Volume CLXXX: The Free Lance Friday Edition; Tall King About Plan A

Hello every One and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, My favourite day for Writing, thank King You for joining Me. I have some big Plans coming up over the next four to six months and I didn’t feel like getting into Part III of My little mini-series, ‘Do We have Trust Issues?’ today, so I was thing King that instead I should be tall King about ‘Plan A’. I call it Plan A because it’s really the only Plan I have and it Will never be abandoned, though it has changed shape and transformed many times over the years.

Essentially, My belief is that We have rights and those rights are both legally and lawfully protected. The Quest-Ion is, why does it so often seem as though We don’t? There are places telling You they Will not serve You if You don’t wear a mask, and now there are political parties advocating for vaccine passports, a policy that trespasses upon the constitutional Charter rights of Canada’s People. Is that not an Act of treason? Well, in Canada it is not defined as such in Canadian Law, but it most certainly should be… And I would suggest that it still would be if it were not for corruption in the House of Commons and those Trusted with legislating new laws violating their Oath to protect Canada’s constitution. But it is equally the People’s fault for not holding them accountable for doing so. There is a reason why all the House of Commons are broadcast on a public network – the People are supposed to be paying attention to the bills being discussed in the House. [Most of] Canada’s People stopped paying attention before I even arrived on this planet.

The relevance here is that all of this is related to My little mini-series ‘Do We Have Trust Issues?’, which Will probably be four or five Parts long because it is so important. The ‘illusion’ of law is not law. Man’s legal fiction is not the ‘Rule of Law’; Man’s fiction is founded upon the Rule of Law – big difference. We need to know the Foundational Principles in Law before We can hold Man’s legal fiction accountable to the Rule of Law. Then We need Give Notice when the Rule of Law is violated for breaching the Public Trust, and hold the respective individual or individuals accountable in their (individual) private capacity.

If a crew of crooks acquired themselves some guns, tasers, batons, well made replica uniforms and badges, and started walking around robbing People posing as police, would We Give them a pass because they are dressed up like police officers? No, of course not. Yet We do this everyday We allow a police officer to do harm to another or jail a Man for a commercial offense (ticket or fine) without any injured or complaining party. That’s ‘legalized’ criminal behaviour, and it’s no better or less dangerous if left unchecked, than slavery. Remember People, slavery was legal until People recognized it was wrong and immoral. Do police treat People with dignity, Honour and respect? No. Do police keep People safe? No.

Whenever Trudeau or some other political puppet says they Wish to take Your guns away from You because there is too much gun violence, all they are really telling You is that the millions (more likely billions) spent on municipal, provincial and federal police services are useless and failing You. The police can’t keep People safe, can’t track down the odd loose cannon in society. The police are so ineffective and useless, that We can’t Trust People to have guns anymore because someone could use one to take another Man’s life. With that kind of logic, We best hide Our kitchen knives, they’ll be coming for those next…

They’re also telling You that they have Created a society that produces madness and insanity. The government can’t claim to be responsible for everything that is great about Canada without also accepting responsibility for all the problems. Global warming, carbon emissions and that sort of thing are not problems the People created, they are problems the negligence of government policy have Created. Governments have scrutinized the People and made them pay for their own negligence regulating corporate interests. Government is the one that makes all the mistakes, yet they blame the People when the ‘symptoms’ of their negligence become apparent (like carbon emissions). Do People know that if We just stopped tilling the soil in the spring We could end carbon emissions next year? Yeah, leave those nutrients in the ground and return to sustainable farming solutions. That’s just one of many easy fixes to end this alleged carbon crisis. Here’s a newsflash – they already know how to fix all this stuff, it’s just too important a campaign policy to implement right now. They have to keep the lead actors on stage right now. Without a major world crisis, there is no urgency in picking the right ‘leader’ (and People think they have choice?).

Notice how the campaign policies are similar all over the world now? They Wish to see You vote for the One who Will mandate masks and provide vaccine passports. The second election point is climate change and global emissions. If You don’t pick a leader with these policies in their campaign platform, You are a ‘leftist’ and probably a conspiracy theorist, too. If You are tall King about how these policies interfere with Our Common Law rights, You are selfish and narcissistic, only thing King about Your Self and not the greater Good. Interesting how they can do that, no? It even sounds Good when I Write it. Until One starts thing King about it logically and says, “but I’m not sick, why do I have to do these things to justify Your irrational fear?”. (Yeah, People don’t like it when You say that to them, You might even get banned on Twitter.)

Anyway, the point to this is to remind People that it doesn’t Matter what kind of ridiculous policies Man legalizes, criminal activity has never been Lawful and never Will be. It took a long time to put an ‘end’ to slavery but the only reason it was possible is because it was clearly morally wrong. If something is not morally just, it is not considered ‘civil’ behaviour. We must point out how immoral the Acts of government and the policies they Wish to impose are and most of all, We must complain when they don’t do their job. I know, I don’t like the Word, either – makes Me feel like a crybaby. And that’s probably the point.

But after almost fourteen years now studying both the laws of Canada and international law, I can tell You that a lot of criminal offenses have been perpetrated against Me by imposters posing as authorities of Law. They’re all just criminals with a fancy and convincing costume – that’s why they call it ‘uni-form’. Eventually, all these crooks take one shape and they can all be held accountable because the ‘statute’ of limitations is just another one of Man’s legal fictions. Crooks like to believe if they don’t get caught for long enough, they’re off the hook. Well, We know there are such things as ‘indictable’ offenses, right? Murder, rape, TREASON… Yeah. Trespassing upon the highest law, the constitutionally protected Charter rights of Canada’s People is a form of TREASON? Why? Because they are serving a foreign, private interest, not the interests of the People and the Idea for doing so is to usurp the Sovereignty of Canada’s People. So any Act or Order in a Court of Law that fails to recognize the inherent rights of Canada’s People, is effectively and Act of treason in addition to the abdication of that officer’s Judicial Oath (and breach of said Oath and Trust).

So ALL of these experiences become ‘information’ of Canada’s crimes. Their administrative negligence, judicial negligence and the negligence of their lawyers and court officers (judges and justices, et cetera). And I’m complaining about it through the appropriate internal complaint resolution process by cc’ing My Notice of Motion and Motion to the Court to the Justice Council of Canada. This shows the Justice Council of Canada that I have made every effort to point out Canada’s determination to abdicate their judicial duties while there is still time to provide remedy (and do the right thing).

If the Court does not do what it should do, then My complaint with the Justice Council Will be sustained because I can Show that the Courts are allowing fraudulent, misleading testimony to remain on a Court of Record, and that they are Willfully and knowingly abdicating their obligation to provide remedy for Charter violations and the inherent rights of Canada’s People.

Eventually, what I Will be doing is Creating One ‘Master’ filing against the government of Canada for all the harm that has been done to Me starting with the unlawful arrest in Toronto. I Will be able to subpoena every single police information with My name on it, and every single one is now proof of crimes against Me for which I am entitled compensation. Courts are required to file a bond with the Court worth three times the cost of the criminal charges to the Court specifically because they are liable if they ever apply their legal fiction to a Living Man not operating as a commercial vessel.

Alright, that’s all for today folks, but I thought I should let You know that My ‘Do We Have Trust Issues’ series is related to My own Trust Issues and what I am Planning to do to take care of those Trust Issues this Christmas. No time for Plan ‘b’ because it Will only distract from Plan A. There is only one thing to do – hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions, or We are complicit with the fraud.

Love and Blessings,

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