Volume CLXXXI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Cutting Through Corruption

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me for My favourite day for Writing and My S-Word is feeling especially sharp today. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me and welcome to My House, von Dehn. We are all in God’s Kingdom, all of the time – today We are tall King about using My S-Word to cut through corruption in Canada’s Courts. And I am thing King We are making progress!!!

Ah, yes, Ladies and Lords, it is a Fabulous Friday in Deeds. Defense counsel responded to Me again today and I have to admit, I am very pleased about that – I was a little concerned they may try to stall over the weekend. They also finally responded to the fraud and perjury with a firm denial of the charge.

2:27 PM

Good afternoon Sean,

I tried your links again today and they did work now, so I have your material, thank you.

There has been no fraud or perjury in this matter, with respect to anything, including as you refer to it, “testimony or evidence”. The City’s lawyer simply sent to the Court a copy of your Statement of Claim with a covering letter as provided for in Rule 2.1.01 (6) (exhibit 1 in your Motion email).  No evidence or testimony was filed, and so, obviously there has been no fraud or perjury with respect to evidence or testimony.



Okay, People, this is the primary reason I’m so excited today (in addition to it being Free Lance Friday, of course). This is exactly the kind of thing a [dis-honourable] lawyer Will do to try to take advantage of the Self Presented litigant (not ‘re-Presented’ – there is only One of You). Notice how it sounds all legal and technical? This is exactly the kind of thing I’m tall King about and why this Blog is so Valuable. In actuality, every Word of defense counsel’s email above is also a statement of fraud and perjury, once again on a Court of Record (this one and the Superior Court of Ontario). They believe I am so stupid and incompetent in Law, that I Will not know that none of this is True. It sounds pretty Good. In fact, unrebutted, it might even stand. Why is it all false?

“The City’s lawyer simply sent to the Court a copy of Your statement of Claim with a covering letter as provided for in Rule 2.01.1(6).

Everything in italics is false. It could not have been a copy of My Statement of Claim because My Statement of Claim shows a date of of commencement of June 18th, Genevieve believed she was served on the 21st. The justice would not falsely quote the date if she were looking at My Statement of Claim or the Court of Record showing the date of filing. This information could only come from a mistake made by defense counsel in her presentation of the information to the justice. The other italics are because there were no motion materials filed with the Court by defense counsel at all (at least to the best of My knowledge, and I should receive notice of any Motion). It is not at all in accordance with Rule 2.01.1(6).

Request for Order

(6) Any party to the proceeding may file with the registrar a written request for an order under subrule (1)

This is important, People! Like, really important. In order for what Jeremy claims to be True to actually be True, Jeremy must now provide his supporting documents, showing that the request was filed with the Registrar.

And didn’t Ashley Moniz Andrade send Us an email on behalf of the Courts asserting that no motion materials had been filed with the Court as of June 25th? Rhetorical, of course, she did. The reason this is monumentally important especially because it is all published here on the public record, is because defense counsel is now digging themselves an even deeper hole. The fact of the matter is, if there are no Motion materials on the Court of Record, the entire document is fraud because it was done outside of the Court. To be acting in her ‘official’ capacity, there must be a record of the request registered with the Court of Record. If either one are proven to be acting outside of their official capacity, they are both criminally and civilly liable. All ‘protections’ of immunity a justice is granted are only applicable if acting in her official [judicial] capacity. If she’s responding to a request that is not filed with the Court, she is abdicating her duties to the Court and effectively ‘acting rogue’. Not allowed, big no-no. All magistrates of the Court are bound by the Rules of the Court and cannot Act outside of their official capacity – they only have the authority which is granted to them by the Court. They are state Actors, and they have a very specific Role to Play. If there is no filing, she’s just an average individual and the judgment means nothing. It’s now ‘officially’ fraud… And that may well soon come out on this Court of Record, because now I am entering the Court of Record as evidence to support My Motion. I am also going to request a copy of all official filings made to the Court and notices of those motions served upon Me. I don’t believe they can provide any evidence to support their position.

At least this email was easy to respond to.

3:29 PM

Good afternoon, Jeremy,

You are incorrect.  The ‘covering letter’ included defense counsel’s original plea to the court which was made in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure – no materials were ever filed with the Court on June 22nd, so no request for a decision under Rule 2.01.1(6) was ever made by defense counsel.  This is confirmed by the email from Ashley Moniz Andrade, stating that as of the 25th of June NO MOTION MATERIALS had been filed – the Court was not hearing the request because it was never filed with the Court, and it was clearly indicated to Me that I would receive notice of any motion and fair opportunity to present opposing materials. 

Genevieve did not receive that email because she violated the Rules and ran into default waiting for a reply.  This is shown by exhibits 3 and 4 in the Motion materials.  I told Genevieve that the Court had responded to Me, and had not granted her request to not be noted in default, though I did not share the email with her.  Genevieve also neglects to mention in her ‘covering letter’ that she sent a second email to follow up, showing that the Courts had chosen not to respond to her request outside of of the rules of Civil Procedure, and she deliberately omitted this from her ‘covering letter’.  It is clearly misleading and not a True representation of the FACTS – that is fraud and perjury with intent to influence justice.  Do You really think the Justice would have made the determination if she knew the Courts had already responded to Me with a different answer? 

Genevieve deliberately neglected to mention that I had received a reply, and that she had been instructed to file motion materials if she wished for the request to be made.

I am hereby as King of You to prove Your position by sharing with Me the Motion that was filed with the Court under Rule 2.01.1.  There is NOTHING in Rule 2.01.1 that allows for defense counsel to privately petition the court without My knowledge.

Thanks, I look forward to Your reply,


The other reason this Friday feels so Fabulous for Me is because it allows Me to be tall King with You about things I was Wishing to be tall King with You about today anyway. I’ve suggested that some of the knowledge I am sharing with You is quite literally beyond what most lawyers comprehend. I generally try to presume that any lawyer who is assigned to oppose Me Will be a worthy adversary and reasonably well Versed in the same concepts – I Imagine I may even come with a warning. In fact, just recently I received an email from Ontario Works.

I have had virtually no correspondence with the new worker Tatiana, and the message was sent ‘on Tatiana’s behalf’ as King of Me if I would like to ‘register’ online for benefits. It actually made Me laugh a little. I’ve had next to zero communication with this new case worker, yet she already knows Me well enough to know I Will likely not Wish to register for anything. It was an app for My phone or something that said I could ‘track’ My letters of requisition to service workers and as enticing as that sounds, what difference does it make if they can’t respond to Me anyway?

I don’t know what’s going on with the city of Ottawa, I really don’t. I legitimately believed that whomever was tasked with responding to Me would be… Cautious? I have stated before that the most Common mistake People make with Me is underestimating Me. In martial arts, if One reaches the level of blackbelt, they must ‘legally’ warn any One who Wishes to fight them. I feel like I should warn My legal opponents but it also seems arrogant to do so. I’m also very consciously aware of how often I am underestimated, so I don’t ever Wish to make the same mistake. Yet presuming competence in My adversaries also feels a little irresponsible. So I make up for it all by sharing it with You here. I feel as though it may help My adversaries to consider how their arguments sound on an International Public Record. I feel like it’s a motivator for People to be more accountable to the public as a whole, encourage My adversaries to consider the bigger picture. This is a Universal Studios feature Present-a-Sean, remember.

Wow, I’m already long on this Post today. The really Good News, People, and what I Wish to share with You most, is that the Courts did come through. It took a little more time than We were hoping it would, and perhaps a little (or a lot) of persistence, but the Courts did Act in the best interest of Justice. That is what We were hoping they would do.

In a million years, I did not believe that defense counsel would even oppose the Motion because it absolves defense counsel and the justice of very serious violations of both the Rules of the Court and the Rule of Law. I really do try to see everything from both sides of an equation, and if I were in defense counsel’s position, I would support the Motion to dismiss (or at least allow for the Motion to be made with consent/neutral) and be hoping I didn’t get charged for what I’d done. That would be My number one concern because if I commit fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, I know I would most certainly be charged.

I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to directly respond to the fraudulent testimony. And it is considered testimony by Way of email or whatever else defense counsel used to communicate information to the justice. Providing some of the emails back and forth between both parties but not all, is absolutely false and misleading testimony of the events, and done with intent to unfairly influence justice. It’s pretty straightforward. And the number one reason a request to Vacate an Order is granted, is when it is clear that one of the parties did not have a fair and impartial hearing. It’s pretty clear this qualifies… Never Mind the fraud and perjury.

The Issue now is that when I said defense counsel has in fact dug a deeper hole for themselves, it is absolutely True. Now they Will have to defend that position. I already know for a fact that there are absolutely no filings of any kind on the Court of Record from defense counsel for a requisition ‘as provided by the Rules’, and I am now going to be including the Court of Record as an exhibit of the facts in My Motion Record. I figured I should probably let defense counsel know I Will be as King for that as documentary evidence.

Hello again,

Just to follow up,  The Court of Record Will also be added to My Motion materials as proof of Your fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, and together they Will prove beyond any shadow of doubt that Genevieve did in fact commit perjury on a Court of Record, and no request to dismiss was filed with the Court by defense counsel on June 22nd.  Finally, that also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever requisition letter was made to the justice, it was make long after the 22nd of June, and I would like to request a copy of that Motion filing with the Court. 

Whatever took place between the justice and defense counsel was both outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure and outside of the Court process.  Therefor, both are criminally liable – the justice for abdicating her duties to the Court, and defense counsel for false and misleading testimony in violation of the Rules by private pleadings with the Court and without notice to Me.

I am required to be Given Notice of any Actions defense counsel is taking.  She also promised a statement of defense with her letter of intent to defend, then secretly motioned the court (privately) to dismiss by forwarding the letter to the Court to another justice.

Thank you, I look forward to Your reply.  Who is lying, You or Ashley Moniz Andrade who instructed Me to serve You this notice of Motion?  Somebody is criminally liable for willfully deceiving Me, and I don’t believe the Courts would do that – but I know defense counsel would.



And I Will have more to say on this in the very near future, People, We have the weekend for Me to go over what all of this means. I said before that the justice was liable because she abdicated her official judicial duties to the Court. I had said that based exclusively on the fact that she failed to provide remedy for Charter and treaty violations she asserts to have taken place, and guaranteed by the Court under Provisions 24(1). That’s the ‘fine print’ of the Civil Law system. The Court can only Act in accordance with the provisions (what the Court provides for) of the Court.

So I’m not sure if the city’s lawyer Truly understands how bad this is for them, but he may actually end up informing on himself by having to show the Court that no motion materials were ever filed with the registrar as provided for in the Rules under 2.01.1(6), which defense counsel now asserts to be True and factual. We Will see what the Court of Record has to say.

What really astounds Me, is that it seems as though city’s defense counsel does not realize that if the justice’s decision were final, the Courts would not have wasted any time letting Me know and would probably have provided Me with instruction for an appeal. The Motion is only being heard because the Courts recognize how shameful the conduct of defense counsel Truly is and Will also know that there are no motion materials filed with the Court. It all took place behind outside of official court processes (in private). Not fair. Number one reason a Motion to Vacate is granted – I encourage One to do a Google search to see for One’s Self.

More to come soon!!!

Love and Blessings,


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