason for Me to beleive the Motion Will not be granted, all I need to do is Show proof of Service of the Motion on the defendants (Motion Record), and prepare a ‘Clean Order’. I had to look up the definition of ‘clean order’ as it pertains to Law because it sounds like they Wish for Me to ‘tidy up’ the order I have already prepared. It simply means that the Order should be filed without any other attachments (a stand alone document).

Thankfully, the Justice still has two weeks, which means I also have two weeks to review all the necessary documents to ensure My Motions Record is in compliance with the Rules for filing.

So, the Notice of Motion was served upon the defendants this afternoon. This is a forwarded email of My [actual] Motion to the Court.

Yes, I have said that Monday’s are one of My favourite days of the week because it represents a ‘fresh start’. This is very encouraging because it appears to Me as though the Courts are trying to save a little face. I did initially protest Ashley’s email and pointed out that to the very best of My knowledge, no motion materials of any kind were ever filed by defense counsel and if there was, I was certainly not Given Notice. I advised her that it appears as though there is one set of Rules for the city of Ottawa and another set of Rules for Self Presented litigants. But after some reflection and consideration, I am thing King the Courts recognize how serious this is and do not Wish to violate more Rules – so they are giving defense counsel an opportunity to oppose the Motion. I can respect that because it’s fair. If they were telling Me they can’t hear My motion for whatever bogus reason, that would be a different story.

I could not be as King for more Motive A Sean for My Monday than knowing the ball is still in Play – let’s wait and see if defense counsel can return the serve.

Love and Blessings!!!

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