Volume CLXXXII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; What is the ‘Con’-Census?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Review of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It has been another slow week in My microcosm as I await official opposition materials from the city of Ottawa’s defense counsel in response to My Motion to vacate Sally Gomery’s determination to dismiss My lawsuit as frivolous and vexatious. So instead of reviewing a rather uneventful week, I figured today would be as Good a time as any to discuss the recent ‘mandatory’ census sent out to every household in Canada earlier this year, and reveal the ‘con’ of that census.

Only Statistics Canada employees who have taken the oath of secrecy have access to census questionnaires. … The act stipulates that a person who refuses to complete a census questionnaire can be fined up to $500. The court may also require the completion of the census questionnaire.

Statistics Canada

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? When they put it like that, it sounds more like an interrogation of an individual’s personal affairs under threat of penalty than a harmless questionnaire. And that’s the trick, the ‘con’ to Canada’s census.

What if census Canada were as King what One’s sexual preferences are, how they choose to self identify, what political party they typically vote for, what religion (if any) they follow, how much money they make, how much their home is worth, the value of their personal assets, their bank account information, marital status, how many lovers they’ve had… Would People answer these questions for fear of being fined or sent to jail? Sadly, only if they comply without as King what questions the census is lawfully allowed to be as King.

“In accordance with the Statistics Act, all residents of Canada are legally required to complete the census questionnaire.”

Statistics Canada

How many People are You thing King Will actually read the Act? The Truth is, very few People Will read the Act to find out what questions are mandatory for the census. There is only one mandatory question for most People unless One is a farmer, which is how many People live in the home.

“The Minister may, by order, authorize the obtaining, for a particular purpose, of information, other than information for a census of population or agriculture, on a voluntary basis, but where such information is requested section 31 does not apply in respect of a refusal or neglect to furnish the information.

Statistics Act

And if it is not self evident by Way of the citation, section 31 of the Statistics Act describes the penalties ($500 fine and up to three months in jail or both) for failing to complete the census as required by the Act.

Census only deals with population and agriculture – nothing else. ALL other information requested in the long form consensus is optional! One does not even have to provide their name! Just the number of People in the home, and whether or not it is a farm. However, if One chooses to provide additional information, they have agreed that failing to provide accurate information is a violation of the Act (and it is because You are not required to do so).

The second point I Wish to make is to be as King of One’s Self whom the census applies to. “All residents of Canada” is technically another ‘con’ (trick) that the law likes to Play with Words. Legally, some Words may not mean what One Commonly understands the Word to mean.

When most People are [Commonly] thing King about the Word ‘Canada’ they presume Canada is a geographical region in the continent of North America. Can a body of land compel One to provide information for statistical purposes and threaten to fine or jail a Man who fails to comply? Of course not, only a governing body of People can do that. ‘Canada’, as it is referred to in the Act, pertains to a corporate body politic, not a body of land.

Another Word trick the legal fiction likes to use is the Word ‘resident’. What is a resident? In English, it simply means an individual is using a space or building as a domicile or home. In the legal fiction, ‘resident’ means an individual holding a position of office as a representative of the body politic described before – they are officers (agents) for the government of Canada.

Now, the last part is not really going to apply to many People living in Canada because most are quite happy to hold a position of office within Canada’s government as the citizen. This law does apply to citizens – citizens and residents are synonymous, which is One of the main reasons I am so particular about how letters are addressed to Me. They (Canada’s government) would LOVE to try to ‘trick’ Me into claiming the status of citizen unwittingly by Creating ‘joinder’ to a residence. The corporate address (anything with a postal code) is where a person is presumed to be holding office.

One of the reasons I decided to share this with You today despite it being a few months too late for this year, is because I anticipate they Will conduct a census again next year. I don’t like to see People ‘threatened’ into providing private information they don’t feel they should need to share. The Good News is, You don’t!

I did not fill out a census form this year and when a lady did finally show up in person at My door, I told her I am not a Canadian resident and therefor not obliged to comply with their demand to provide statistical data for Canada. I swear the lady must have been warned about Me or something because she legitimately seemed terrified. All I said was that if they are as King of Me about this again or send another agent, I Will file a complaint for harassment. She promised I would not be contacted regarding the census again, and she was Good to her Word. Does any One really think the police are going to show up at My door and try to issue a ticket? Who are they going to make it out to (and why would I care, I can just pay it at city hall with My thumbprint anyway)?

Before I Sign off today, I Wish to touch on One last thing, just to Show You how relevant the corporation of Canada is to the country of Canada, and how those two entities are distinguished on public facing websites. The Rule of Law applies everywhere, the legal fiction is subject to jurisdiction. What You see in the photo above is a Common Law webpage. See the ‘Seal’ at the top left of the Page? Top left of a page always shows the authority of the document. Notice none of the Words are Magically Spelled (style) in all capital letters? The flag is red on a blue (common law, commercial admiralty jurisdiction) background. Also notice this is the address for Court filings at the federal level? This is where I Will be going to file My Common Law Claims against Canada’s government (city of Ottawa, province of Ontario) at the federal level. All Courts and corporate bodies, political or otherwise, are subject to the federal laws of Canada. This is the Court that Will recognize Charter violations if the Ontario Superior Courts abdicate their official duties. This is also where Sally Gomery can be held accountable for her trespasses.

This is for service on the Crown. The Crown is liable if the Courts fail to fulfill their lawful obligations under the provisions afforded to them by the Department of Justice.

Her Majesty the Queen

Notice that they are very specific about how a proceeding must be commenced against the Crown? I’ve seen lawsuits that read ‘REGINA versus JOHN DOE’. In fact, let’s look at Con-stable Christopher Jenkyn’s statement of perjury falsely accusing Me of violating the law.

Still think the all capital letters mean nothing? They are not real Words, that’s not how People Write in English. It is Willfully deceptive, as ‘REGINA’ is not Her Majesty the Queen. Believe Me, Her Majesty the Queen has no Issues with Me whatsoever. REGINA is a Crown corporation (Canada the corporation, not the landmass), not the Queen – big difference. Common Law lawsuits are always Styled in proper English, deal with real property rights and real People, not artificial legal entities (a corporation One is holding office for).

That’s Your Good News Journal and My lesson for today, ladies and gents, Queens and Kings. Please stay tuned for more developments in My current lawsuit expected early this week.

Love and Blessings,

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