Volume CLXXXI: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; The Prince of Wands Sets the World on Fire

Or at the very least, the city of Ottawa…

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Generally, We re-View the most Magical events of the last week on Sun Day, and I felt today’s Title seemed appropriate for this week because things are really beginning to heat up with respect to My Motion before the Superior Court of Justice. The Magic of the Spell Cast into My Motion to move a Court appears to be growing Stronger and more Powerful as additional information is revealed. It does feel like an unveiling, as if some of the masks of State Actors are finally being removed and We can see their real face and True persona. Do We remember this?

Queen of Swords; 4 of Cups – Luxury, 10 Swords – Ruin

Central Card, the main Idea of the above trio, is the Queen of Swords, holding the mask of a Man in her Hand – and a S-Word in the other. My Word is Sean’s Word, or the ‘S’ Word, My Sword. And I am unveiling many masks.

The city of Ottawa have backed themselves into a corner. Previous defense counsel pleaded privately to a Court justice and Presented only information she felt would support her position, leaving out critical information regarding the Matter including emails from the Court unfavourable to her position. Technically, it’s fraud under penalty of perjury on a Court of Record, which is a criminal offense.

Jeremy Wright, (the city of Ottawa’s senior legal counsel) took over as the lawyer of Record for the city of Ottawa early this week (officially). I presumed he had been appointed for damage control. We waited ten days for Jeremy to respond to the charge of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, and Jeremy insists there is no fraud and perjury, everything defense counsel did is provided for by the Rules. Now two legal representatives for the city of Ottawa have provided false testimony on a Court of Record under penalty of perjury.

What’s most interesting about this, is that I really wasn’t sure how the Court would respond to the Notice of Motion at all. I like to believe the Courts Will do what they should but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they Will. I figured I had enough material evidence to Show that I did not receive a fair and impartial hearing (at the very least) and that the justice has been unfairly influenced. When they did finally respond, I knew they had already made their determination in My favour… Lest defense counsel Wishes to oppose. I am thing King that’s why I kind of lashed out at Ashley a little and complained about having to prepare a Motion Record to file with My other documents – I just Wish to see the Order Vacated as soon as possible. Truth is, I’m pretty sure the Courts do, too.

Intuitively, I know defense counsel did something she should not have done to have this Motion heard, I’m just not entirely sure what it was she did. Even the day the determination came in, the first thought I had was ‘how is she able to do this?’. Well… She’s not able to do anything more than any One else is. When I received the reply with instructions on how to finalize filing the Motion and Order, it didn’t even occur to Me that defense counsel would oppose the Motion. Of course, it absolutely should have, considering what We know about defense counsel, the city of Ottawa, and accepting accountability for wrongdoing.

The reason it didn’t really occur to Me is because the second the Idea first flashed through My Mind, the ‘other’ Mind of Intuition (Heart) said, “no Sean, that would be insane. Obviously, the Courts are only instructing You to serve Notice on the defendants because they already know that I did not receive a fair and impartial hearing at the very least. They may not be fully convinced of the fraud and perjury charge because We don’t know exactly what took place between defense counsel and the justice – but We both know (Me and the Courts) that We don’t really know what took place between defense counsel and the justice. We only know that no Motion materials were filed with the Court on the 22nd of June under Rule 2.01.1(6).

Courts Will rarely hear a Motion to Vacate unless it is clear that one of the party’s to the proceeding did not have a fair and impartial hearing. Because they Wish to discourage People from filing Motions to Vacate any decision One doesn’t like, One can even be fined for filing a Notice of Motion to Vacate if it does not meet the criteria. Gross contempt for the Rules of the Court are another reason the Courts may hear a Motion to Vacate. The Idea, is that if these things are clear on their face, it saves the Courts time and resources from the appellate process which would send the Matter back to the original Court. It’s time consuming and costly.

Now, relative to everything I have just mentioned in the previous paragraph, I figured that once I told defense counsel that I was instructed to Give her Notice of My Motion to Vacate, she would know she was in trouble. Generally, the Courts Will Show some sympathy for an individual who accepts accountability and responsibility for their wrongdoing. I legitimately believe the Courts are just as eager to find out what’s going on as I am, and equally curious to see how defense counsel intends to oppose the Motion. My intuition tells Me that even the Courts did not think defense counsel would oppose the Motion. And if she does… I’m sure they are just as curious as I am to know why she believes her conduct and contempt for the Court is acceptable behaviour for a lawyer. One can also be fined or even jailed for contempt of Court, and contempt of Court is disregard for the Rules of the Court in any Way.

But they are opposing, and they are suggesting everything they have done is acceptable, the city’s senior legal counsel is now endorsing this position on the city of Ottawa’s behalf.

Do We remember when I first considered filing this Motion, wondering if I can? Do You remember how We were thing King it was a long shot but worth the effort? We may very well soon find out that almost everything that took place was ‘unofficial’ and off the Court of Record. My Mum’s signature on a Letter has more authority than Sally Gomery’s if she’s not acting in her official capacity. It Will make the entire Order a document of fraud officially on the Civil Court of Record as much as this International Common Law Court of Record.

The other Magical element of this, is that I’m reasonably sure that when defense counsel received the Notice of Motion she was probably thing King it was Magic (though for her it Will feel more like a curse). She was probably wondering, ‘but how?’, just the same as I was when ambushed by the news of Sally’s determination. She Will most certainly be thing King I am doing what she previously perceived could not be done.

It took defense counsel ten days to respond to the real issues I was as King of them. Now that they have, they have actually increased the likeliness the Order to Vacate Will be made. They must now prove they filed a Motion with the Court and attained My consent prior to sending the email dated the 21st of June (if he Wishes to prove the request was made as provided for by the Rules). He must now prove I received fair notice of that email to the Court and Show that the request to dismiss was filed with the Registrar in accordance with the subrules associated with an application under 2.01.1(6).

So it’s easier for Me to prove that Jeremy has Presented false testimony on the Court of Record because everything defense counsel has done was in violation of the rules, not as provided for by them! It’s not a little white lie, it’s a big, bad lie – and it Shows that the city has no remorse or regret for what they have done. That means that the Courts are less likely to be sympathetic if they don’t come clean.

The Good News this Sun Day is that I really feel like I am setting the world on fire, finally! I’m also happy to be able to report to You how Honourable the Courts have been as an impartial witness to these proceedings. They did take their time, but they made the right call. If it turns out that defense counsel has not filed any other documents with the Court except the Notice of Intent to defend, I am thing King that is even more serious than fraud and false testimony under penalty of perjury. It Will prove that everything took place in private, outside of the Court process (and so ‘legally’ nothing took place at all, it’s all fraud).

City of Ottawa?

This is the most exciting Chapter of My Story so far. As a journalist, I may actually be exposing some very real and serious corruption on the part of the city of Ottawa. More importantly, I can tell You this without losing Faith in Canada’s justice system as a whole. In fact, this is all coming out because of the Rules of the Court and the system of Justice in place. And the ‘Courts’ are Honouring their Role in Canada’s Justice system as impartial administrators of the process. The city of Ottawa is getting burned…

There’s also lots to look forward to. I’ll be drafting My Motion Record today (part of this Post is procrastination) and I’ve really heard all I need to hear from defense counsel to let My Motion rest. I’m going to rely on the Court of Record and My belief that no materials of any kind were ever filed by defense counsel on the 22nd of June, and that all communication that did take place between defense counsel, Sally, and the Courts, was absolutely not in compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, demonstrating gross contempt for the Rules of the Court and the legal profession as representatives of justice and the Crown.

I’m also going to be war King on My Statement of Claim to My father’s estate. I’m not sure if I’m filing that Statement of Claim against Canada or Merovitz Potechin yet, but I Will be sending off some emails next week to make that determination. Hard to know who to sue when One doesn’t know who is presuming to hold right to administrate One’s rightful inheritance (especially if they Will not contact Me) in the first place! And whomever is presuming to hold that position should be contacting Me as the primary beneficial interest and next of kin. So I’m going to be Writing Canada to find out what’s going on with that, then I’ll see what the law firm has to say.

Thank King all of You for being here and looking forward to getting this Motion before the Court! I am thing King Our chances are Good! 😉

Love and Blessings,

(Today’s feature photo is a war King progress, but it’s becoming one of My favourites.)

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