Volume CLXXXII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Protect-Sean of Our Inherent Rights

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Today, as the Title implies, I Will be tall King about the ‘Protect-Sean’ of Our Inherent rights, and more specifically My Role as a member of the international community in defense of those rights.

“Your rights are My responsibility.” – Jordan Peterson

It’s somewhat unfortunate that so many People Will cringe the moment they hear the name Jordan Peterson. Is it essential to be in support of all the opinions of a Man in Order to appreciate an Idea? I am thing King that’s counterproductive because I’m not sure there is a Man on earth (of either sex/kind) who’s opinions I would agree with entirely. Even the best of Friends disagree from time to time. So to discredit an Idea just because it comes from a source One does not typically relate to, seems counterproductive to constructive conversation (or converse-a-Sean in My case).

The Idea is that if I waive My rights, I am effectively waiving Yours, too. If I defend My rights, I am defending Yours, too.

It’s too exhaustive for Me to place every organization on Notice and follow up with the required processes in both the Common Law and the Civil Courts of Justice. In some cases (like Shoppers Drug Mart), placing the business on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability was sufficient to arrest further violations. I hardly ever go there anymore as a result of the experience, though I have ‘tested’ the effectiveness of My Notice on a few occasions and have never since been harassed or intimidated for not wearing a mask.

As the elections in Canada approach and I witness more and more representatives of Canada’s government violating their Oath to protect the Sovereign, inherent, and inalienable rights of Canada’s People, it seems like defending Our rights is an uphill battle. Needless to say, I can’t fight them all and it may seem overwhelming to any One who Wishes to make a difference to protect Our Sovereignty. Sovereignty is quite literally Our first (and most important) inherent right – without it, no constitution can be created, no [legitimate] government can be formed.

So today I am tall King about what We can do, and some of the things like Minded People are doing. As per usual, this video Will likely be banned on YouTube. The disinformation campaign regarding covid, masks (and how utterly useless and harmful they are) and vaccines is quite literally criminal. There are in fact international crimes against humanity, and the vaccines are a violation of the Nuremburg code.

The video talks about Remdesevir and how it is the main ingredient in the three major vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Astra-Zeneca. It also talks about how Dr. Fauci is responsible for advocating in favour of remdesevir, despite knowing that in previous trials, use of remdesevir had to be stopped completely because 54% of People in the clinical trial died. Here is what Google has to say about possible adverse events as a direct result of remdesevir:

“A significant type of allergic reaction called anaphylaxis”. That’s the same thing People with a peanut allergy die from when exposed to peanuts. The point here? Does any of that sound like a medical treatment that is without risk? Is it fair to say that these vaccines are perfectly safe, or would such a statement be misleading at best? And if One is coerced into taking such a thing for fear they Will be ostracized by society and prevented from enjoying the benefits of living in community with others (vaccine passports), it is quite literally an international crime against humanity because One is complying under duress even if they do not realize that’s what they are doing. People being brainwashed into believing that taking a vaccine is in their best interest and the best interest of the community is straight up fraud and propaganda. It’s terrorism to incite a very particular Act that is harmful to the individual.

I strongly encourage You to watch the video because this is the one I was tall King about previously that starts off with the international law suit against Fauci, the FDA, WHO, CDC and all other organizations promoting these lethal injections.

I’m not sure if this video Will be available to all of My readers because I have a membership to the website and some of the information is for members only. However, if it is restricted access and You Wish to know more about Your rights and how to lawfully enjoy them in the Common Wealth or any other Common Law country, I suggest becoming a member and watching every single video. I’ve spoken of the Creator of the website, ‘JD’ (for John Doe) a few times in the past and he is One of the few People I Will recommend to any One. All the information this Man Presents (like a Gift for those Willing to receive) is authentic and most (if not all) has been tried and tested – not just theory. He also hails from Canada which is somewhat refreshing because most People this well versed are typically from the United States (not to generalize but that’s been My experience).

The Purpose of today’s Post in defense of Our inherent rights is to say that I know only too well how overwhelming it can all seem. If I were to place every organization that violates Our inherent rights on Notice, I might be filing a lawsuit every week! Taking on one lawsuit as a self Presented litigant is enough work and the more dispersed a Man’s energy is, the less he or she is able to Focus on one particular thing. This is, in fact, why I have not (yet) followed through on so many of My Notices. I’m going to pick and choose My battles and take them on in priority sequence. I figure I can probably handle up to three lawsuits at once, but that’s about as much as I would Wish to take on even if I could handle more. I don’t Wish to spend My Life in Court as much as I Wish to do all I can to protect Our rights.

The other Simple Solution I Wish to leave You with today is to be vocal even if You are not prepared to follow through. One does not have to threaten to sue someone to let them know they are violating One’s rights. I was in Starbucks today and it’s a Starbucks I visit somewhat frequently, I have never been harassed about not wearing a mask (that’s why I use this location)… Until today.

As soon as I walked in the door the lady on the counter told Me I could not come in without a mask. I told her I have a medical exemption. She said she doesn’t care, she can Give Me a mask or I can order My coffee and wait outside. Not exactly sure how I would pay for My coffee outside (maybe they have a portable POS system), but it’s a violation of My rights. Even the Emergency Measure Act for covid expressly states that no One may be denied access to any public building or business if they have a medical exemption.

Well, the lady didn’t like what I had to say and insisted she would refuse Me service. I pointed out that there were several People in the store not wearing masks, doing work on their computer, drinking coffee, eating. But that’s allowed by their store policy, One is just not allowed to get up and move around without a mask. Does this make ANY logical sense? This place is heavily ventilated, the air is circulating everywhere. How are the People sitting down less risk than those standing up? Only an absolute moron would subscribe to such logic.

So I complained rather loudly and told her that I Will be happy to wait for police because the corporate penalty for violating the Emergency Measures Act is $50,000.00 for an agent of a corporation refusing access to the public with medical exemptions, $100,000 if it’s the manager of a corporation, and up to $500,000.00 liability for the corporation itself. I was as King of the lady if she would like to call the police to have Me removed or if she would like to get a manager. The lady identifies herself as the supervisor, tells Me she Will get her manager but that the answer is going to be the same.

It took about five minutes but the manager came out, apologized to Me and insisted My coffee was on the house for the inconvenience. The ‘junior’ employee misunderstood the store policy and it does not apply to individuals with medical exemptions. So You CAN make a difference just by being vocal because the store was about half full at the time. Every One got an education, including the rest of the staff and I don’t anticipate I Will have any further problems at that location. But if We say nothing, nothing Will change.

Finally, I Wish to say that the most simple solution is to Trust Your Self. We know what is right and wrong if We take the time to consider. If We see something done to some One We would not Wish to see done to Us, We have a Duty and responsibility to Our fellow Man to speak out or We are quite literally complicit with the crime. This includes individual People who buy into the mainstream propaganda and threaten others for choosing not to vaccinate or wear a mask. We all have the right to autonomy over Our health care choices and if We ever let that right die, We may as well let them all go because We’ve effectively lost Our most Sacred right – the right to choose, the right of free Will. The right of Self determination.

My next edition of “Do We Have Trust Issues” is scheduled for Monday as I Will be doing My weekly review tomorrow. Thank King all of You for being here. Protect Your right to freely choose for Your Self, and You are protecting the rights of others to do the same. Anything else, is uncivilized and controversial in a free and just society.

Love and Blessings,

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