Volume CLXXXIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Do We Have Trust Issues? – Part III

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a pleasure to have You in My House. Do We have Trust Issues? Today is Part III exploring that Quest-Ion because I am thing King that the vast majority of Us do have Trust issues, especially when it comes to government. With elections taking place in Canada, there is no better time to be as King this Quest-Ion.

Some Trust government more than others. Some People are thing King that if the government approves something, it must be safe. Surely the legalization of alcohol and tobacco are fabulous examples of this. And yes, I’m being facetious.

Right now, We have governments all over the world advocating for vaccines We know are not ‘safe’. How do We know they are not safe? Well, let’s start with the definition of safe.

Safe, definition:

Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost. “eggs remain in the damp sand, safe from marine predators”

For a vaccine to be safe, they must guarantee that the individual taking the vaccine Will not be exposed to danger or risk. Some of the adverse effects of vaccines include liver failure, multiple organ dysfunction, paralysis, and death. Does that sound safe? So why would the government keep this information from People when these are only a few of the serious adverse effects of vaccines reported to the CDC, not the complete list, and the vaccine is still in its experimental stage?

Trust can be very dangerous when it is misplaced. Frankly, I believe a person should be able to put whatever they Wish into their body, and have the right to refuse to put anything into their body for any reason at all. My body, My choice.

Virtually every One knows on some level that We can’t Trust the government at all! The problem is, too many People don’t know how to live any other Way except to Trust a government that routinely proves to be untrustworthy. The food filled with chemicals on Our store shelves is only one minute example. Monsanto fertilizers are another Good example. The carbon hoax and current plandemic are perhaps the most significant current examples. The government Wishes to blame the People for global warming when the Truth is, it is the collective government policies governing those People that have Created all the problems they now blame the People for. And the only solution they generally offer, is higher taxes.

Work harder, pay Us more, and We’ll fix the problem We Created

Government of every country

The Quest-Ion I most often found My Self as King, is how did We get into this mess in the first place? How can We allow such corrupt and incompetent individuals to ‘lead’ a nation? Why do We not remove any politician who implements any policy that proves to be harmful, or violates any campaign Promise they made? Breaking a campaign promise is a breach of public Trust. How did it all begin and what keeps it going when We know this is True to such an extent that We joke about the incompetence of government at the dinner table, and have cartoonists publish political cartoons mocking these clowns in most of Our local newspapers? It’s because they have taken advantage of Our Trust for so long, they now take it for granted, along with Our wealth. They prey on Our Heart strings by preying on Our Mum.

I have never Trusted government; I have always believed they are crooks and cheats. Yet somehow, I was presumed to have placed My Trust in government, despite the fact that I have done no such thing except under duress for lack of recourse. It is Our mother (Mum) that establishes the Trust relationship with every government of the world by placing the Trust of the real estate (the child) in the care of government by Way of birth registration.

The birth registration Creates a public Trust. The government promises Mum that they Will take care of the child, and that registering the birth of the child Will allow the child to work and be eligible for social protections such as health care, employment insurance and other social ‘benefits’. The Value of the child’s Life is placed in Trust with the government by Our mother when she Signs the birth registration document.

A Trust requires three essential elements; a grantor/settlor, a trustee, and a beneficiary. In the public Trust, mother is the settlor, the government is the Trustee, and the child is the beneficiary. However, what the government likes to do is Play the role of beneficiary at the expense of the real beneficiary, the child. They don’t bother to tell the child that their mother placed the unlimited commercial Value of their Life in the government’s Trust, so the child never bothers to claim the estate that is waiting for them when they become an adult. Instead, the child becomes an officer of the government, taking on the role of Trustee while the government enjoys the benefit by borrowing money from the unlimited credit of the settlor’s wealth for social programs that fail to satisfy the fiduciary obligation. The beneficiary becomes the Trustee and is liable for violating the established Trust (which is subject to whatever legislation is passed to govern the Trust).

No One really understands what’s going on, including mother. They say there is no Love in the world like the Love a mother has for her child. If a mother is threatened and intimidated by the government and told that her child Will not be able to receive health care or any other social benefit if they don’t register the child, few mother’s are going to argue with that logic. The routine has been going on for centuries so mother has no reason to question the motive of the Trust… And Truth be told, if the Value of the Estate placed in the government’s Trust were fully disclosed to mom, there would be nothing nefarious taking place.

What they don’t tell You, is that age of majority is the time when the minor becomes a Manor and has full access to their Estate and the right to take over administrative duties as power of attorney over the public Trust. The estate is never claimed by the benefactor, and the beneficiary assumes a position of office within government as a citizen when they reach the age of majority. Because the citizen is now of full age to administrate their own estate, they are considered incompetent for failing to claim the Estate, and continue to Act as a Trustee because they are holding a position of office within the government. This is exactly why Ontario Works has ‘beneficiaries’ (applicants) Sign as Trustee. One is demonstrating their incompetence by allowing the government to continue Acting as power of attorney over their Real Estate (Life).

Wow, We’re already over 1,100 Words. Yesterday was also My 1337th Blog Post and I’m only mentioning it because 37 is My Sacred number and I have never had WordPress send Me a notification to tell Me how many Blog Posts I’ve Writ and 1337 is a pretty obscure number to send out an automated message… Unless You’re Me and see everything as a Sign from the Universe. 37 is always a Sign, the combined Magical value is 5, My personal favourite number (1+3+3+7=14=1+4=5).

I Will do a Part IV and that should probably cover the Creation of the public Trust. Sally Gomery stated in her determination that use of terms like ‘public Trust’ are ‘obscure legal concepts’. So this Post was intended to explain to Sally how the public Trust actually works, and where Canada actually gets its wealth from. (She’s also still on Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability and default Judgment was to be awarded against her on the 13th of this month if the Courts did not respond to My Motion before then. Now that they have, default Judgment against Sally Will be postponed until We see how the Court responds to the Motion – if it is Vacated, she is forgiven. If it is not, she Will be added to My claim against the federal government this Christmas.)

Love and Blessings,

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