Volume CLXXXII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Stalling the Magic of My Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. Today’s Title is a reflection of events in My microcosm while I wait for opposing counsel to Present to Me their opposition materials. Although Friday is My favourite day for Writing, I don’t really have much to say today, so it Will likely be a short one.

The Notice of Motion was served upon the city of Ottawa on August 31st, so today is two weeks and three days that I’ve been waiting for their ‘official’ opposition materials. There has been some back and forth emails since the Notice was received by defense counsel, a change of lawyer of Record, and a general sense of what defense counsel’s opposing arguments Will be, but no official materials to support their position.

To be honest, I was expecting to hear back from the city on Monday. However, one thing I should be getting used to is not expecting the city of Ottawa to do anything I anticipate they Will do, or even anything they say they Will do.

So far, the city of Ottawa has only Presented to Me two opposing arguments. The first is that they believe Sally’s determination is final (I’m not referring to her as a justice anymore because it appears she was officially off the Record in this determination), and the other is that defense counsel did nothing outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure.

I suppose what’s most interesting for Me and perhaps worthy of sharing with You, is that those are not complicated, complex arguments – they are reasonably straightforward. So why is it taking so long to put those two arguments together? Why am I waiting almost three weeks for them to provide the ‘materials’ to support their position?

Typically, this would make Me very nervous because anytime defense counsel has told Me they are preparing defense materials, they are actually secretly petitioning the Court to take some Action I know nothing about. However, it is beginning to look as though defense counsel may have bribed Sally to make this determination because there is no record of the request on the Court of Record. My belief is that they would not be crazy enough to try the same tactic again while they still have their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

So I’ve been feeling a little more relaxed this week for the first time since this whole thing began. I was feeling a little anxious Monday morning because I was expecting to hear some Word. However, when I didn’t, it really didn’t bother Me. I figure the longer it takes, the worse it looks. At best they are taking an awful long time to provide materials to support a couple of straightforward arguments, at worst they Will be perceived to be stalling and wasting unnecessary time.

I was mostly anxious to receive their opposition materials so I can share them with You along with My closing arguments. I’m feeling very confident because I know the Court of Record Will show that defense counsel has filed no Motion materials with the Court at any time, proving irrefutably that defense counsel did not follow the Rules of the Court. Privately petitioning the Courts or a Court justice is also a serious breach of the Rules and obviously interferes with My opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing, which is the number one reason to vacate an Order.

I’d really just like to get their opposing arguments so I can respond to them, include them in My Motion Record, and get the Motion and Order officially filed with the Court. Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that today, though this is the Good News Journal and I’m thing King if it is taking almost three weeks to respond to this Motion, it’s not quite as ‘cut and dry’ as defense counsel Wishes to believe. I am thing King they are considerably more nervous about this than they Wish for Me or You to believe.

So for this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, I just Wish to say that I believe We have Good News coming in the very near future, but nothing for Me to share with You today. I believe this Motion Will succeed and We Will soon have much more to be tall King about as We continue to move for-Ward.

I’m hoping to contribute at least one more Part of My ‘Do We Have Trust Issues?’ series tomorrow or Sunday, so stay tuned for that. I’m also going to start war King on a new book about the Common Law and I may even share the Writing process for the project with You here, too. I anticipate it Will be a reasonably short book, so it might be worth Posting the process for others to see My messy brain and how it all comes together.

Otherwise, that’s it for today, People. I am very excited about this Motion but it’s kind of like being in bumper to bumper traffic jam on the highway and wanting to be there already – One can only go as fast as the car in front of them!

But it might be worth letting You know that I’m feeling a lot more in control of this Motion. I was anxious, but the Truth is, I don’t really care how it goes. The ideal scenario is for the Motion to be vacated but if it’s not… It’s just more information and evidence for a much larger suit against the federal government down the road – and I’m already planning to launch that lawsuit in January to celebrate five years as an Established House in God’s Kingdom anyway. The Motion being vacated does far more to benefit the Courts and Canada overall than it stands to harm any of the offending parties. They are minor casualties relative to the Big Picture of this Universal Product-Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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