Volume CLXXXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Germination for Covid Germ in a Sean Defense

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Today’s Title relates to today’s feature photo and the Magic of My ‘Lucky’ Wednesday delivering some new seeds to direct My intent-Sean on My new hobby. I swear plants are very therapeutic and calming, this is the beginning of My new and exotic succulent Zen garden – or more likely one of many I Will be Creating over the fall and winter. I thought for something different today I would be tall King about the Magic of indoor gardening. With the cooler weather of fall and winter coming on and social distancing and self isolation still strongly endorsed by the citizenry, it is Good to be surrounded by Life. And I’m reasonably certain that it probably improves One’s immune system, but that’s just My belief and opinion, not medical advice, of course. 😉

I still don’t have the ideal lights for My plants but at least I have lights. My apartment is so warm in the fall and winter that virtually all of the little succulents I’d started from cuttings last year shriveled up and died. Plants legitimately need to winter at some point. The lighting was telling My plants it was winter while the heat was like the peak of summer. My plants could not cope with the hot, dry air and winter lighting. With lights, I can extend the day in harmony with fall so that My indoor plants ‘winter’ in the spring.

Now, You Will have to look really close if You Wish to see anything or You can zoom in to make it easier. Probably doesn’t look very exciting to most People right now and there are only six sprouted shoots so far (can You spot them all?). But including the additional seeds that arrived in the Post this Lucky Wednesday, there are now somewhere around sixty-five newly planted, rare and exotic hybrid succulent seeds. What You can see sprouted in the tray are last month’s experimental online seed order. I wanted to make sure they would be viable seeds before getting too many. The first five are from an order of 25 assorted, rare, Crassula varieties. Today added 25 hybrid Echeveria strains, ‘bunny ears’, 25 assorted Lithops, blue powder puff Pachevaria, and another super rare crassula variety that has leaves have the colour and texture of a peach but are shaped kind of like a banana. That’s the one I’m most excited about. However, You Will notice nothing is labeled – I like surprises and most of them I Will have to wait to positively identify until they mature anyway.

But I’d thought I’d share this with You because I check these guys a few times a day. There is another identical tray underneath this one, I rotate them as necessary until the seedlings sprout and then I’ll transfer them to something more permanent. This tray is just for germination. But watching something grow from virtually nothing is pretty incredible. It’s more interesting to raise plants from seed because there are changes daily, always something new to see or something to check on. It’s also dirt cheap!!! A mature version of any of the plants I’m growing would cost between $5 and $20. I ordered 45 seeds from a selection of plants I would not be able to find in any walk-in store that I know of! Why choose the best of what’s available or in stock at a plant shop or nursery when You can order exactly what You want online. Everything I ordered I think cost a total of $25. Maybe $35, but that included shipping. For 65 seeds and I probably received about 25 more than that across the board – each packet seemed to have anywhere from one or two to up to ten extra seeds depending on the type. Only the blue powder puff Pacheveria was exactly five seeds (they are ALL so tiny they are barely visible in clear plastic bags).

I do My online ordering so far from Etsy and I’m trying to order from Canadian distributors but that really exotic crassula I could only find distributed from Hong Kong. So right now I use one Chinese distributor that has all kinds of really cool and exotic stuff, and one Canadian distributor out of Waterloo (which is probably about a four hour drive from here, maybe a little more and a city I lived in for about two years when I was a younger Man).

I’m not sure if this is as exciting or interesting as My usual Posts because I know there are not a lot of People who share My passion for plants. I love them almost as much as animals – in fact, in some Ways, more. Plants require attention but not urgency. Sometimes My kitty decides she Wishes to go out – right now. So I do because it’s annoying to have some One as King over and over. Then five minutes after I sit down she Wishes to come back in – right now. Don’t get Me wrong, I love her to death but she requires a different kind of attention than plants do. They are never as King for much, but the Spiritual Gift is Grand.

I’ll Show You these again when they really get going.

Love and Blessings,

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